Clove UK Sold Out of Lumia 920s AGAIN; This Time Before They Even Arrived

| December 8, 2012 | 131 Replies

It seems the demand on the Lumia 920 hasn’t died down one bit seeing how they’ve already sold out fo their second shipment on pre-orers alone. They posted the picture above with the comment:

Just a fraction of what we are shipping today. Working to get all orders out#nokialumia920

Which sounds pretty awesome! I calculate the devices above at 224? (4 per row per box, double stacked = 8 * 28 boxes); and apparently this is just a “fraction” of what’s being shipped today, still pretty cool. I personally can’t wait to see the numbers this quarter; they outa be good.


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  1. Janne says:

    I personally can’t wait to see the numbers this quarter; they outa be good.

    It’s just too bloody sold out in too many places and shipping in very late December or January in too many markets. I fear it isn’t going to look too pretty, but we’ll see.

    I think the demand is genuine, but they just don’t have enough of a few key components to build enough.

    • stylinred says:

      excuses already :)

      i will say i’ve seen more interest in the 920 than the 800,900,808 combined locally

      • Viipottaja says:

        More like reasons. :)

        • nn says:

          And don’t forget about China! It’s coming next quarter, also 610 is very good device broadening the portfolio further. I’ll tell sales in Q4 weren’t much, but the situation is promising and the momentums are building! Let’s see what Q1 and Q2 results will bring!

          • Janne says:

            You moving goalposts? :) I’m not. I’m just not expecting a very good Q4 due to the lateness of the new products 920, 820, 620 and 510 plus their variants.

          • Viipottaja says:

            Excellent, we are finally on the same page then, Q1 is indeed very important! I gather you mean the 620 though, although 610 should also continue selling reasonably well, in particular in markets where 620 is not yet available in Q1.

            • Janne says:

              Damn you guys! Stop moving the goal posts! ;)

              Q4 results will tell enough.

              • Viipottaja says:

                Those are your goals posts. Stop trying to impose your goalposts on everyone! :P

              • swain says:

                Yeah you are right. The Q4 result will bring a lot of clarity about Nokia’s future(and it’s management as well). But we can’t deny the fact that 620 is just announced and it will be available in next quarter. I am expecting the sales figure of 620 to surpass the sales of 920 and 820 together.
                To be honest, they need to be fast and more competitive to exist in market. Unless you are a die-hard Nokia fan why shall you wait for a Nokia device for such a long time when you have N number of options available. When competitors are selling millions of units within days of release why you are unable to fulfill a supply of few thousand units.
                Is this a lack of vision or incompetent strategy ?

                • Janne says:

                  I have also considered Q4 results from Q1 guidance perspective too. If they stop giving guidance that would be bad for my goalposts. :)

                  • swain says:

                    I am very much confident about the success of Lumia 620. So, Q1 is definitely going to be better than Q4 but the point is Q4 must not be too bad.
                    If the demands are real, they must use their factories to make more devices instead of shutting them down.
                    The pace at which they are downsizing the company and shutting down the factories explains a lot. This is not a good sign for a giant like NOKIA.

                    • pchees says:

                      they are shutting down factories in expensive countries and switching capacity to factories in less expensive areas or outsourcing. This takes time.

            • nn says:

              Of course we can’t ignore Q1, there will be lot of interesting info, however I would say Q2 is really little bit more important. We will get the phone that will finally and unquestionably be in the best of the very top phones category, or as realist would say even beyond that. It will be The Phone for which everyone will fall over themselves to get it.

              Maybe there could be some temporary hiccups, so I’m not completely ceding the right to include Q3 yet, because Q3 could show things more clearer with more mature global availability.

              But I’m definitely not going over the Q4 mark, it’s deal or break for me, not giving one inch. You can forget about all the previous quarters, because Q4 is the mother of all quarters. By then I will give the big conclusive verdict whenever Nokia should proceed with their proved WP strategy or they would be advised to make changes in execution and better focus on their solid WP strategy. Q4 is the finale, end of story. After all we will get guidance peek at the Q1/Q2 and that will settle the matter once and for all.

      • Janne says:

        stylinred: Lumia 920 is the best phone on the market. Of course you are going to see people interested in it. That helps **** all if and when there is no supply.

  2. Banderpop says:

    The 808 kept on selling out everywhere too! But now it looks like places that used to sell it are unable to restock, saying it’s discontinued. So, a great success story for Nokia there then. Success at aiming a gun at their own feet and not missing…

    • Viipottaja says:

      Who is saying that?

      • Banderpop says:

        Ah, it was something I read in the comments of an All About Symbian story. Turns out it was Expansys, although I don’t know which Expansys as there’s more than one.

        • Janne says:

          Finnish has plenty of 808 in stock, in all colors, but haven’t sold a single one in December.

          I wonder how real the demand for the 808 is, due to Symbian. The photography buff market may have been saturated already.

    • A-S-D says:

      In Australia, many people bought the 808 off Clove UK and I think people from other countries wanting to get their hands on it early did too.

      For the 920, you cannot get Australian stock at the moment. Its completely sold out with more stock coming on the 13th so many people are getting it from Clove again.

      I can’t believe Elop is this stupid. While I didn’t expect shortages of this magnitude, it was obvious that they’re were definitely going to be a shortage of stock letting potential sales get away – many to HTC’s 8X.

    • arts says:

      ah shucks, i was hoping prices drop further then i can pick one up. =/

      • Viipottaja says:

        I would not take this info as a confirmation of it having been discontinued. :) Maybe it is, but a comment – a very vague one at that – on a blog is hardly a definitive source on that. :)

          • Janne says:

            There is also plenty of availability in Finland of 808 in all colors, e.g.:


            There just doesn’t seem that mythical great demand for it, is a big retailer herebut hasn’t sold *any* 808′s in December!

            Could it be that they are winding down the production and local Nokia branches/distributors in some markets are opting not to order more as the demand is less and less? Sure.

            I’d say pick this one up fast if you want this great piece of mobile photography history (I mean that as a compliment, not to say 808 is history).

            • Spede oli aliarvostettu says:

              I have an 808.

              After using it for a while it was obvious that Nokia was never able to compete with Symbian. The original system software for the iPhone 3GS, released in 2009, beats the latest Symbian Belle.

              The problem is that the 808 is not very stable, it’s not very handy to use and it lags.

              None of those problems exist because of Elop. It was always the same with Symbian.

              • GordonH says:

                Lets forget about all the back stabbing and bad decisions on the roadmap by Nokia executives.

                But did someone forget that the 808 has a 7 year old processor?

                Was it you? was it me? was it Elop?
                No it was Symbian’s fault automatically.

                • Janne says:

                  Oh yes, the age-old tech specs excuse.

                  Yet, iPhone in 2007 managed to produce a far, far more compelling experience with less (slower GPU, lesser megaherts, less memory, less almost everything). So did N900 too.

                  808 isn’t slow when you throw a good app at it. It lags and slows when you use the Symbian user-interface and features, because the Series 60 successor it is running is a piece of crap that should have been shown the door ages ago. Symbian was mismanaged at Nokia for much of its existence and it shows.

                  At least use the Symbian^4 excuse, at least that one isn’t quite as absurd because none of us know how well it might have worked if it had been allowed to mature on the market.

                  • Oleg Derevenetz says:

                    Regarding iPhone 3G(S), it became more and more laggy after every iOS update :) They even released special updates (e.g. 4.0.1) to mitigate SOME of performance issues on older devices.

                    It’s a bit funny also when people claiming that “Symbian belle needs lots of power”, LOL :) Among my 808, N9, Lumia 800, Lumia 920 808 is the only device that survives for 3 days without need to recharge.

                    • Spede oli aliarvostettu says:

                      808 should have 10Ghz processor if you wanted to get rid of the lag. Symbian Belle needs lots of power to make it smooth. That’s not funny.

                  • Oleg Derevenetz says:

                    However, I still use N9 as my daily phone ;)

                    • iresh says:

                      same man, everyday phone. Pretty competent too. just cant find any good sources of info meego anymore. Any suggestions?

                • Spede oli aliarvostettu says:

                  It’s all about Symbian. Symbian belle needs lots of power. It’s actually really power hungry and the hardware requirements are really high.

                  Symbian Belle does not support multiple processors. It just doesn’t do that while someone has been able to use those with Symbian.

                  Nokia has always been very ungenerous with putting hardware into phones. This happened before Elop and was happening after Elop. That was not Elop’s decision to get lower specs. That’s Nokia’s fault.

                  Being laggy, power hungry and unstable. That’s Symbian’s fault.

              • Banderpop says:

                I had a third-gen iPod Touch at the same time as an i8910 (S60v5, A8 Cortex processor), and an N8. It only got used for games. The period between my i8910 being stolen and my replacing it with an N8, and using the iPod as a web browser and media player, was really frustrating! I could never consider an iPhone as a main device, at any point in its history.

                • Spede oli aliarvostettu says:

                  The iPhone is not for everyone. It’s definitely not the best for everything.

                  The problem with the Symbian was (and is) that it was and it is too unstable to be used as a serious phone. There seems to be reports about some Symbian phones that were not unstable.

                  They have be to rare because it seems to be very hard to find a stable one. Never been able to find one. My 808 seems to be fine what it comes to the hardware but it’s not stable because of the Symbian Belle.

      • Banderpop says: have been putting their 808 prices up, rather than dropping them!

  3. Glass says:

    Have one from coming in this shipment from Clove. Can’t wait.

  4. Oleg Derevenetz says:

    Here, where I live, it’s just IMPOSSIBRU!!!!(C) to buy black Lumia 920 from local retailers – they all sold immediately after arrival (however, it is still possible to buy white or yellow, black Lumia 820 are also available). In the beginning of this week I was forced to take a ~500km trip on my car to buy black Lumia 920 as a birthday gift :)

  5. Svedu says:

    If the volumes sold really are extraordinary and a lot more than Nokia expected, then they should also update the guidance for D&S. That however has not happened yet, but considering the recent development of the stock-price one could hope it would happen soon. When they have updated it negatively in history, the market always seemed to know in advance.

    • Viipottaja says:

      Unless they cannot supply more than was already baked into the previous guidance.

      • Svedu says:

        Fully possible, but then I suppose the guidance will be pretty much higher than the market expects for Q1, most importantly is that demand is really there. I dont believe in positive result for D&S in Q1, but perhaps already in Q2.

        • Janne says:

          Bingo. That’s why Q4 results report will tell all that we need to know about success or failure with WP8 Lumia.

          • Svedu says:

            The thing is that Mr Market knows before that happens. Even if there is no official numbers out, the market knows for sure. I dont believe pushing the stock up some 50% in a couple of weeks time is based on speculation only. Partly due to short-positions covered perhaps, but main reason is that the market knows how well Lumia is selling. Add to that stable selling of feature phones, growing income from patents, NSN and Navteq and we might see 4 euros before christmas already. When the facts are out in january, the price is already adjusted to those facts.

            • Janne says:

              That may be. My point is that come Q4 results, we armchair analysts too here at MNB know whether or not Lumia failed or succeeded – and whether or not Elop is on the way out faster than originally planned or not. :)

              • Svedu says:

                I dont listen to analysts at all. They fail to see that Nokia Group consist of other stuff than Lumia, cant take them seriously. And then we have Goldman Sachs and Merill Lynch lowering targets and same time buying like crazy.

                I guess the average analyst will start to raise targets a bit when stock is already > 5 euro. Compare it to Apple stock where basically all analysts have “buy” on the stock and average target some 800 dollars. They will also start lowering their targets when they had time to sell first and stock is under 450. Basing own investments on what analysts say just makes no sense. Better to listen to yourself instead of them.

                • tom says:

                  Nokia has other things, just that smartphone is the future.

                  • Svedu says:

                    Look at NSN and compare it to Ericsson or Huawei. Look at Navteq and the things Nokia is doing with Location based services. Smartphones might or might not be a big part of Nokias future, but I would definately say there are other potentials for the future. Smartphone business is not generating cash for Nokia, they are loosing money. Hopefully this will change next year, but if not I would still see a future for Nokia.

                    • twig says:

                      Google doesn’t seem to be making much on phones right now either are they? Its been a while since I looked. This Facebook advertising deal is what I’m watching, it could really hurt Google. Sounds like Microsoft will sell that division to Facebook for that reason.

                    • tom says:

                      Huawei and zte are eating Nokia’s lunch in networks. Why do you think NSN is in trouble? They are not going to be able to compete in hardware. Software is what counts and Nokia gifted it to MS in a golden platter.

                      BTW, try looking at balance sheet and you will know why smart phone matters. Look at Apple and Samsung’s balance sheet as well. Clue, look at operating and net margin.

              • Keith too says:

                Elop and other insiders just picked up another million shares so I’m guessing he’s going to around for a while yet.

          • Viipottaja says:

            Nonsense. Q4 will not tell all of it. :)

            • Janne says:

              Yee of little faith.

              • Jiipee says:

                Viipottaja is my guru. Q1, or maybe even Q2 will tell the final story depending on the launch timetable of 2nd gen WP8 Lumias.

              • Anders81 says:

                I’m backing Janne’s projections for 10m Lumias for q4. In case less then it should be bye bye for Mr. Elop, even I honestly think he has worked as hard as humanly possible to turn this ship around.

                • Janne says:

                  I am not projecting 10M with this sucky availability, but we should get enough info in the Q4 report to see if Lumia will make or break.

                  • Anders81 says:

                    I do remember you made that projection around q2 . In any case we will see soon. I btw hate to use my awesome L920 on mnb comments since right now I’m typing from up to down instead left to right:)

                    • Janne says:

                      We’ll quote my spring/summer messages come Q4 results. :) However, they were my expectations for healthy growth, not ever any kind of predictions.

            • Svedu says:

              My fair guess is that the average writer on this blog would make a lot better work in analysing the future of Nokia, also when it comes to financial numbers. Only nobody here gets paid for doing so.

            • tom says:

              Why don’t you say next quarter, it’s always next quarter for Elop apologists. They will never have a date for success or failure as WP isn’t going to succeed.

              • Spede oli aliarvostettu says:

                With Nokia, it has always been about the next quarter. Back in 2009 when the N900 was announced, it was going to change everything in the next quarter. After MeeGo killed Maemo, they were going to destroy iPhone with a new MeeGo product. In the next quarter.

                When Symbian^3 was announced, they were going to kill the competition with it. In the next quarter.

                When the N8 was horribly delayed, they were going to kill the iPhone with it. In the next quarter.

                When they started to sell the Symbian^3 powered devices, they were going to kill the iPhone in the next quarter.

                Nothing has changed.

                • twig says:

                  You are right, iPhones still have the same design all those years with the same icons as an 8 year old iPod. They did add a 5th row though.

                  • Spede oli aliarvostettu says:

                    It’s a good idea to keep what is good and what works. It doesn’t matter how old the design is if it’s good.

                    Using a wheel to control the direction a car moves is an old invention. However it’s still unbeatable and only a few people would like to have something else.

                    Actually the wheel was never invented. For cars. By modern standards using a wheel for controlling a car was never an invention. People seem to think that any prior use in any form should void the patent.

                  • tom says:

                    And they can buy Nokia in just couple of quarters profit. It matters what people want. Not many people want “Windows” phone.

                    • Spede oli aliarvostettu says:

                      It really matters.

                      Less and less people wanted a Symbian phone. Nokia was losing and losing hard when they gave up and switched to WP. Giving up with Symbian was not a mistake but taking WP may have been one.

                      Lets hear again how everyone wanted to have Symbian in 2010/2011 while Symbian’s market share was dropping incredibly fast.

  6. Peter L says:

    French investment bank Societe Generale made a claim of 10M Lumias ordered from Nokia so far yesterday. They also predicted only 6M Lumias actually sold during Q4 due to the supply problems.

  7. viktor von d. says:

    this supply problem is a combination of nokia problems with moving stuff around and microsoft finishing the os too late. there was a comment on a article from a wp site that nokia will sort the stock problems this week and start manufacturing at 100%. i wish it’s true.


  8. StefanP says:

    I got mine yesterday in Bangkok. 21,500 THB = 540 Euro.
    Two shops were sold out, the third one had only black/white/grey (and was busy with selling, usually the Nokia shops look quite abandoned).
    The owner of the fourth shop just sold 30 phones to one guy. She had one of each colour left and I could get my red one. Today I tried to get a wireless charger, but they are sold out as well.
    Were I bought my phone, the owner told me red and yellow sells best, followed by black and white, grey is least wanted.
    A new delivery is expected at 13th December in Bangkok (got this from two different shops).

    • StefanP says:

      Addition: The production date of the phone I bought on the Dec 7th is Nov 28th. 10 days (or less) from the production line in China to the shop in Bangkok. So it’s really “hot”, at least not a pile of phones kept back to create an artificial shortage.

      • Janne says:

        Great tidbit, thanks!

        Interestingly I couldn’t find a manufacturing date from my Lumia 920 box. Any hints?

        • StefanP says:

          It’s on the sticker on the side of the box with the flap to open it. The left part of the sticker was kept by the dealer, probably for the guarantee registration. The right side has the color, the WCDMA and GSM bands and “Mfg Date:”, which is 28.11.2555. 2555 is 2012 in the Buddhist counting. Which means also that this lot has been produced for Thailand.
          Interestingly I could not get a wireless charger yet. There might be some shortages for components of the 920, but I think the wireless charger should consist of standard components. It looks more and more that Nokia was totally surprised by the demand for their Lumias.

          • Janne says:


            I had access to two Finland-bought Lumia 920 boxes today, including my own. Both were marked “made in China” and did not have Mfg Date on the flap-side sticker, nor any other markings on the box or on the device (or the SIM tray/hole) that could be a date, that I could find.

            In Finland wireless chargers are pretty readily available now, I guess there have been some shortages at particular stores, but overall they are not hard to come by either in Fatboy or regular form (the stand is also starting to appear now quite ok). JBL PowerUp speaker is also well available, but the smaller PlayUp is not. Unavailable are all silicone covers and cases for Lumia 920 though.

            And Lumia 820 is not sold here yet at all.

            • Aliqudsi says:

              interesting, any idea where I can get the charging pillow online? My 920 should finally be released from customs after tomorrow, but till now I can’t find the pillow online (I want black to get some contrast with the red)- Amazon have JUST listed it as not available (wasn’t even listed before)

              • Janne says:

                Sorry. No ideas. :( Even inside Finland, the availability at online stores is far worse than in Helsinki capital area brick and mortarts.

                In Finland the Nokia flagship store, Helsinki Stockmann, Sonera stores etc. have fairly readily Fatboys, regular wireless chargers, JBL PowerUps and a little less frequently the charging stands. also has had fairly good availability of these, although seems to be out again when I checked yesterday. Some other operator stores such as DNA and Elisa have no availability since they ran some discounts that have depleted their stores faster.

                But overall, unless you want to buy at a particular store, getting the wireless chargers in the Helsinki metropolitan area is no problem.

            • StefanP says:

              This is how the sticker looks like here in Thailand:
              It’s my third Nokia phone I bought here and they all have the manufacturing date on it. I thought it’s the same everywhere, but obviously it’s not.

              • Janne says:

                Thanks! The sticker looks to same except I don’t think the color was written twice on the top, just once in the boxes I’ve seen.

                And there definitely is no Mfg Date line in the boxes I have seen in Finland.

  9. belle and jolla beat lumia 920 says:

    hype again for 920, a bog-standard camera sensor although with ois

  10. twig says:

    My dream for 2013. A NOKIA Coffee Tab 7″ tablet, cyan or yellow with curved screen, Bluetooth and nfc easy file transfer, wifi only, available at WalMart, Best Buy, etc.All large retailers around the world with win8 on board.

  11. Noki says:

    good news, we will see in Q4 and Q1, the last quarters I will bother to see, if Nokia manages to get up to the tens of millions of wp, ifso then it might survive.. Any way its closure time and I guess we all can agree one that Q4 and Q1 as the last quarters of value to determine if WP in Nokia will survive or not.

    IF IT DOES I WILL COME HERE TO SAY CONGRATS, and good bye…. cheers

  12. Mendax says:

    Can someone please tell me when Q4 results will be released?

  13. Francis says:

    I think sold out definitely NOT means sell a lot. If it is only in very limited supply available, for sure will be sold out.

    Hopefully is not Samsung sold out 30,0000,000 units Galaxy S3, and Nokia also sold out but 300,000 units !

    • JGrove303 says:

      And I think that is a huge problem when combined with the shortage of supply. You’ve got these assholes looking to extort large profits out of folks on a new popular product. Then a lot of potential customers can’t get their hands on one unless they pay some ridiculous price. Damn shady humans! Find real opportunities to make money, nor rob people!

  14. Tris says:

    Just got a lovely shiny white 920 from phones4u in the uk, sales guy said theyve been flying off the shelves since launch, even though there seems to be less instore advertising than there was for the last gen lumias. Even better they gave me £70 trade in for my old lumia 800 and a free wireless charger!

    • Viipottaja says:

      Perhaps 1st Gen advertising was not so useless after all? :)

      • Janne says:

        Now, that’s not nonsense. ;)

        First generation created the Lumia brand at a time when nobody else was trying with Windows Phone. Second generation brought the hit product, building on that brand awareness.

        This was the plan all along, of course. Although they wanted WP 7.x to sell more than it did, but it was always most important as groundwork for the second generation.

        First Lumia generation was rushed and mediocre in many ways, but not as a brand launch. They created a strong brand, stronger than Windows Phone (which Microsoft probably dislikes).

        • GordonH says:

          Come on now Janne… “This was the plan all along, of course”
          you forgot /s

          • Janne says:

            You don’t think the plan with rushing a first Lumia generation to market was early brand building for it? I do. The WP market was ripe for picking and they went for it then. It would have been much harder now when others are waking up to trying too.

  15. Yoda says:

    Bought a yellow 920 in Stockholm today!
    I´m already in love in this fantastic phone :)

  16. Guest says:

    I think that Nokia regret their Salo factory close just months ago, Nokias fabric för the European market.

    Now it seems that Nokia does not have the resources to fill the demand for Lumia. I believe that Lumia is the new iPhone.

    • Viipottaja says:

      I suspect assembly capacity has little to do with the early low supply.

      • Janne says:

        To my understanding Nokia has shortages in a few key components of the 920/820, nothing to do with their own manufacturing, but that of third parties.

        Nokia has plenty of manufacturing capacity, they just don’t have enough parts.

    • viktor von d. says:

      what is the point of a european company if you have to get the parts from china?
      and people keep complaining about closed factories in europe and think that is the reason for the shortages? but what about the new factory in vietnam and argentina, and new deals with chinese manufacturers plus their own chinese factories?i think they have the same manufacturing capacity as before but they didn’t finish the moving around and things don’t work flawleslly yet + ms finishing the os yet

  17. pyler says:

    They got cca 800 units. Q4 will be bad too.

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