MNB RG: Windows Phone growth continues in Finland according to statcounter (27% daily spike)

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Finland is enjoying their Nokia Lumia devices as evident by the continued growth of Windows Phone according to statcounter. Now whilst this is Finland, Home of Nokia, (and only a small country of 5 million residents) we can’t take for granted what the Finns will buy (as shown by the SkyDiving crash of the other Nokias powered by Symbian starting from 2009 and the steep incline of iOS and Android). It’s good to see Nokia Lumia helping Nokia climb back up – even if it’s on their home turf.

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Janne’s been noticing several spikes in WP, crossing the 20% threshold. I didn’t catch it the first time around but today Janne notes another spike all the way to 27%.  As I’m looking at things, there’s a steady 17+% on their overall scale.

Note that these percentages do not include only recent sales but internet usage of all devices (new and old) and are only extrapolations. Also note that WP includes other manufacturers, not Nokia, but Nokia is taking a significant chunk out of old and new WP sales. Sales wise, it’s still best to wait on Nokia’s real numbers in the new year.

In what is surely just a “day in motion” glitch on StatCounter, the Windows Phone (aka Lumia in the case of Finland) installed base in Finland jumped to 27.39% in daily measurements this afternoon. It had already exceeded 20% on December 14th momentarily and probably in other times as well.

More tellingly, the daily average for December 10th was 19.67%, so reality of Finnish Lumia Internet use is hovering something in the 20% region now. Lumia has been raising steadily since its Finnish February 2012 launch, peaking again after Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 launches in early summer and then again in the last quarter of the year with the introduction of super-cheap Lumia 800 pricing and the Lumia 920 launch in late November.

Lumia 820 won’t launch until January in Finland and there continues to be serious Lumia 920 shortages with major operators or retailers not having anything on the shelves unless you get lucky, mostly just trying to fill pre-orders. Much of the pre-orders have not yet been fulfilled either in some stores. One retailer said the phone is selling better than any Nokia in Finland before and it sure feels like it.

Cheers Janne for the tip


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