Finnish Restaurant preemptively promotes Nokia Windows Tablet as a prize for March 2013

| December 9, 2012 | 47 Replies

Some intriguing bit of anticipation by this Finnish restaurant who is apparently offering Nokia Windows tablets as a prize in March 2013.


I stumbled across this rather pecuniary advert at a Finnish restaurant. They’re asking you to get their “lunch passport”, and if you eat enough meals at the place, you may win a Nokia tablet in March 2013. I have no idea why a small food chain would have any inside information regarding Nokia’s plans. They’re also telling you (in small print) that if no Nokia tablet is  available, the winner will get the newest iPad instead. So take this with high amounts of salt.


As noted above, they do say that if there isn’t a Nokia tablet, the winners will instead get a new iPad. I’ve seen a few comments suggesting new exciting Nokia devices for spring, but not a lot to go on yet.

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  • Bloob

    sounds more like the owner got in to a bet…

  • MWC has to be tablet time!

    • Harangue

      Nokia W8 RT tablet or preferably one with Atom HW to run full W8 with Fabula design language is a win and instant buy to me. Why Atom? Decent power coupled with ARM like battery life. 5 hours or less is too little for a tablet. Needs more like 8 to 9 hours to be relevant. Raw power isn’t necessary in a tablet, an Atom can do more than enough right now.

      • Bloob

        I’d like to see RT-powered phablet if possible…

      • viktor von d.

        if it will be chubby like the lumia 900 and 920 then i hope they have something different instead of the fabula design language.

        it is interesting to see however what kind of device will they be launching. the news this week was that the next update for w8 will bring support for 7 inch tablets. so will nokia release a 7 inch tablet or a 10 inch one? will it be rt and with a moderate price or full w8? cause a full w8 tablet will be more expensive, and judging by the premium design and materials nokia is using it’s easy to imagine that a full w8 tablet will reach 1000 euros, and that is too expensive imo. maybe they will launch a full lineup ,7 inch rt, 120 inch rt and pro.

        • twig

          A 7 in and a what?

      • incognito

        Why would you put Windows RT on an x86 CPU when you can run a normal version on it and not severely lack in apps and usability? You can always streamline the normal version not to run as many services in the background and with some clever power management you won’t be as impaired as with the Windows RT version.

        While the whole W8 line is lackluster, to put it mildly, Windows RT is the total dud of the bunch – even WP8 is a far better prospect, even if used on a tablet-sized device. Don’t know what Microsoft was thinking, if they were thinking at all…

        • Keith too

          It should be obvious that the whole reason for RT is battery life, weight and cost. Your arugment only makes sense for those who are looking for a tablet as their only deviec but the vast majority will be wanting a tablet as 2nd or 3rd device and RT devices will be a compelling choice for that.

          • incognito

            In that case give me one rational reason why would anyone go for a Windows RT tablet instead of the iPad? That’s why it’s a dud in the first place…

            • Bloob


            • Zipa

              Ipad = boring, been there, done that. I’m definitely getting an RT tablet next time.

            • Sefriol

              Why would some one go Mac when they got PC?

            • Keith too

              To be in the WP ecosystem, touch/type cover, gorgeous style, USB, double the RAM, larger screen for starters.

    • zymo

      MWC should be the time to announce a 808 successor with PureView V3

      • belle and jolla beat lumia 920

        lol, do you really think ifan people like thick phones, stupidest comment of thre day

        • guerrahp

          its not for ifans but for true nokia fans which nokia keeps alienating.

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  • M

    Its probably a 7 or 8 inch tablet that runs on the rumored “Windows Blue” update that’s supposedly optimized for that size.

  • twig

    Everyday I use my Surface I dream of Senna. Every time I see the other tablets that look like the other tablets I dream of Senna. Every time I walk into a store and see the laptops I dream of Senna. A tablet loaded on launch with all of Nokia’s Marketplace apps would be incredible.

    I like Nokia’s design to fit the hand rather than a thin credit card sized device that cuts off blood circulation as you try to grasp it, only dropping it to the ground as your fingers go numb. Nokia fits the body, not make you conform to poorly designed fads. “Your life, your dreams, your Nokia. “

  • Keith too

    I’ve changed my mine on wanting a Pro tablet just yet because the battery life is just not going to be there until Haswell chips are out. So I would like to see Nokia release a stylish, well-speced 10″ RT with a GPS on board.

  • Toni

    A 7 inch device seems a likely option with LTE connectivity. Those are totally missing from the market at the moment and it would well suit for Nokia’s expertise. CES reveal and launch on Q1, please.

  • guerrahp

    LOL, they are planning to give away windows tablets already cuz nobody is buying the surface.

  • Peter L

    “Nokia Wp8 tablet”

    I’m calling bullshit on this one.

    • Fiz

      Finnish media and many people here seem to be considering Windows and WP as products of Nokia.

      So yes, this is bullshit. They are giving away some RT tablet and advertising it as Nokia Windows.

  • JGrove303

    A Nokia Tablet, be it RT or Pro, I’d likely buy. Especially of it was around 10. Otherwise, I’ll get a Sony Vaio.


    i want to switch,

    from iphone to lumia (daily use)
    from ipad to nokia w8 rt (casual use, app play)
    from macbook to nokia w8 pro (work)

    i’m tired of apple and its closed off ecosystem,

    please help make my dreams come true nokia 🙂

    • MOOking

      LOL your are soo dumb…why would you jump from closed ecosystem to another….are you even aware of microsoft having a closed ecosystem

      if WP is closed what else will be closed…..DUH!!!

    • Tom

      So you switch to another closed platform. What’s not closed about WP?

      • Viipottaja

        Have a look at the “The biggest suprise” section on this:

        • Tom

          That didn’t answer the question ‘i’m tired of apple and its closed off ecosystem’. My comment was about that. WP is as much a closed system as Apple.

  • gaurav

    i am waiting for a windows 8 tablet
    ai am from india and nokia still has good market share and reputation here
    though nokia has not yet released the latest lumia 820,920 in india yet

    as for as tablet i am looking for a replacement for my dell laptop
    the surface design concept with removable keyboard seems good
    win pro with good battery backup

    however the main problem /difference is the lack of continuous wi fi connectivity as compared to west

    a lan port is must for running hi speed internet

    wish nokia would consider these

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  • jeppe

    Kerttu is a nice restaurant. Even with all those hippies hanging around there.

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  • Peter L

    The owner of the restaurant has commented on this, he’s just a Nokia fan and believes that Nokia will release a tablet soon. And he will give one as a prize for his campaign (if it’s available in March).

  • nn

    They already delayed the tablet once due to the special relationship, so given the Surface/WinRT failure I wouldn’t be surprised if Elop decided to throw more support behind MS and run full speed straight against the concrete wall of reality with his futile attempt at W8 tablet.

    • Peter L

      Let’s hope so, W8 is perfect in a tablet.

      • MOOking

        Nope Gnome 3.6 is

  • Tom
  • JLy

    I am waiting for a Nokia Intel Core i7 Win8 tablet to finally end the “lack of applications” cry! It is the most amazing thing to have full compatibility with all windows programs, and if that is not enough you can always make your own programs/applications.. So I am REALLY looking forward to the next generation of Win8 tablets. (Well waiting for the Asus Transformer Book to be released, Nokia should pay attention to that!). A nice N9-form factor tablet with some real power under the shell would be awesome!

    • tom

      There are few of them. try finding out how they are selling.

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  • Oswaldo

    I have been yearnig for a NokTab ever since they released tne N9. I would have hoped it would have had run MeeGo. But still if it was Windows I would buy it if it had a full Win 8 and a decent battery life like 6-8 hours (which wióuld meet the need for one working day). It also should be designed something like the N950. If people want the tab to replace their laptop, it should have easily useable keyboard. And the only way to do that is a sliding one. This is just a question of technical desgn/engineering skills to make it work. You should be able to “bend” the keyboard on the taple or in your lap and the tab should have some kind of stand to enable the use on the table as well. All the other specs should naturally meet the regular needs. The 3 g use also is a neccesity. The device should replace your phone too. With a Nokian quality of BT transfer and wireless headsets etc. this should also be possible.

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