University Students in Finland Send a Lumia 920 into Space, Giving you the Chance to win the Worlds only Lumia 920 Space Edition

| November 22, 2012 | 17 Replies

Earlier today Nokia  students from a Finnish university tied a lumia 920 onto a weather balloon, sent it 30Km into the air creating the worlds first (and only) Lumia 920 space edition. Whoever collects the Lumia on its descent is free to keep it (provided it doesn’t end up in some sea); although it’s possible the balloon has already landed.

Correction, we initially mentioned that it was Nokia who released the ballon, when in fact it was a group of students from Aalto university in Finland who released the balloon to celebrate the midnight launch of the lumia 920 in Finland. Before launching the balloon they held a contest where the closest guess to where the balloon would land would get to keep the phone. Sorry for the mixup guys. And thanks to everyone who pointed it out.

Check out the launch here:

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