Apple Ruled To Be In Violation of 3 Nokia Patents

| December 14, 2012 | 36 Replies

In a recent patent ruling that Nokia & Sony held jointly against Apple; the court has ruled that Apple has infringed on all 3 patents that went to court (of an original 14 said violations). The patents include camera phones and call handling/rejections.


There is no official word on a settlement price yet, but it’s possible to expect ongoing royalties… once again.





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  • JGrove303

    Lol, f*** Apple, ripping off Nokia and Sony Ericsson for so long. Smart of the Fin/Swede-Nippon joint suite. I remember Ericsson had a serious IP as well.

    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

      Funny how people are really that bitter. I wonder if it’s because Apple took over the high end or is it just that too many people prefer Apple.

      I like my 808 and it’s really nice to take pictures with it. I may not like some products Nokia has done but well, I don’t have to be bitter about those.

      • Toni

        I think that it has much to do with Apple’s own rather aggressive behaviour as of late in the market as well as self-proclaimed superiority, which is echoed quite a bit on the various technology fora. Idea of supremacy creates easily a counter-force which is seen on every blog writing about Android, iOS, WP, Blackberry or Symbian. Someone always feels threatened by the perceived superiority of the choice others have made.

        After all, it would be really annoying to find out that you have just invested a whole bunch of money on something that is inferior on the very objective scale of whatever.

        • JGrove303

          In my case, your both wrong. Its about what is just. If Nokia was using another companies innovations and technology without properly licensing them, I would also look down on that. Fanboyism it is not.

          Apple is not new to stealing. Steve Jobs himself admitted to “liberating” parts from Atari and IBM to build his first computer. That act resenates throughout all of Apple and their ethics. It’s a shit company ethically and Steve Jobs was ethically bankrupt, despite hiding behind his supposed Eastern philosophy.

          • viktor von d.

            everytime apple sues someone: ”We wish people would develop their own technologies and innovate on their own instead of ripping us off”. this is what they said even when nokia first sued them. so yeah it’s pretty pleasing to see them not practicing what they preach

            • Pierre

              All this things like “f…n Apple” etc.. is a kind of fundamentalism or mobile racism, and as such this approach is not only negative but also generating bed blood or pure evil. Things like this makes later people are shooting each other in schools or cinemas. This is a kind of gathering fanatics, instead of fair enthusiasts, of a particular company. I am against such a shit by all means. Next time this will cause gun shooting Apple vs Nokia fanatics. I don’t buy it!

          • Spede oli aliarvostettu

            Maybe you are also looking down on Nokia?

            Qualcomm had to sue Nokia back in 2006.

            “Qualcomm took its battle with Nokia one step further on Wednesday, filing a new patent infringement lawsuit against the Finnish mobile phone maker, this time in the UK.”


            It all ended with Nokia paying Qualcomm.

            “Nokia to pay Qualcomm $2.3 billion in settlement”


            If you call all those legal battles stealing, there is no doubt that Nokia has been a thief as well. Nokia ended up paying for Qualcomm and Apple ended up paying for Nokia. Now where is the difference in that?

            Apple’s management has also something in common with Nokia’s management. Steve Jobs may have acted as you told us, but Nokia’s management has had their share of frauds.

            “Nokia’s Ollila backs successor Kallasvuo despite tax fraud conviction”


            Are you suggesting that Nokia is also based on fraud and using another companies innovations and technology without properly licensing them? If you are, it will be very hard for you to find any “clean” companies manufacturing mobile phones.

            Apple has acted pretty much just like Nokia on these matters. It seems that many people are either ignorant or they just like to forget all that what Nokia has done because they just like to accuse Apple for the same.

            Are you really calling Nokia a “shit” company or do you perhaps have double standards for matters like this?

            • JGrove303

              I won’t lie, I was ignorant of these filings. No double standard here.

            • JGrove303

              However, now that I’ve read those articles, that is hardly the same vein as what Apple has done. Granted, it wasn’t what they should have done to score a better deal than competitors on licencing (2% vs. >4% is a great deal) bet at leased they didn’t deny it. Now look, Nokia uses ONLY Qualcomm chips.

              As far as the OPK tax fraud thing, eh. Do you hate Denzel Washington? I don’t. And OPK has been said to have ran Nokia into the ground first, and he was excused from his position, did die from Karma biting back.

              • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                We have some little information about the dispute between Nokia and Apple. It was very probably about just the same as it was between Nokia and Qualcomm and that’s money. Nokia originally sued Apple because of FRAND patents. Nokia was obliged to license those patents to anyone asking for them including Apple. It seems very likely that the legal battle between Nokia and Apple was just about money. Nokia was obliged to license those patents and Apple was obliged to pay for them. All that was not know it the exact amount of money so they went to court just because of that. I don’t see how Nokia and Apple differs because of those cases.

                I don’t hate Denzel Washington. Neither I do hate OPK or Steve Jobs. They may have done some illegal actions but that’s not my business as long as it’s not something extremely serious.

                I consider OPK as one of the reasons for Nokia’s collapse. He cut the costs and devastated R&D and was one of the reasons why Symbian is what it has become.

                I also think that Steve Jobs recreated Apple. He helped to create those great products. He was making Apple big and iOS what it is today.

  • Muerte

    So, when we are seeing good reviews regarding iPhone’s camera, it is because they are using Nokia’s inventions / infringing on Nokia’s patents 😉

  • Sefriol

    Wasn’t it only 2 Nokia patents and one from Sony?

  • dss

    And by Sony … of course we mean Ericsson 🙂 I am still sad that Sony bought them.

    • Pdexter

      Yes Ericsson. Ericsson has nothing to do with Sony.
      Ericsson is world largest network manufacturer (NSN is world second largest) and major patent holder, not quite as big as Nokia on patents, but it has been estimated that Ericsson owns 20% of GSM patents, with Nokia holding 60% of all GSM patents.

      • Pdexter

        Actually it seems i’m wrong. It’s not actually Ericsson, but Sony. Kind of surprising actually.

        • zlutor

          When those certain patents were filed most probably it was Ericsson… 🙂

          Now it is Sony…

          “Ericsson is world largest network manufacturer (NSN is world second largest)” – it was true couple of years ago but it is changed by now.

          Ericsson is the #1 by value, Huawei follows (but if we count volumes they swap), NSN is ‘only’ #3 nowadays…

          • Toni

            Whereas on 4G networks NSN has roughly a market share of 25% because e.g. American open distrust on Chinese manufacturers.

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  • ndeep4318

    the jury ordered apple to send three trucks full of golden apples (bit off at one side by chuck norris)

    • ndeep4318

      to nokia and the bit off part to sony;)

  • Sue

    Its time to taste your own medicine, apple. .

  • sdf

    apple camera in iphone 5 is the best and better than 808, brainwashed ifan

    • zlutor

      whoohohooo, what a flamewar is coming! 😉

      Fanboyism for presidente! 😉

    • Troy

      @sdf seriously you need a doctor dude
      even phonearena (apple biased) admid that Nokia 808 PV is the best cameraphone ever in the world
      oh yeah i am forget you are a stupid troll who cames here just for flaming us

      • Spede oli aliarvostettu

        I have an 808 and while it has a great camera, it there are some problems with it. It’s probably best in many areas but on some, it’s not so great. That applies on some casual shooting where you just want to take the picture.

        Those 34 MP images are just great and the flash works very well.

        Shooting video works pretty well and the audio quality is really good. I have had some problems with dropped frames but most of that can be avoided if you don’t zoom and pan too much.

    • Abdullah

      Woow take it easy guys, he meant a ( Brianwashed ifan ) would says that .

  • Sue

    If someone says iphone’s camera is better than 808’s, then he must be blind or should have some kind of mental disorder.

    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

      It depends what you are using it for. I have both 808 and iPhone 4S and I use both for taking pictures. Neither of those is the best for every situation.

      • PlushDogHater

        Nah bullshit. Best quality is 808. You can’t even compare it with 4s. I’m a photographer, and no camera phone is close, not even N8. The 920 might take brighter photographs in dark scenarios. But if you shoot people in dark rooms the will become blurry. So my pick would be the 808 with some manual settings even for this. But 920 with non moving objects, the 920 is outstanding.

        • Spede oli aliarvostettu

          I take lots of pictures without too much time to adjust the settings.

          So, when I need to take the picture as soon as possible, it’s better to use the 4S. With the 808 it has happened too often that I should change the settings before taking the picture and then the moment is gone. The 808 needs very often some adjustments to the settings and they tend to be there when I use it in the next time. I have been trying to use the preset modes for different setups but while that helps, it doesn’t solve the problem.

          Using the full auto mode is also a bit problematic because I can’t make it to remember the flash settings. I don’t usually want to use flash when it’s a bit dark and that’s why full auto is inconvenient when there is a risk it will fire ruining the picture. After that, the moment may be gone.

          Speaking about dark environments the 808 needs way too much work and trying out different settings if it’s dark. Because I’m not carrying around a tripod, the exposure time should be short enough so that I could get the picture without blurring it. With the iPhone I can use NightCap application that has adjustable exposure time. It has also a very handy auto mode and that’s practically always enough for low light photos. NightCap also provides some anti shaking actions by waiting until the phone is not shaking any more. The 808 doesn’t provide this so taking low light pics with 808 requires lots of retakes.

          In low light, 4S and NightCap, I can take the picture in fraction of time compared to the 808. In low light the 4S and NightCap can give some competition even for the 920. It doesn’t beat it but comes close enough.

          However, with some good light or some real time to take the picture, the 4S could never beat the 808.

    • MOOking

      or bias as f*** or being paid..kuje nist

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  • Troy

    Its Karma For a bitch 🙂


    nokia …. the IP cash cow 🙂

  • …camera phones? Then MANY smartphones will be in danger…

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