Leak? Juggernaut/Proto WP8 Lumia?

| December 14, 2012 | 85 Replies

11Just got this image tweeted to us by @coolRaffy who’s wondering whether this is the Juggernaut Nokia Proto.

It looks a little like the rectangular 810 but with a slight curvy bit at the bottom. It mentions on the side that it’s a proto Nokia. WP7 home button but it could just be an old proto.

What do you reckon it is?


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  1. Muerte says:

    Hmm. For some reason, it feels like it is a qwerty-slider. Don’t know why I get the feeling.

  2. tulip says:

    I suppose the water bottle with the Pure-text is not there by accident… But will it be PureView or PureMotion or something else?

    • tulip says:

      Oh, it might be 620 with a reference to the pure colour of the shell – check the colour of the juice next to the water bottle. Nothing new here?

  3. Jack says:

    The egg-shaped corners and ambient light sensor scream Lumia 710 to me. I hereby dub it Lumia 720. :-P

  4. ck says:

    Isn’t it a prototype of Lumia 620?

  5. Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

    definitely low-end

  6. efekt says:

    What makes you think it’s a WP8 device? It might as well be WP7.8, which explains the older home button…

  7. myname24 says:

    it’s the same nokia used on wp8 presantation . http://www.wpdang.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/WP8NokiaPrototype_0000__AZL1737.jpg look at the text on the left

    • MOOking says:

      I hope apple sues the s*** out of nokia for this phone

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  8. Rob H says:

    How come it has got the old windows home button? maybe not such a new device?

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

      i’ve seen a Lumia 920 prototype, exact same device but with the wp7x logo. So if this comes to market it’ll have the new logo. It happens

  9. shallow ocean shoal says:

    I have been assuming this “juggernaut” term refers to a mystical microsoft device.

    Anyone else here feeling deflated by the whole HERE thing with Google’s release of iPhone maps yesterday? They knocked it out of the park.

    Pino should shave his beard and glue it to the top of his bald head! That might make me feel better.

    • spacemodel says:

      ‘Anyone else here feeling deflated by the whole HERE thing with Google’s release of iPhone maps yesterday?
      They knocked it out of the park’.

      Feel the same way, Nokia had a golden opportunity to step into the iOS world but they failed in a very bad way.
      The last 24 hours Google Maps is the most downloaded app on iOS and when you read the reviews everybody is full of joy.

      And ‘Here’?
      Already totally forgotten and only interesting for 3% of the mobile world and the only one to blame for this disaster is Nokia themselves.

    • Just Visiting says:

      Here never had a chance really with iOS users. They were accustomed to Google Maps and that’s what they wanted. Even the Apple loyalists disparaged Apple Maps! They got Google’s product – maps and turn by turn. They simply bided their time as they new that the Google Maps app was forthcoming.

      Hard to change when you are not only familiar with a product, but when that product served your purposes above and beyond your expectations.

      • Bloob says:

        That’s even more worrying for Nokia.

      • spacemodel says:

        It’s all about quality, if the ‘Here’ app had been good there’s little doubt that the iOS world would at least try it out, especially because there was nothing else around.
        But the app was of very bad quality, the reviews were devastating so there was no reason at all to, at least, give it a chance.

        In this mobile world, fully dominated by Android and iOS, you have to bring something really good on the market to get customers on board and with WP, like Bloob said, that’s even more worrying for Nokia.

  10. erzhik says:

    Internal prototype. Nothing more.

  11. Harangue says:

    By Juggernaut, are you referring to the Juggernaut Alpha name? That has been debunked by several MS employees to be the dev device that Joe Belfiore was carrying and did his demo’s on at the WP summit.

    This device looks like a testbed unit for the 8xx series WP8 devices.

    • viktor von d. says:

      that was the ”DOGPHONE”. I think the Juggernaut is the microsoft device, not a nokia one.

      it does seem that the screen is pretty big, but that big bezel at the top, bleah. it’s probably a testing device. would nice to see how thick it is to see if it houses the next pureview internals

  12. StefanP says:

    What I want is not new HW, but a mature OS and apps.

  13. Ritesh says:

    Whys is the screen resolution so bad?

  14. Francis says:

    As now positioned on no. 10th Smartphone maker: Nokia, we really can’t expect much from them now.

    IMO, in order to produce something revolution, good phone maker needs combination of both hardware and software (OS). Good example is Apple iphone. With Nokia lost control on OS, they only can try to convince buyer purely based on hardware and maps; with no OS advantage as compared to other WP maker such HTC & Samsung. Remember, is the OS user interact most with the phone.

    Just refresh back, if Nokia Meego is on track and today they should be able to introduce Meego N920, N820, N620 etc. I don’t think it will be anything less than what they can achieve with WP, may be even much better situation !

    I still love my N9 64G Black, but with no future phone upgrade path, i must choice one way to go. After reading so many reviews on WP8, and even played many time Lumia 800 in store, i still can’t accept this Metro UI, just don’t like it. Don’t ask me why. Although from MS point of view, this WP Metro UI ecosystem + Nokia is fantastic move (for MS).

    Note II had finally arrived in country with very limited stock, tomorrow i gonna try it out in store to see my fate. With so many people is buying it, i don’t think it will be wrong, just saying.

    • Peter L says:

      The whole point of ditching MeeGo was due the fact that they wouldn’t have been able to bring the devices to the markets in sufficient time. There would not be MeeGo 920 today. Or at least not the same 920.

      • Francis says:

        Not true, when N9 with Meego had been announced June 2011 in Singapore and available same year October, this Meego OS is already very usable and getting ‘revolution’ reviews. If all Meego team still stay with Nokia and with resources, they are sure can produce better than today PR1.3.

        • erzhik says:

          No they can’t. It took them how many years to develop MeeGo? 5? They were simply too slow. It doesn’t matter what kind of reviews it got, at the end of the day the OS was still in its infancy and only tech savy people could buy it. Nokia was and still is bleeding cash, they don’t have the resources to keep developing something that might have failed. They had to sell the HQ for a mere $200mil. Do you really think they had the cash to develop an entire new OS? I don’t think so.

        • Bloob says:

          Except N9 was MeeGo incompatible MeeGo Harmattan, ie. Maemo.

        • StefanP says:

          Being a L920 owner for a week now, I must say that my N9 with Meego/Harmattan PR1.3 is superior to WP8, although no development happened for some time! With Alien Dalvik there was a way to overcome the ecosystem problem until there are enough native apps. Nokia rejected this and Jolla picks this up now.
          I have no issue with the tile UI, actually the only thing better than dead icons. But the rest is disappointing. Sometimes I think Nokia is limiting the supply of Lumias (leading to “sold out”) because they are aware and embarrassed of the WP8 shortcomings and like to delay mass roll out until WP8 is more mature.

      • viktor von d. says:

        i disagree, there would have been more meego devices, but not as many as it was needed probably to fill the whole lin-up. they would have had to rely more on symbian for the mid-range and low range.
        oh and no ecosystem, no microsoft services, no google services either, very costly to bring developers aboard and raise the app number. basically a very expensive os to maintain in the current market conditions, despite how god the os is. i still have faith that in about 5-6 years we will see something built internally. but for the forseable future is all wp

    • mirco says:

      “With Nokia lost control on OS, they only can try to convince buyer purely based on hardware and maps; with no OS advantage as compared to other WP maker such HTC & Samsung. Remember, is the OS user interact most with the phone.”

      And how do you explain why Samsung sells more Android phones than HTC for example? And how do you explain why more Lumias than any other WP devices are sold?

      There is absolutely no need to “control” the OS. Also, there is no need for differentiation just for the sake of differentiation. I appreciate very much that Microsoft doesn’t allow any changes of the UI/UX.

      • StefanP says:

        No need to “control” the OS, but to have a good and feature rich OS. It’s bad to see all the flaws and to be at the mercy of the OS owner without much chance to improve things.

  15. joebloe says:

    You are an idiot

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