Accessories: Nokia Wireless Charging Plate and Charging Pillow by Fatboy unboxing (Yellow and Blue)

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We received a nifty package from Finland, Nokia House this morning. Big thanks to the Nokia Conversations team for sending this to us, very much appreciated!

In a rush of excitement (and to get some uni work done too :p), it was quickly unboxed. This post would have been out sooner but I had to combine the unboxing with a quick demo after finding a euro-uk plug just after I turned the camera off for unboxing (my computer takes sooo long to process video 🙁 🙁 )

In the box were two packages: Nokia Wireless charging plate in yellow, and a Nokia Charging Pillow from Fatboy. I have not seen the retail packaging for these before so this was new to me. It’s kind of a reverse unboxing with the photos as I filmed the unboxing first.

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of wireless/plug-free charging on my touchpad and now it’s on my Nokia Lumia 920 too. It’s just super convenient to rest the device on the charger, and not fiddle with wires. It’s of course not that much trouble to plug in but the ease of charging by placing on a flat surface (one hand) is wonderful. Also, you can charge with cases on. Cases that fully surround the phone.

The connections surprised me. I thought it would be a standard Nokia charger with MicroUSB to the plate. But it’s like a pin connector.


Just wonderfully convenient.

Perfect desk or bedside table accessory

Matte on top with rubbery grip

Shiny at the bottom, with rubbery grip

It’s basically a bean bag for a phone 😀 It’s very well made.


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  • Harangue

    Isn’t the connector on the plate a standard 2mm Nokia one? Like we used to get on Nokia chargers, the last being the N8.

    • I thought so but it doesn’t fit. It’s slightly bigger than the 2mm, but smaller than the fat pin from, say, 3310.

      • Viipottaja

        Could the charging port/pin format be part of the Qi standard?

        • JGrove303

          The charging plate is 12v @ .75mA. Good that the pins don’t match the old 2mm pins (5v @ .5-1.2A.

          • spencer1978

            Jay, congrats! Now your beloved electric Pikachu got its beloved power up pillow :)) Ready to swing to the dawn!

  • Viipottaja

    Woot, just received an email from AT&T saying my charging plate is being shipped! 🙂

    • JGrove303

      About time! I had finally got mine on the 21stafter buying it on the 7th

      You’re getting the Black one, yes? It looks great with the red. I was bummed the offer was for only the black one, until I got it.

      • twig

        You have your phone? I ordered my yellow on the 8th and its “no show” yet from ATT. I’m glad Nokia sent Jay his plates and pillow, that’s nice of them.

        I wonder if Elop should call HP board and merge HP into Nokia shares. Get ex Apple exec, who hates Apple, to head division.

        • JGrove303

          That blows. I understand the yellow and cyan were not to be released through at&t until the 14th. Then they have to fulfill orders first come fist serve. I bought preorder first thing in the morning on the 7th, got it on the 10th. Didn’t. Fire it up until the 12th.

      • Viipottaja

        Does not say which color in the email, but IIRC they said black at the AT&T store when I got the 920. Oddly it says “Tessco NOK920 ACCESSORY” in the email.. Tessco? I hope its the Nokia plate and not some 3rd party thing.

        • JGrove303

          Exactly as mine said. Don’t worry, its a genuine Nokia Accessory.

          when preordering on line, it instructed me to select the black charging plate from the accesories, and a $49.99 discount was applied to my order.

          The plate is bitchen. You don’t truly understand how much its a pain in the ass to plug in your device all the time. (nightly as I do) until you don’t have to.

          I can’t wait to get the stand and Power Up

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  • Andre C

    Can you test to see how long it takes to charge from empty to full with these chargers?

    • Harangue

      From what I’ve heard it is about 15-30 minutes longer compared to a normal wallplug.

  • Send me that fatboy please for “extensive research” kay thanks byw 🙂

    • Harangue

      You already have a 920 (according to twitter that is) you can scrutinize the heck out of, shoo shoo 😛

      • JGrove303

        That Cyan Fatboy looks so sweet with the the yellow or the White.

        Is the material a mocrofiber?

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