Lumia 920 now available in Finland

| November 22, 2012 | 27 Replies

Just a quick post guys. Was watching the Slush Livestream and saw Marko Ahtisaari giving a talk on Design.

He mentioned that the Lumia 920 is now available in Finland. No official post from Nokia that I can find, but that is petty official enough to me.

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  1. | November 22, 2012
  1. Muerte says:

    Lumia 920 going to SPACE in Finland, right now! Watch the live stream:

    They will shoot video all the time and after the trip, some lucky one will win the phone as the world’s only “Lumia 920 space edition”

    • Muerte says:

      BTW, Lumia 920 sold out in Finland due to pre-orders only.

      • Jii says:

        I got mine from a local carrier store at noon. They had a few left after the pre-orders — and I decided to go with the white one :)

        So now I’m a happy 920 owner – and will give the old cyan Lumia 800 to my better half ;)

        • KeiZka says:

          I’m furious with Itella. They take two days to get one measly package from Helsinki to Tampere. Seriously? Would’ve gotten it with Matkahuolto by now…

          • spencer1978 says:

            It is official. Verkkokauppa sold a first 100 batch of Lumia 920 at midnight, 00.01 AM November 22, as promotion.
            There was a 16 year old boy, who wanted the be the first to get the Lumia 920 in Finland, so he waited there for 14 hours, before the shop opened (there´s only this shop which sells phones at night in Finland).
            Elisa, Sonera and DNA, the country´s biggest operators,
            said their Lumias 920 have been sold out already on pre-orders alone. Thus, they will have more phones in stores only after a few days.

            Danske rated yesterday NOK share from “sell” to “buy”.

            • Jii says:

              At noon yesterday, I bought my phone from a DNA Shop and they had several phones in stock there (as I commented before). I did NOT pre-order mine. Just walked to a store and bought one.

              I went to the same shop 4-5 hours later and asked whether they still had phones in stock – and they did. SEVERAL.

              It’s not sold out everywhere. You can get yours today, if you know where to look for one :)

  2. Lampleon says:

    One store had 100 L920′s at Midnight, All the others were pre-sold. Mine is number 26 in Finland, a Black one With free Wireless Charger. Got to say: This is Incredible!

  3. Jan Wägg says:

    it is official, started selling lumia 920 just after midnight, from their shop. There was a batch of 100 phones, and about 70 people were waiting for it at midnight. Price is 599,90 euros.

  4. Watergate says:

    I preordered a white Lumia 920 but this morning the shop only received 5 yellow and 5 red. I guess that Nokia is doing a limited sale!

    • hengn says:

      well, elisa sold a 5000 phone batch with preorders

    • KeiZka says:

      All pretty much sold out. Went to Nokia flagship store and even they had queues in the morning. And their price is pretty much the most expensive one here in Finland.

      Elisa stores aren’t getting any, since they were sold out during pre-orders. Same for Sonera. Verkkokauppa launch was very popular too, as Lampleon pretty much said.

  5. Sefriol says:

    There was a HUGE add of Nokia Lumia 920 in Helsingin Sanomat. ( The page of HS is like A2? and it took the whole page. )
    And operators have been telling that preorders are selling well. The queues and all are good sign of good development from Nokia. We didn’t see this kind of rush when 800 or 900 launched.
    But of course launch means almost nothing. It’s all about initial sales after launch. But for now it seems that every operator in Finland sells the phone which is a good thing.
    I’m waiting for technical reviews from Tekniikan Maailma (World of Technology) which give very detailed (technical) information of every phone they review.
    Unfortunately I don’t have the money to buy this phone myself.

  6. Jesseri says:

    I’m waiting till nearest Tele Finland store gets all the colours for display before making any choices. It’s also over 100 euros cheaper from Tele Finland than from (480e vs 599,90e).

    • Ld. Sidious says:

      480€ with a 2-year contract, I believe. Maybe tomorrow would be a good day to find a demo-unit to fiddle with somewhere in a operator store.

  7. Lampleon says:

    Verkkokauppa gave a free wireless charger, 6 kilos Christmas Ham and a big canvas photo of your own Lumia pic. They are kind of 150 €. I would have bought a ham anyways…😃

  8. Anders81 says:

    Got my yellow 920 today from Finland with free yellow fatboy 😃 now typing this with 920, listening to bridge over troubled waters from mix radio while my phone charges on the fatboy, SWEET!!!!

  9. dontom says:

    Got mine today as well. Pre ordered mine from Elisa.
    My 4th Nokia phone that I got on the releaseday. First the N8, E7, N9 and now L920. Of course I have had around 20 Nokias since mid nineties, but this one is Nr1 ever (N9 is second – I just love it, but It had/have some issues..). Got to stop now, I have a strong urge to get back to my PRECIOUS! Nokia is BACK!

  10. Daryn says:

    Was wondering what are the prices for Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 in Helsinki?

    Wanted to buy 2 of them, one for me the other my better half.

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