Gallery: Hands On With the Lumia 620

| December 5, 2012 | 11 Replies

The folks over at SlashGear have gotten some hand-on time with the newly released Nokia Lumia 620. The most noticeable change over last years low-end Lumia (the 610) is the improved screen, replaced by Nokia’s excellent Clear Black Display, and the internals have been beefed up to get rid of the “app incompatible” errors:


Gone is the mediocre display, replaced by a far more pleasant ClearBlack panel, and with its 1GHz dualcore Snapdragon S4 chipset and 512MB of RAM, navigation is swift and there shouldn’t be a problem with incompatible apps undermined by insufficient memory.

The colors are truly gorgeous, with the pretty green (which I’d love to see on a 920) and a matte white, Yes! Matte!!!

Check out more pictures at the link below:



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  • twig

    Blockbuster video has just announced they will start selling mobile phones under Blockbuster Mobile and move sales to the store using Verizon and Tmobile. Hello, hello Nokia USA. Time for some chats. 822,810 and maybe 620?

    • twig

      850locations in the u.s.. Go Nokiausa !!

  • twig

    That green is interesting isn’t it. That yellow inside mixed with cyan.

  • Qay

    I’m waiting for the Lumia 720

  • Janne

    Isn’t Lumia 610 actually this year’s low-end? 😉 From the spring…

    • JGrove303

      Tsk, tsk, Janne. This is the WP8 low end of the year.

      • Janne

        I do know what 620 is. 🙂

        I was referring to this:

        The most noticeable change over last years low-end Lumia (the 610) is

        610 too came out this year, instead of last year. Only 710/800 came out last year.

        Just a small clarification. Of course next year when 620 is on sale, 610 will be the last year’s model. 🙂

        • JGrove303

          AH, I was just bustin’ your chops, Janne. But, Look who’s not reading carefully himself: This guy!

          Though, not that you had commented for or against, I would say not just the display, but the whole device is a notable upgrade over the 610. This 620, is quite the device, and very handsome. I wouldn’t have given the 610 a second glance.

          Look at that orange and green that should have been available for the 920! Oh well, I do very much love my Red 920.

          • Janne

            It is. 620 looks like a great device! And it tells of the major leap WP and Lumia have taken since e.g. last spring when 610/900 came out. Though a little too fast for buyers comfort, which is unfortunate, the great news for first generation buyers is the 5xx range continuing the WP 7.x legacy with updates and apps etc. for I guess at least a year+ more.

  • JGrove303

    And which of these supposed 720 concepts is it that some of you are wishing for? The 4.3″ PureMotion HD+ with Mg shell and 16Mp sensor, or the 4″ 5Mp Xperia wannabe?

  • KT

    I’m certainly for it when it launches in india.