Nokia’s Beijing Factory Can Only Push out 2 Million Lumias Per month, 600,000 of Which Are 920s

| December 19, 2012 | 107 Replies

According to a leak coming from Nokia’s Beijing factory (its largest factory) the maximum production capacity is 2,000,000 Lumia devices per month; of which only 600K are Lumia 920s.

Nokia’s biggest factory in Beijing can only produce 2 million Windows Phones per month, consisting of 20,000 Nokia Lumia 920’s per day,   25,000 Lumia 820s and 20,000 Lumia 620.

However those numbers really aren’t too bad; assuming that all Lumia 920s produced have been sold (and as far as we’ve seen that looks like the case); and also assuming that no production had started until after the Lumia 920 announcement (Sept. 5th-4 months ago) then accordingly there should have been 2.4 Million Lumia 920s made from the Beijing factory alone.


Besides the Beijing factory Nokia has another 7 global factories, working on the crazy assumption that all these factories can only work at an average of 25% the efficiency of the Beijing factory (which would mean 500K Lumias, 150K of which would be 920s) = 150,000*7= 1,050,000 Lumia 920 devices. Adding up the 2.4 million from the Beijing and the 1.05 from the rest of the world we get 3.45 Million Lumia 920s (and 5.5 Million lumia total-920+820+620); of course that’s all on the bare minimum assumption that production only started after the launch event, and that all the global factories are only working at 25% the efficiency of the Beijing factory. Suddenly that 7 Million number doesn’t sound too far fetched does it?



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  • MOOking

    now we will find out how many nokia HAS REALLY SOLD to date

    • Keith too


  • jr

    Looks like Nokia severely under-estimated how strong the Lumia 920 might be. They need to ramp up production whiles there is a lot of interests, after CES and WMC there is going to be a lot of killer new devices .


      You don’t say? And at MWC, Nokia is going to have some killer devices that will blow away all the haters and competition, more so than the 920. I can feel it. The 920 is just the start, there is something even better coming that will be mindblowing. The Finnish giant is back!

      • jr

        Even if they introduce a new deice at CES it will take some time before it goes on sale , most people who would have bought the L920 will want to wait for the new device which s not a good thing.


          I said MWC, not CES. That gives a roughly 2 month window where the 920 will still be popular and have all the attention, and expanded carrier availability worldwide starting early next year. Nokia is not showing anything big at MWC.

          You also contradicted yourself, first talking about competitors taking attention away from Nokia with new reveals, yet now you say Nokia’s new reveals will take attention away from the 920? So which is it? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t? I guess that’s how cynics view the world.


            * I meant to say, Nokia is not showing anything big at CES. MWC is where Nokia will have some big reveals.

            • FYI Nokia isn’t officially present at CES; they’re chilling in the back with some people at the different carriers, but no official booth or launches.

              • Janne

                I’m glad for this. CES is too soon, they need to ramp up Lumia 620, 820 and 920 now.

                • ULTIMATEANTITROLL

                  Yeah, I corrected myself. CES they are just doing some guerrilla marketing, and that’s it. Wise move to allow more time and space for the 920,820,620 etc. to ramp up, and for more people to buy them.

                  Then in February, we’ll have some mindblowing stuff at MWC from them.

                  • MOOking

                    nope nothing new just catching up

                • Besides, I feel CES isn’t the venue for Nokia anyway. MWC feels far more suited. CES is more about the entire consumer electronics space (hence the name CES) than it is about mobile.

          • jr

            Am not contradicting myself.. it doesn’t not matter where a devices comes from Nokia or another OEM.. Imagine you want to buy a lumia 920 now but you are told its sold out so you have to wait.. then you hear another OEM or Nokia is coming out with another device; with better specs and capabilities then the current 920 will you still go ahead to make the purchase or wait for the new one?

            This is what will happen when new devices gets revealed at CES and WMC.


              Stop trolling. If someone really wants a 920 they will wait. If they change their mind as often as the wind changes direction, then they didn’t really want a 920 in the first place. Any CES or MWC announced phones won’t be available on the market until February-March at the earliest. 920 availability will be much better by next month.

              • jr

                What a complete idiot! I am a troll because I have different opinion from your warped logic logic?

                • StefanP

                  People mixing up Caps Lock and Shift have been always suspicious to me.

                • ULTIMATEANTITROLL

                  Your opinion is wrong.

              • d12south

                Stupid man… only real nokia fans will wait for 920 to get it.. but for the majority of consumers.. they will go to the store they will ask for the product, if its not available then maybe theyl search online.. if its still not available then simply they will buy another phone..

                This is the problem nokia is facing right now.. extremely low supply of 920’s.

                • ULTIMATEANTITROLL

                  The stock situation is improving, a lot of places online have the 920 in stock.

              • sina88

                Who does even want a Lumia 920? Got one through my company’s award system – amazing hardware, but the ugliest and crappiest OS I’ve ever used with missing functions and must-have apps. I was happy to re-sell that piece asap. Well different people, different tastes. I’ll never understand those iOS or WP fanboys/girls. Because you really have to be one to “survive” those system and throw money out the window for it!

                • ULTIMATEANTITROLL

                  Get lost fandroid.

            • JD!

              Absolutely. Nokia is its own biggest enemy. They are so slow in launching products after announcement. People just keep waiting and end up buying sammy or iphones! Nokia needs to change…


                Sammy? SAMMY?!

                My anti troll sensors are going off the scale. Only fandroids and fanatic Android fans call Samsung “sammy”.

  • Janne

    Nokia isn’t constrained by factory production capacity, at least not to a significant degree, they are limited by component availability.


      Yes, correct. Trying to expand the component availability is one of their top priorities, as Elop alluded to recently.

    • jr

      or they may be cash trapped hence their inability to source components in large capacities. Apple sold 2 million devices in China over just 3 days. I think money is the real problem here.

      • Viipottaja

        I think not. They still have a few billion in cash and liquid assets. Say they spent just $1b of that on parts at $250 a pop = 4 million 920s.

        • jr

          They don’t have that much cash … look at their last quarterly and mind you they have to do other stuff with their money , not just producing Lumia 920s. Because of their credit ratings is hard for them to borrow. For most of the suppliers you have to commit to to them for a long period so even if they need produce 4 million Lumias in a month they have to pay for more than they are producing. It will be hard for Nokia to compete with Apple and Samsung who have loads of cash to lock suppliers in their supply chain for a long time .. LG is also having the same problem with the Nexus 4.


            It’s a combination of factors. Cash is a little bit tight for Nokia yes, but also they do not want to make foolish purchases. Nokia did not know exactly what 920 demand would be, and now seeing demand they are ramping up component production. Given Nokia’s current situation, it’s better for Nokia to be short on stock than it is for them to be overstocked with components.

            Yes being locked-in with suppliers is one thing as well. Now that the 920 and the Lumia brand in general is becoming popular and a strong name, Nokia will have more ability to lock in certain suppliers.

            • Spede oli aliarvostettu

              When the 808 was released, people were yelling that Nokia is not producing enough of it. They were yelling that because of the camera, it will sell very well even while Symbian was terminated.

              Today we can see that 808 practically ceased to sell after august. Very few people actually bought it while the availability was not that good in the two first months. The same happened with the N9.

              Nokia would be in trouble if they had manufactured millions of 808’s or N9’s. It’s smart not to risk with 920 even while the odds are somewhat better.


                Exactly. These “people” commenting don’t really know the reality of how things work in the market.

                • GordonH

                  Also mushrooms makes things a lot clearer for some comments here.

              • jr

                In business you have to take calculated risks , you can;t just fold your arms and expect things to fall in place. They could have afforded to make limited quantity of the 808 and n9 because they were not flagship devices.. The L800 and 900 were flagship devices but were not competitive with competing devices.

                The L920 however is a very competitive device.. its only down side is its weight and thickness.. those two aside its probably the most feature packed device of the year. They should have anticipated that it will be a better seller than previous devices.

                The lifespan of devices are very short.. once new devices are introduced at CES and WMC from other OEMs, the Lumia 920 becomes obsolete.. people hold off their purchase.

                • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                  I bet they are doing just that.

                  If they manufactured something like 300 000 units of the N9 and 808 just for the first quarter, that was a calculated risk.

                  If they made 2 million 920’s for the Q4, that’s also a calculated risk. A huge batch compared to the 808 and N9 but still too few to satisfy the market.

                  I bet there was really no way of knowing how popular it will be.

                  • ULTIMATEANTITROLL

                    You just proved your own point. Yes, Nokia took a calculated risk. Under supply is better than over supply. Period.

                    • jr

                      Am not even going to bother responding tot his as you called me troll.. I like to have sensible discussion with people who like to have honest and frank discussion not fools who think every bloody person has to speak like the way they think.

                    • ULTIMATEANTITROLL


    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

      That’s something I’ve really wondered about Nokia.

      They use lots of hard to get parts and they have been doing that for years.


        Quality over quantity, the Nokia way. Always has been, and I’ll be damned if they change it. I will fly to Finland and riot at Nokia HQ if they ever change their mindset.

        Much better than Samsung or all the other shit manufacturers who use generic parts and pump them out by many millions a month. Generic parts with generic quality, like Samsung’s Exynos chipsets which have a major kernel security flaw.

        Nokia’s parts are harder to get because they are more specialized parts, and excel in their intended functions.

  • JGrove303

    I’d be curious how happy Nokia’ss factory workers are versus Foxconn.

    • qromodynmc

      well,he looks happy.. (on the picture)

      • Spede oli aliarvostettu

        That picture reminds me about something.

        We used to laugh about the idea how Steve Jobs was trying to get Apple’s employees to use some kind of an uniform. He got that idea from Japan when he was visiting there. Back in the America he was laughed at when he was trying to make that happen.

        I never really thought about it, but Nokia really had/has those uniforms Steve Jobs never pulled off! The one in that picture is not as great looking as those used in Finland, but you can see the company colors in that one.

        • Well isn’t that because Apple doesn’t actually own any of its factories? While nokia owns theirs?


            Correct. Foxconn owns the factories that Apple uses in China. Apple, as far as I know, only owns a factory in the US.

            • twig

              Foxconn is going to open their own outlet stores, talk about margin cut for Apple.

              • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                Margin cuts for Apple are something I don’t really understand.

                Nokia fans seem to be talking awfully lot about how much profit Apple is making. It’s also a very common to rationalize that the iPhone is not worth the money Apple is asking for it just because Apple is making lots of profits.

                Many Nokia fans are waiting for a future when Apple is no longer making huge profits.

                I don’t really understand this logic. If those people are not going to buy an iPhone no matter what, why do they complain about the price?

                I would like to see iPhone to cost less. However for me it’s worth Apple is asking for it. That’s just because it has the features I want to have. If I see something better, I’ll buy that. For now it’s worth the money.

                That’s what Nokia should try to do. Make a great product, make lots of profits and ship those phones. And no one should whine that they are making too much profits.

                That’s how freedom of choice works.

                • RJB

                  Proof perfect Apple customers really are dumb.
                  Happy to pay £550 for £150 worth of mediocre components plus a lot of marketing; happy to hand over £200 pure profit each time they buy a marginally different “new” iphone. Baa Baa

                  • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                    That’s just one of the reasons why Nokia failed with Symbian. It’s actually funny how people are still not getting it.

                    I really hope Elop has managed to change that for better.

                    • ULTIMATEANTITROLL

                      Exactly. It seems Elop is starting to change that at least, which is good.


                Foxconn is also partnered with several Japanese companies, who are in turn partnered with Apple. Just wait until the new Apple TV comes out. Also, Apple has a good relationship with Microsoft and Nokia. This is a beastly alliance that is going to take on Google, Samsung and the Android makers.

  • Spede oli aliarvostettu


    It seems that Nokia finally has a phone that has any potential to be huge hit. It’s very true that 920 may fail and fail for good. However this is the first Nokia phone in years that has some real interest from actual customers.

    They had N9 but that was mostly praised by tech blogs and gadget centered fans. I don’t know what to think about the cult or religion that phone created.

    When you ask about the 920, people who have actually used it for some time, are telling me that it’s a good phone. They like it. They recommend it and they seem to be a bit proud of the phone.

    This is a huge difference to the N9. With that phone people who never actually used it, were crying out how incredible and revolutionary it was. I’ve talked with some people wondering what’s wrong with the N9 enthusiasts. They were acting like some supercharged Apple fans. Praising some swipe features like they were God’s latest creation.

    That kind of attitude really turned people away.

    Now it’s different. People like the phone because they have actually used it. WP8 may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a real world product and not a cult Nokia was offering with the N9.

    Let’s hope 920 succeeds.


      Stop it with that Finnish pessimism and show some more sisu. The 920 will not fail. Even if they end production now, the 920 has already been a success.

      This is just the beginning of Nokia’s comeback, and successful mainstream products that people will crave.

      Some Nokia employee mentioned months ago that come Spring 2013, people would be tripping over themselves trying to get the latest Nokia smartphone. That right there indicates we will see something big at MWC.

      • Spede oli aliarvostettu

        I like to compare the 920 with the N9 because those two mobile phones have so much in common.

        Long time Nokia fans have strong mindset for both of these phones, in average. 920 is hated beyond belief by many Nokia fans. It’s also loved by those who have really used it. The N9 was praised beyond belief by those same fans and quite a few Nokia fans liked it.

        The 920 seems to be nice to use. It doesn’t have anything really revolutionary but it’s very good to use if you like the UI. Many people seem to like it.

        The N9 is nice to use if you believe that a basic swipe UI, that can be implemented in a matter of days, is a gift from God and everyone will love to use it no matter how they really feel about it.

        920 can succeed but I’m realistic about mobile phones. No matter if the phone is using Symbian, Meego, Windows Phone, iOS or Android. It’s important to be realist.


          Yes I see what you’re saying, but indeed more sisu should be shown by Nokia fans in general. 920 is more revolutionary than N9, there I said it. N9 Swipe UI is overrated, I think WP live tiles and “live” lockscreen are more revolutionary.

          920 has HAAC microphones, the N9 never had that. N9 has a mediocre camera unit, same as the Lumia 900. The 920 has an upgraded unit over that, combined with the OIS. 920 screen with the super sensitive touch technology is indeed innovative, being able to use it with gloves.

          920 is hated mostly by cynical Symbian/Meego devs, and also paid trolls and shills from competitors.

          REAL, true Nokia fans quite like the 920 for the most part. Windows Phone’s flaws are quickly being fixed. Most of the major flaws in fact have been fixed already.

          I am a realist as well, but an optimistic realist. Even though I am not Finnish, I possess a ton of sisu with regards to life in general. I can also tell Nokia has a ton of sisu as they continue to execute their new products now.

          • Spede oli aliarvostettu

            I’m trying to be objective. I don’t like to use those tiles, but it’s apparent that people actually using the phone do. That’s good for WP and Nokia.

            I really didn’t like the swipe UI because it’s just not elegant. Small quirks, like people never explained how should I use and enjoy games like Fruit Ninja without disabling the swipe UI.

            OIS is really something that makes the day when you shoot some video. It’s really worth of trading 808’s video zoom for that. However I wouldn’t trade 808’s native resolution for OIS when shooting pictures.


              Yes exactly. People like the tiles, it’s something new and different, and that’s what matters.

              I agree, the N9 Swipe is not as elegant as some fans pretend that it is. WP8 animations and tiles for me are more elegant.


                I think Pureview 3 with both OIS and oversampling will be ultimate tech. That, plus some mystery new Pureview technology that Nokia has hinted at which we don’t know about yet.

          • shallow ocean shoal

            Thank you antitroll, you are doing a great job, please keep it up.

            PS I have and love my N9 (920 not available for me yet), but the lagginess is killing me (“mail not responding” fka “fenix not responding” — see! They “fixed the glitch!”). Yet, I say that once here and I get trolled by N9 crazies half of which I don’t think have even touched the thing.

            PS don’t forget in ‘old nokia’ days how incredibly incredibly buggy the devices were shipped. My C5-00 as one such example that I was about to throw through the window until they finally fixed it many months later.

            Anyway, I’m overall happy with my N9 but I look forward to getting my 920, and then whatever comes out of MWC — you better be right about that, because now you are getting people’s hopes up.


              Thanks, I am simply fighting the good fight against the hordes of trolls and cynics.

              Yes, great points. N9 actually has a lot of flaws, and suffers from a lot of lag.

              I know something big is coming at MWC. Be it a new phone model, or the long-expected Windows 8 tablet.

    • StefanP

      N9 is only about swipe, although it’s a small but important element. With one gesture I can decide to put that app to background or close it. Switching between apps is really fast, no “resuming…” as WP8 shows us often.
      Most people who saw my N9 really liked it but refrained from buying it, because it had no future.
      Besides the Swipe, it is still superior to the L920 in many ways:
      – Separate volume control
      – One tap access to select the internet access method
      – Data volume counters
      – Sync schedule for mail (no emails in the night, no work related emails over the weekend)
      – SIP client
      – WiFi does not shutdown in standby (I know it will be correct, but what a shame to start like this)
      – Richer API (Many restriction on WP, just tried some NFC stuff)
      – SMS delivery notification integrated into the threads
      – Permanent visibility of notifications / charging (WP8 could have at least a notification LED for non AMOLED)
      – Haptic keyboard feedback

      This is just a spontaneous list.
      What I like on my L920 are mostly HW improvements: Display, camera, earpiece and speaker. Besides more apps (aka ecosystem) and nice looking tiles, WP8 has not much to offer for a former N9 user.

      • Francis


        I just replaced my N9 with SGNII recently. Not thinking for buying Nokia Phone with WP soon, so much fun and excitation with SGNII now !

    • sina88

      LOL you are such a marketing influenced person! Good for companies… Are you even dreaming of advertisement during night time? Well enjoy.

    • zlutor

      Have you tried out an N9 by yourself? I have one – and it just works well. It is good to use it because the UI is just superintuitive…

      “WP8 may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a real world product and not a cult Nokia was offering with the N9.”

      Well, WP8 is sold worldwide and people are given a chance to try it out. N9 had no such chance.

      But let’s hope the new Lumias will sell well…

  • arend

    150,000 a factory month x 7 = 1,050,000 for 7 factory’s minimum average + 600,000 a month for the biggest factory = 1,650,000 a month total x 4 months= 6,6 million 920’s made, not 3.45 Million

    • Zipa

      I don’t think that WP8 Lumias are produced anywhere except Beijing and US operator variants in Mexico. South America probably caters for the internal market there, but I can’t remember if WP8 Lumias are launched there yet?

  • stylinred

    shame, the finnish plant probably could have shot out more than that with better quality to boot

    • JGrove303

      Quality of my 2 different Finnish made N8s was equal with my Chinese made N8. It’s about the factory, and who owns it more so, and their quality control. Nokia, AFAIK, runs a tight ship with quality. Versus foxconn, who can’t even build their own motherboards with any decency

      • Agreed, my only Non Chinese/Korean phone is My N9&N73 (both Finnish) other than that everything I’ve had from 5800-920 have solid builds, Nokia needs to run a tighter ship on SW though.

      • stylinred

        never had a fault hardware wise with my made in finland devices; that cant be said for my made in china ones


      The key is Nokia controlling the quality standards, no matter where the plant is. My made in China N8 has been absolutely rock solid. It’s gone through a lot of punishment and is still running strong. It’s the highest quality made-in-China product I’ve ever had. That is all thanks to Nokia quality standards at its China plant.

      • Just Visiting

        +1. My first N8 was Made in Finland, and I had to return it for a refund. The second N8 I purchased was Made in China – not one hiccup! I am definitely going to keep my N8, it is just relegated to the drawer for now as I am enjoying my Lumia 900 🙂


          Indeed. My friend’s made-in-China N8 took a full force hit from an iron mallet and survived. The aluminum body was dented, but the phone still worked totally fine. If you looked at the phone after the hit, it looked as if it took a hit from Thor’s hammer.

          The 3310 is definitely proud of the N8.

      • stylinred

        never had a fault hardware wise with my made in finland devices; that cannot be said for the made in china ones (808)

        • shallow ocean shoal

          This is purely anecdotal. Someone could say the same for the reverse.

        • Francis

          I think you should visit China for more accurate information. This giant country even can send man to outer space, what so special about this little phone ?

          • Francis

            Furthermore, many western company had taken advantages on cheap wage in China for making ton of money. Good example is Apple, Nokia, Dell, etc.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Many if not most people have never owned a “Made in Finland” Nokia. The Mexico/China/wherever models are all many people know.

      Unless you have hard evidence as proof, please stop perpetuating the “Made in Finland” myth, because the people working hard in the factories today might find it offensive.

    • Zipa

      No, there hasn’t been any actual manufacturing in Salo for ages. It used to be an assembly line where ready-made modules were screwed together, flashed and put in a box for shipment. Then even the assembly was moved elsewhere and Salo became a flashing station and distribution center. Untill it was closed all together.

  • stylinred

    side note is that a picture of their brazilian factory? find it hard to believe that’s a picture of the one in china 😉


    make more lumia faster !!

  • eli

    simply put, we dont know which of the 7 factories feature phone manufacturing vs lumia phones vs other manufacturing.

    • Zipa

      Smartphones: Beijing, Korea, Mexico + outsourced production.

  • pathetic

    Keep dreaming you’re going to be disappointed when you see the total sales I predict 2 million or 2.5 million ¡SOLD! nothing more including all the lumia line (7.5 & 8) Shipping is not the same as sales put it in your head.


      WRONG! ULTIMATEANTITROLL commands you to stop the nonsense!

      Actual SALES will be at least in the 4-6 million range for all Lumia phones. 920 sales should be at least 2-3 million for the quarter.

      • Spede oli aliarvostettu

        If 5 million Lumia phones are sold, I’m sure that Tomi Ahonen will fabricate some numbers to make it look like a disaster.

        When the N8 was released, he made up some numbers claiming that out of the 5 million Symbian^3 phones 4 million were N8’s. He just made that up.

        Now he would probably claim that out of the 5 million Windows Phones, only 1 million would be 920’s.

        That’s fabrication and a very good example of propaganda.


          Yes, Ahonen has lost it and makes up way too many numbers. He has an agenda. Also, some posters here and elsewhere have a clear agenda against Nokia, many of which are paid to post anti-Nokia propaganda. Sad world we live in.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Are we still talking about that guy? Didn’t we decide he communicates like a 14 year old, is depressed, and needs a job?

        • Noki

          wow 5 million a good number??? there are 8 Lumias for sale worldwide from 100$ to 800$ price range and you guys consider 5 Million a good number on the xmas season????? is that some sort of joke?


            These are conservative estimates. If Nokia achieves much more than 5 million than that would be great.

            It’s all about context. Q3 Lumia sales were pretty low.

      • pathetic

        to know these estimates you should be Elop ‘s mistress, that’s right ? “stop the nonsense ” to you what it means nonsense? Do you think that sales of 7.5 lumia will do more than last quarter? you’re an idiot or what? Do you remember how many lumias sales were last quarter ? the lumia 7.5 are down, I ask again, are you stupid ? Plus the low production of lumia with WP8, plus competition with htc, plus only 2 lumias 920 per store, I think it will be a bad fourth quarter for nokia even selling 4 millions is too poor that does not help, this year should have been the year of nokia to position themselves in the market, but no, and next year will be even tougher blackberry with their new system ( bb10 ) is a serious competitor I had not seen their system until a few days ago I was surprised is amazing, a true revolutionary change (which was meego/n9 a revolution ) and of course took intelligently rim. and jolla I dont know because not revealed anything anyway is a competitor. Nokia is dead if not change nokia is worse that when changed meego for windows phone, then why not change again? must change now! android is the only way out, this is the formula. the best hardware (nokia) + the best software (android)= the best phone ever made

        • Spede oli aliarvostettu

          I really hope BB10 will be more interesting than the swipe UI.

          If it was Apple who did the swipe UI, people here would be laughing at them and complaining how it’s not really that elegant. Now it’s a different story because it was not Apple who did it.

          • pathetic

            in essence blackberry 10 using swype just in a way that has no patent issues and in a very smart way watch videos on youtube and you will see

          • Noki

            “more interesting than the swipe UI” you mean like tilles? if so you have no clue on what drives people, just like Microsoft BTW so you are not alone.

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  • Sefriol

    Might be easy for Samsung since they make most of their chips. Must be easier to manage the supply.
    But in the end I wonder how much did Salo cost for Nokia. Now that everything is in Asia there is almost zero chip production in Europe. We might see them coming back after salaries raise in Asia, but that’s long way to go.
    Closure of Salo was unfortunate and one the saddest days of the year. Nokia created many subcontractors which are almost gone now. Maybe one day…

    • shallow ocean shoal

      All I know is that “unions” are not inexpensive to maintain.

  • anon2

    The 920 is limited to one carrier in each region of the world, but 2-4 million sounds about right.

  • Nokia, Should start or start using a factory facility in India, given the market potential to ramp up production. Also an added production facility in Europe (Roumania) could be a solution.
    This concepts has been used by Philips in the years from 1950 – 1970. It ties the markets to the products and therefore will create a solid base for the future.

    • Zipa

      Nokia has had a factory in India for quite some time. Since 2006, to be precise.

  • Bloob

    So, assuming production started in October ( rtm was in September ), a 5 day workweek, and that the production volumes have been constant, this one factory has produced about 1.4 million 920s so far. Nokia has 3 other smaller smartphone factories, and some outsourcing to Compal ( which takes care of 710 & 800 at least ).

    Unfortunately, I believe they haven’t had the components to manufacture at a constant pace ( nor does manufacturing work that way ). So I believe, if this rumor is true, about 1.2 million 920s from this factory will be produced this quarter, and a bit under 2 million overall. If the demand is still there, propably about 1.6 million of those will be sold. That would be a pretty good number for 920 alone.

    Which brings me to my criticism of the rumor. The demand for the 920 has been outstanding, but we haven’t heard much of the 8-series, why would Nokia, still, produce more of those than the 920? Unless they’ve sold very well as well, or their production is only limited to this factory, I don’t see this rumor being accurate.

    Either way, if this is anywhere close to accurate, I may have to revise my prediction of about 5 million Lumias sold this quarter to over 6 million.

    • Francis

      Foxconn factory is running 24hours/day and 7 days/week, not sure about Nokia’s factory..

      • Bloob

        I tried to be conservative, but yeah, it likely runs at least 6 days / week.

    • cRAZY_Canuck

      I think you might find because the 820 and variant are available on 4x as many carriers

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