Your Lumia 620 Questions Answered!

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We just took part in the Q&A sessions regarding the Nokia Lumia 620, and we have the answers for you below. We were joined by Anssi Hakkarainen from Nokia product marketing team, Timo Joutsenvirta from Nokia Technology Marketing, and Ben from Nokia connects.

So here are the questions we asked and the answers we got.

Me: It was mentioned that the Lumia 620 is scratch proof, but no mention of Gorilla Glass. Is it GG or some other tech?
Timo:  The display is hardened glass with Clear Black technology.

Me: The 620 is double shot coloured, will we see this technique in more devices? Also, is the black a black black, or more of a grey, the online images seem to be inconsistent.
Anssi: The colour is matte black. Black layer in the bottom with tinted transparent black layer on top.

Clinton Jeff: Will aftermarket covers with inductive charging be available/supported?
Anssi: At the moment no plans for wireless charging shell for Nokia Lumia 620.

Me: Is the super sensitive screen tech included on the 620 as well?
Timo: It does not have the Lumia 920 super sensitive touch technology

Me: Will 512 MB RAM have any restrictions on WP8 like the 256 MB RAM on the Lumia 610 with wp7?
Anssi: Only handful of apps that have been tested (we’ve tested more than 70k) did not work with 512MB RAM and they were not in top 100 apps.

Is it intended to be a successor of the Lumia 610 or merely a new product?
Anssi: 620 is a new product within our Windows phone 8 range

Me: I read it uses Adreno 305, why does the Lumia 620 use it whereas the more expensive Lumia (820/920) with WP8 use Adreno 225?
Timo: Adreno graphics is integrated into the processor and depending on processor selection you get Adreno 225 in Lumia 920 and Adreno 305 with Lumia 620.
Me: @Timo, Okay, so it was more processor choice than Graphics?
Timo: Exactly. Processor in different price points have different versions of the graphics core at a given time.

Me: What cell radio bands will it have?
Timo: Quad band GSM and Quad band WCDMA.
Exact bands can be seen @

Clinton Jeff: Btw I also *love* how the headphone jack is built into the rear cover rather than the phone itself. Very clever, and kudos to whoever thought of that :o)
Me: With CJ’s comment, what made you guys take that approach?
Anssi: Headphone jack built into the shell has been specifically designed for 620. It guarantees good connection no matter how many times one changes the shell.

Clinton Jeff: When will it be available in India?
Me: Will it be coming to Africa?
Anssi: Clinton: We haven’t announced for India.
MFaroTusino: Yes, coming in 2013

That was all the questions and their respective answers given during the session. I was a rather short session, but still very helpful. Thanks for the questions guys, hopefully this helps the majority of you.


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