Nokia DT910 Charging Stand teardown

| December 10, 2012 | 14 Replies

Nokia’s DT900 charging plate is probably already know by most of you, the one that isn’t as well known to most (probably because the DT900 comes free with a Lumia 920 purchase) is the DT910, or the charging stand with NFC built into the base. Today we can bring you a few pictures of the insides of the DT910 similar to those we showed you a while ago of the charging plate.

The stand and charger itself

The insides

This is NOT the coil from the stand, it is the one from the plate. Notice how it has 3 coils instead of the one that is inside the stand. If this will affect charging times in any way is unknown at this time, but early reports indicate there should be no noticable difference between the two.

And the insides of the baseplate where the NFC chip should be located somewhere

The stand seems like the practical and more usable choice, although the plate is probably easier to use beyond the confines of your desk or tabletop. Anyone who bought the stand?

Thanks to AIKON for the tip and for a few more pictures check out the sourcelink right here.


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