A look inside the Nokia wireless charging plate (internal/disassembly pictures)

| November 26, 2012 | 10 Replies


In case  you were interested in finding out what was inside the Nokia charging plate but didn’t want to break your own (or you might not have one but were still curious) check out these pics.


Cheers Aikon171 for the tip!


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  • JGrove303

    Bah, Witchcraft!!

    I’m just glad it works.

  • Francis

    Inductive Coil !

    This is very inefficient charging method, sacrificed for some convenient to certain lazy human.

    Hope Nokia can axe this charging method in future, and our world will be more green and less radiation.

    • M


      • twig

        Can’t wait to get my wireless charging 920. I don’t worry about the minor radiation levels because the plug in charging system also creates radiation, as does a wall socket with nothing in it. Now the sun, there’s the real radiation problem. What can we do about that once and for all, eh?

    • Buzzonme

      I believe inefficient = energy wasted
      so there

  • D Harries

    Interesting my N86 had a back cover with connectors that went nowhere. Like I could add NFC or something just like the 820.

  • JGrove303

    Ooooo, evil radiation! What ever will we do?!?!

    That’s some Dr.Oz crap eight there.

    Radiation is life. You irradiate your loved ones with Potassium 40 every time you hug them. Consuming a banana exposes you to 20mrad. Don’t dare fly from Los Angeles to New York or you’re looking at 10Rad, equal to a full body CT scan.

    I’m a Radiologic Technologist, licenced and registered with the ARRT and California. We are the strictest governing body of radiation safety in the world. We can’t even use digital markers, they must be lead.

    So, STFU, get a grip on your sanity, and enjoy your life with what technology brings us. You will live a long healthy life if you don’t stress out on stupid crap, like how many electrons might wack you in the nose from a 120v .3A source. Start thinking about that issue at 468KeV, the output of Te99m, the bread and butter of Nuclear Medicine (which I have also studied.

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  • Mohit

    I want to charge my Nokia 5230 through wireless charger. Is there any way to convert old devices into wireless device ?

    • Keri

      There are cases that add a wireless charger that plug in at the bottom of your phone.