How To Send A Twitter DM Directly From the WP People Hub

| December 18, 2012 | 7 Replies

Windows Phone (7 and 8) are both great in terms of social integration, but one thing that has frustrated me is the lack of Twitter DM integration (I was hoping for something similar to the Facebook Message integration)- but considering how Twitter are restricting their APIs more and more every day that doesn’t seem like something that’s going to happen any-time soon.

However a neat feature that I recently discovered in WP is that you can send out a DM directly from the People hub/What’s new simply by starting your tweet with a “D” then mentioning the recipient

For example: to Send me (Ali) a DM from your phone:

Me Tile–> post An Update –> “D @AliQudsi Hey ali! ”

alternatively if you don’t recall the recipient’s twitter handle simply search for them in the people hub first, then choose “mention on twitter” after which you can replace the “@” with a “D” and you’re all set.

*Note this apparently isn’t a feature of WP but rather a Twitter feature, but I just discovered it and thought it was worth a share.



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