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In case you missed Jolla’s keynote from Slush, or just want to see it again, they have uploaded it. You can see it below.

It was great to see some famous faces from the community up on stage. Really pleased with what they have brought to the table. It is different, yet familiar, especially for N9 users. Things like the widget-style multi-tasking, ambience and double tap to wake (like Harmattan) make me excited. I just hope that Jolla doesn’t take forever to get the devices into the hands of consumers.


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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]
  • guerrahp


  • N9

    This phone just got a second life

    • Rinslowe


    • Ruben

      Round 2!

  • Eddy

    I hope Steven Sinofsky becomes Jolla’s new CEO

    • Shaun

      Didn’t you watch the keynote?

  • alai

    I wish jolla everything the best. Best phones, os and many customers. I would like to become one of them. There is lots of work to do add many features to implement (for example profiles). I like the idea of this system. Many customers (corporate also) live in walled garden ecosystems which acts like a jail. You can’t customize product as you wish (WP, IOS), you are under big marketing pressure which is trying to make us fools, and our private data are under big US corporates control. When symbian is dying, meego harmattan has been killed by the Ms staff inside Nokia, Jolla becomes the one and only chance to make os which will be under customers control. I don’t need flashy UI, I just want a working horse like my old N8.

    • Maybe

      I hope they can somehow cooperate with Nokia for the camera tech…

    • Ruben

      i feel the same way too alai! Closed Os’s are just data control and marketing pills! People get stuck. Symbian is lovely and Meego is it’s big brother of the free world.

      I’d like to continue with Meego. An OS where my free will is respected, where i can hack, mod or whatever i want because i just can.

  • domdom

    man if this os works on my n8 🙂 damn how i wish 🙂

    • it doesnt work on N8, but it works in N9.. 🙂

      • Pierre Lavoux

        That is not quite true. Now it has kernel for N9 hardware. But nothing can stop somebody from use a kernel for N8 hardware and prepare the Sailfish OS for N8. This is opensource so this can be done. And I suppose a kernel prepared for N8 proc could be used, so this is not a work from the beginning. This is the quality of Linux and power of open source.

        BUT I think about the same can be done with PureView 808 and my hands, heart and imagination start shaking……

        • zlutor

          That would be a BIG hit…
          But what about camera software? Not so probable to be feasible…

      • incognito

        If you look at the hardware the HW-adaptation guys are carrying in the beginning, you’ll notice a Raspberry Pi amongst other things – it runs on an ARM11 CPU and has only slightly more powerful GPU than the N8, so if they managed to get it to work on a Raspberry Pi there really is no reason why it couldn’t work on an Nokia N8. Well, of course, if they could be bothered to adapt to it.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      I hate to be the Debbie Downer, but it’s really way way past overdue time to upgrade your N8. Life is passing you by.

      • Dr. Smart

        What can’t N8 do so that you’d need an upgrade? And it’s wasteful to change a perfectly working HW every 2 years.

        • Peter L

          Provide a great user experience?

          • Ruben

            if one is happy, change not.

      • Grendell

        Well, If life is passing you by. At least you got great pics! Hanging on to my N8 as well.

        • akse

          I bought N9 in April.. back then my 1 year old N8 I gave to my wife 🙂

          Trying to beat 2 years of use for both phones.

          N900 I had 1.5 years in use.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Great pics, until you pick up an 808. Having the N8 is fine, if you don’t know what you’re missing.

          • Nathan

            Variety is the spice of life my friend, variety.

            • shallow ocean shoal

              Haha, umm, ok, I guess if you just want to be nostalgic. I’ll take the 808 thanks and the N8 will sit in the drawer.

              • Nathan

                Msg gone totally over your head it seems, too busy to articulate in much greater detail, I’ll leave it at that.

  • thanks Michael for this 😉

  • GordonH

    thks Micheal.

  • Gom

    i’m excited too!

  • Vader_MIB

    Will buy it asap 😀
    This is the sun beam of my day!

  • jiipee
    • Sefriol

      Hah, Anssi Vanjoki is giving a speak aswell : D

    • viipottaja

      So did Marko say anything interesting or just the usual points?

      • incognito

        When did that guy ever had anything interesting to say? (And, yes, I’m including the N9 launch event as well)

      • jiipee

        Not much to see there. I quit duting the usual Alvar Aalto stuff 😉 This time I bet he didnt talk about UI and how one can maneuvre a car without hands – no sorry, use phone without looking 😉

  • B.Srikanth

    Jolla way to go.
    Yes we definitely need a 3rd eco system and it is Jolla.

    • Pierre Lavoux

      Yes, I agree with that. Especially after SDK presentation. Sailfish SDK is fully matured conception, with virtual box for compiling and sharing code, with possibilities for both commecial and open source licensing, multiply architectures and hardware, can be used with Android, iOS, Linuxes and Windows also. And this is simply working staff and usable, as opensource can be adjusted and shaped for particular company or group needs – that kind of elastic approach I can see for the first time, this is obvious for me it has been prepared by practical users for users (I mean devs of course). And first of all there is no stupid or artificial limitations. And huge community behind. And seems a lot of demand. And I’d like to buy Nokia mobile with Sailfish on the board. That is my dream as Nokia fan. Or I will simply buy Jolla eventually.

      • jiipee

        Agree 100%

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  • Nathan


  • Titanium

    Jolla, all the ingredients I’ve always desired for my smartphone: Linux, Qt, ST-Ericsson processor, open source (not only source open ala android).
    I miss the HERE platform and Nokia cameras.
    Maybe the HERE platform will be there in the form of the same HTML5 application written for iOS.

  • Ruben

    let’s see how the camera’s dept gets the job done and how the app store of jolla (jolla mingled with android apps) works.

    Interesting thisngs to come i say!

  • incognito

    Just a quick follow-up. After watching the UI demo (separate event) the UI kind of started growing on me. That being said, they need to solve notifications more intelligently and they definitely need some better looking icons. Still prefer the Harmattan/Swipe UI over this, but the UI doesn’t stink of too-much-Android to me anymore.

    For those who haven’t watched here’s the video (the head in front of the camera will eventually move away, I promise 😀 ):

    • Shane


      Yeah it’s the icon-set that ruins it to a large extent, that & notifications are two “biggys” that need to be fixed, PRONTO.

      I hope they have a solid mapping solution & actually REVEAL it soon, & ofc I hope it has the same sort integrated social/messaging that harmattan did so well.
      And lastly but not least; a decent Camera app/API & underlying camera sw/algorithms.

      Beyond that there’s not much else that’s missing/crucial, can you think of anything?

      • incognito

        When it comes to integration, from the above demo we can see that the regular phone/VoIP/SIP are integrated as on the N900/N950/N9, actually even better as now instead of clicking on the top bar and then selecting which VoIP/SIP service you want to use when dialing – you just swipe the keyboard, the same way we’re changing the regular keyboard language/type on the N9. Granted, for most VoIP calls you’ll usually select a contact directly, but every once and a while when you need to dial something this is a really great solution on how to change services.

        Also, while the above video is of way too low quality to see what the Contact/Person screen presents, given the amount of info I’d say that the messaging is implemented the same way, at least when it comes to aggregation of different services to a single contact. Slightly disconcerting are the top two options offering you just Call and SMS – I’d assume it asks you what number to use if you have more than one mobile number defined for your contact, but shouldn’t then the SMS title be called ‘Message’ to indicate that you can send an IM that way as well? OTOH, since they’re calling the whole Contacts app – People (kind of like Peoples hub on the WP) I’d guess they integrated messaging the same way, alas they didn’t even show how the Messaging app looks like.

        From the things one can see on so far released videos, I really like the pulley menu on the lock screen allowing you to quickly change your profile – something that on the N9 requires unlocking, then pin-pointing the top bar with your finger, then selecting your ‘profile’ – and start Phone/Camera etc. without worrying that you’ll unlock it when you try to start the bottom menu presented on the N9. It also makes sense to implement haptics this way – if you remember how many ‘buzzes’ it takes to run a specific option from the lock screen, you don’t even need to look at the phone to run them. I do hope that the pulley menu is customizable so one can select what’s the most important for their particular situation to have on the lock screen.

        I also like the semi-transparent keyboard – a great nuance I have with on-screen keyboards is that they usually eat more than half of your screen real estate, this could at least partially alleviate the problem. I do hope that languages/keyboard types are switchable with a swipe, the same way as on the N9, but given that they use such gesture on the phone dialer keyboard I’d guess it is exactly the same system. And I hope Swype will be there as well.

        As for the missing things that we haven’t seen on demos so far, in no particular order:

        – I really hope they implement the always-on stand-by screen when the OS is deployed to a device equipped with an OLED or QD screen – it’s one of the greatest features Nokia has come up with.

        – When you run more than 4 apps, the app grid will automatically shrink to 3×3 size (what requires pinch-to-zoom gesture on the N9) – at that size it will become quite tricky to use those on-app gestures. Also, we haven’t seen what happens when you run >9 apps – I take it you’d have to scroll them, and sideways at that given the app launcher grid opens by scrolling up, but I’m still skeptical how that will look to a normal user – e.g. you run >9 apps, once you swipe away from the app, where do you land and where does your app end? Will you be able to see it on the screen or get a false impression that you’ve killed it? What happens when you try to scroll the running apps grid sideways on an app that defines on-app menu? That sort of things…

        It would be awesome if you can actually decide on the layout the running apps are presented, so you can have big and small thumbs of them, and reorder them and what not but this, besides getting accused to steal from the WP design, could end up in a confusing mess if you don’t run the same apps as you’ve defined the layout.

        – No mention, so far, of global search – with devices becoming more and more content cluttered, this option should exist not just for specific apps (like the People app) but should be globally accessible.

        – Some of their transition animations could use a re-work, I’m especially not sold on the whole transparency thing as it gives you no indication that the swiped-away app will end up on the home screen (and where).

        – On-app screens should allow more than two ways of interaction (left-right swipe) making it possible to ‘widgetize’ them.

        – No landscape mode has been presented, and it is a must for devices with landscape qwerty keyboards (and quite welcome for others). Since, unlike on the Harmattan, side swipes are now different than up/down swipes, it can lead to great confusion and they really need to think this through. Also, the greatest thing with devices that have no front buttons and don’t depend on side buttons is that you can always present the UI in a consistent manner – they should implement that no matter how you rotate your device, you are always presented with the same kind of interface.

        – Nowhere is presented a way to kill an app. Up->down swipe is now reserved for the pulley menu, and I’d hate to hunt small (x) buttons to kill an app. Yes, I am fully aware of benefits of multitasking and not needing to close individual apps, but I also know the perils of it and I want a choice on whether I want a specific app running all the time or not.

        That’s it for now, I’m quite sure I’ll have a plethora of other concerns/praises as the more of the UI/UX is revealed. 🙂

  • JG Smartypants

    I wish this could be combined with the N9’s more roundy UI. That plus android apps and I would be in heaven

  • hosny

    congratulations to jolla team, and i hope that go ahead and make success whit Sailfish OS, because Meego is great and deserve go on ,even whitout Nokia and stupid decisions by Flop