Reader Reports: AT&T agent misleading over Nokia Lumia 920/HTC?

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This is a single case as far as I know but it’s not the first time I’ve come across a sales rep that knew next to nothing significant about the latest Nokia that’s on sale.

You know my feelings about the Lumiawannabe 8X. It’s good for a WP8 phone, and I’m only irked by the fact that despite the obvious stolen design from Nokia, HTC would create a video to say it’s all their own unique design. Sure it was HTC. Sure it was.

Like I didn’t need to get any more annoyed at HTCopyPasta, one of our readers said that whilst at an AT&T store, a rep was misleading a customer over the benefits of the HTC over the Nokia.

I am standing in an AT&T store in Portland, ME. The agent here is trying to sell a HTC to a customer by telling him that the HTC is more powerful than the lumia 920. He is telling the customer that HTC is expensive because it is much advanced than the nokia lumia. He even told the customer that the screen on the htc is better than Nokia
the worst thing, customer now wants put $50 more to get the “better” htc phone…

Reena Naik-Smith (abhay_naik) 

In my own experience in the UK, the couple of reps I’ve encountered had no idea about super sensitive screen, Clear Black display, or optical image stabilisation/PureView, or PureMotion HD+ or about Wireless Charging in the Nokia Lumia 920. It’s an absolute JOKE. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Is that really the reps total fault? Sure they might have a training video that explains it. Perhaps they do, perhaps they don’t.

But where are the mainstream ads that tell us exactly those things? Those unique and innovative Nokia things? Where on earth is the damn Nokia adverts that can connect with the consumer to tell them about these Nokia features and how these features can benefit their every day lives in ways competing smartphones can’t yet? Where are they? Must be stick with your wishy washy, arty, farty nonsense? Year after year? And any good advert that comes out of 99 awful ones is never replicated or seen by only a few?


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