Game Review: “Haunted: Dungeon of Herwood”

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Here’s an awesome game we covered to get you all in the spirit of Halloween (although unfortunately it took a while to get the game through the marketplace qualification so we missed the Halloween coverage). Haunted, Dungeon of Herwood is a fun level based challenge game, where the user has to collect hidden treasure and escape from the dungeon while avoiding rock golems, ghosts, skeletons, and weird flame eating purple creatures.

What really stood out for me about this game were the cute graphics, which are much improved over the sadly low standard of Windows Phone graphics (especially for Non-Xbox live games). Another awesome feature in the game is the “Map of the Month” which has a dedicated map for users to try and beat and compete against other online players by finishing the map in the fastest time possible.

Haunted: Dungeons of Herwood. An atmospheric 3D dungeon adventure where you avoid and trick monsters to survive while solving brain teasing puzzles,

but beware: while the light keeps you safe from some monsters, others are drawn to the blazing fires of your torch.

Take the role of our hero and meet a variety of gnarly monsters in 27 unique levels in this visually astonishing real-time puzzle game for Windows Phone.

Get the game here for $1.99 (free trial available):


Note: The development for this game has been ready for almost two months now (since Halloween) unfortunately some marketplace issues forced the developers to hold off from publishing it, so even though it’s not Halloween anymore, give it a go.


P.S. Haunted is a game developed by funding from the APPCAMPUS program at Aalto university (the same one that did the space Lumia I belive?) read more here:


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