Nokia UK to Celebrate New Lumia Launch with Deadmau5 Concert; Win Tickets to Attend!

| November 22, 2012 | 7 Replies

Last year Nokia and Deadmau5 teamed up to bring an amazing 4D projection concert to unleash the Lumias upon the UK; regardless of how well they sold, the event was pretty darn awesome.

And now they’re back at it again; with a concert lined up to celebrate the new line.

Here’s a teaser for the concert itself:


And check out Nokia UK’s facebook page for a chance to win tickets to the concert here:

Check out the 4D projections from the previous Lumias launch, pretty darn sweet!



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  • BellGo

    It didn’t work last time, but it sure did look cool.

    I’m up for round two.

  • BJ

    Is the promotion UK-only?

  • Pierre

    OK that looks just great. But what this introduce to our world? Have you ever seen Jean Michael Jarre concerts and lasers in the whole city? And music on of the kind? But most important is that this is only a kind of form, but there is no content in the form, I don’t see more possibilities, new opportunities like I have noticed during Jolla Slush event in Helsinki. That is something needed, however artistic experience is great without any questions.

  • twig

    Not sure why the U.K, I would think India or China.

  • jr

    Another waste of money .. who comes up with these weird ideas ? why don’t they spend their money on something more conservative.. like billboard, bus stop ads ?

    • Viipottaja

      Well, at least the previous time it got a lot of media attention. Second, someone like Deadmau5 is 1) not very expensive to begin with 2) views this as marketing for his.. err… performing arts, so he may not get paid that much anyway.

  • Elop

    I think, there is no concatenation with WP 7.8, but with launch and promoting new lumias in UK. That’s exactly year after launch Nokia lumia 800.

    Sorry for my bad English. I hope that these few sentences, that I wrote

    aren’t hard to understand. 😉