Videos: Nokia’s Next Hand-Model Reality Show

| November 28, 2012 | 9 Replies

Nokia Levant just published a series of video spoofs/Ads where they have a (hopefully mock) reality show looking for Nokia’s Next Hand Model. the videos seem to be quite old as they show off the N9 rather than the Lumias, but that doesn’t stop them from being hilarious (and borderline inappropriate like the “balls” joke in the second video. Since these were shot in Lebanon they use the usual mix of Arabic and English so you might understand bits and pieces of it, but trust me if you understood it all you’d crack a rib or two.

Here’s the main trailer showing clips from all the other spoofs:

Video #1- If you don’t understand Arabic I suggest you watch this one, seeing as it’s mostly in English, and it has a pretty funny inappropriate joke, what’s not to like?

Video #2- Hot Model:

Video #3- Egyptian Dude (Mostly Arabic):

Video #4- Professional Hand Model

Video #5-

Video #6- School Girl (is it just me or did the “we only want your hands” just sound “wrong”? and at one point he asks if she’s done any cosmetic surgery about her hands where the awkward reply was yes, but not in my hands… sounds fishy 😛 )

Video #7-

Edit: It turns out we covered the initial audition announcement way back in February: Pretty interesting to see these videos surface after all this time, although some may not agree with me but I like this form of media/internet attention. Things like this will never make it to Tv Adverts, but they’re nice viral videos.

Thanks for pointing out or our old post Maurice_FA


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