Free In-Ear Purities by Monster With Purchase of any WP8 Lumia in the USA (Past Purchases Eligible)

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Sweetening the already border-line diabetic deal that is any WP8 device, bought at super cheap prices in the US; Nokia are now throwing in a free pair of In-Ear Purities for all those who will/have-already purchased a Lumia 920, 820, 810, 822. Any purchase from November 20th-December 31st is eligible to collect their free headset of awesomeness, provided they fill out the online form. This is a great deal, and no reason not to capitalize on a free add-on, especially when the same headsets are being sold via amazon for close to a $100. 


To collect your purities fill out the form at the link and enjoy:


Once a Submission Form is completed, consumers must submit in one mailing envelope: (1) the completed
Submission Form, (2) original or copy of sales receipt showing purchase price and store, dated
between November 20, 2012, and December 31, 2012, and (3) original or copy of UPC and barcode
panel from the eligible Nokia Lumia device package to: Nokia Holiday Headset Offer, 4228 N Central
Expressway, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75206. Claims must be postmarked by January 16, 2013, and received by
January 31, 2013. Documentation postmarked after January 16, 2013 or received after January 31, 2013 will
not be accepted

Full details here:




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  • JGrove303

    Sweet deal! Nye, KILLER DEAL!!

    One I don’t get to take advantage of cuz I got min before Nov. 20th 😓

  • Sal

    I was reading over at wpcentral that it only applies to some 8 pop-up stores. True?

    • No mention of such thing in the official terms:
      End-user legal residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older, who purchase a qualifying
      Nokia Lumia device during the “Offer Period” (defined below) at participating AT&T®, T-Mobile® or Verizon®
      retail stores in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, will be eligible to receive one (1) Nokia
      Monster Purity Headset; Model WH-920 (ARV: $90.00) by mail, while supplies last (the “Offer”). The qualifying
      Nokia Lumia devices for this offer are: Nokia Lumia 820 (AT&T), Nokia Lumia 920 (AT&T), Nokia Lumia 810
      (T-Mobile) and Nokia Lumia 822 (Verizon). Limit one (1) Offer per device/person/household. Void where
      prohibited. All claim submissions must include the sales receipt showing purchase price and store
      name, dated between November 20, 2012, and December 31, 2012, and the 15-digit IMEI of the device

      Unless of course they mean that online orders are not eligible?

      • JGrove303

        Online through the US carriers should be eligible.

        I’m guessing this is the deal after AT&T stopped putting out charging plates, maybe. Though, this is through Nokia. Still fell cheated not getting a headset in the first place and being an early adopter.

        • sal

          The plates are still there on att. I’m suspecting that this is only for phones sold in stores. To get the charging plate and these headphones for 920 and only $450 would be amazing!

          • lstrike

            Well I can tell you that as a Day one in store purchaser in an ATT corporate owned store I received an email from Nokia telling me I didn’t qualify because the store I purchased from was not a participating store.

  • Simo

    I bought mine on November 14th. NOT fair >_<

  • swain

    It makes me little surprised seeing all these offers/price drops and yet huge demand for Lumias. IMO they must make the 920/820 available throughout the globe and give same offers everywhere.
    Instead of putting more and more focus on US market(which they can’t win from Apple/Samsung), they should focus on the markets which has been their stronghold since ages. No surprise Samsung has already sold 30+ millions of S3 within few months due to it’s wide availability. Can the army of Lumias achieve this figure together in next 1 year ???

    Today’s question is:
    Why they are making these desperate attempts to sale few units if there is any real demand…!!!

    • viipottaja

      Building a (hopefully loyal) user base takes going beyond the standard offering. Doing it through cheap to build accessories is a good idea.

      • swain

        I understand that. But my point is if they have that much stock to sale it on cheap or with offers then why only US !!! There are many other markets where it’s yet to be launched. I bet the sales figure will be much better with a global availability.

    • JGrove303

      If Nokia had not made such a short run of products, I have no doubt that more than the 2.5 million unit would be sold already in this quarter alone. Impressive, considering the nee devices are not available everywhere, there was a short first run, color variants were available in staggered time frames and it’s a brand new OS that just got RTM’d to manufactures, what, a month before release? Consider the amount of money Nokia has to produce devices versus Samsung.

      • swain

        The sales figure would have been much better with a global availability. 2.5 m is good but not the best.

    • Harangue

      Maybe this offer is to gather more info on their customers, demographic data for one. These kind of offers usually aren’t done just to swoon customers etc. if they were they would have made the process to get ‘the freebie’ a lot easier. Submission forms and receipts etc. all items to get more info on the people buying your product and thus you are able to create better marketing.

      Since the US is a ‘new’ market to Nokia I’m not surprised they are doing this. Basically two birds with one stone, gathering data and creating a certain loyal following. Heck, they might create buzz by buyers talking about that great Nokia offer.

      • JGrove303

        I bought mine on the 7th of November. Got to find out if they’ll honor that.

      • swain

        Yeah…It may be a reason. But, as per my understanding they are asking for the sales receipt for verification of store names and to keep track of IMEIs receiving the offer.

        “Heck, they might create buzz by buyers talking about that great Nokia offer.”
        That will be the day everyone is waiting for.

      • JPHawk

        This offer might be intended to give customers a further incentive to order potentially out of stock phones. It is hard to leave a store without a phone. This is why I settled for black when I wanted Cyan on November 9th.

  • stylinred

    nov 20th seriously?

    i bought my dads on nov 19th… -_-

    • Mike

      return it and buy it again…

      • stylinred

        i would but it was a gift and they’re already fully engrossed

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  • JGrove303

    Okay, just read the Rules Sheet. Under General Rules, it says NO Online Purchases. So brick & mortar purchases only.

    Well sh*t, I’m out 😒

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  • Newtype

    Is the offer for the free charging pad still valid?

  • IMHO

    Although it says “in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia,” it only applies to “participating” retail stores. ;_;

    Click here to view participating stores