Initial designs / prototypes / boxes for Nokia X5, E7, X3 etc?

| November 29, 2012 | 9 Replies

Some interesting packaging for the Nokia X5 and Nokia E7. For some reason these pictures look familiar but I’m not sure why.

Anywhoo, looking at the X5 and E7, you’ll note that they’re quite different to what was actually given that designation. These aren’t some clones or mishaps. They’re official from Nokia.

E7-00 was of course the slider QWERTY, not the E72-esque monoblock. The Nokia X5 had two public designs, a square QWERTY slider and a monoblock.


There’s more. Check out the X3 and C1

Thank Reena Naik-Smith for the tip!


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  • JGrove303

    Wow! A sea of Nokia Blue!

  • ZiiimZooon

    It says Nokia E7 on the package, but a picture of the Nokia E6? :s

    • madusha

      Looks like the E72 to me, not E6

      • ZiiimZooon

        Oops.. You’re right 😉

  • Fz

    I thought that all Nokia phones cane i boxes, but there is a folded cardboard box for 1280. Still classier than plastic.

    • Cloud

      i miss the beautiful symbian smartphones…..ohhh i hate winphone and lumia i want N series……imagine NOKIA N 10 with a new version of symbian or meego like the leaked video from nokia called NOKIA AIR!

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  • Marc Aurel

    E7-00 prototype seems to have been an upgraded E72…Perhaps with the E5-00 internal hardware specs? Interestingly the X5-00 prototype seems to have been a Series 40 phone with a design fairly similar to the actual historical X3-00. The historical X5 series phones were both S60 v3.2 devices.

  • omg omg omg! Björk’s album ‘Post’ is on one of the boxes!!