Lumia 620 Bests Both The SGS 3 and The HTC 8S in Browser Benchmarks

| December 26, 2012 | 18 Replies

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The Lumia 620 is certainly an interesting device, in fact some people are calling it more important to Nokia than the Lumia 920 (claiming that it will outsell the 920 with ease). That remains to be seen once the 620 launches early next year (not that far off now). However the folks at GSMArena have a 620 lying around which they’ve been playing with; and so far it’s quite impressive. The simplest example being that this under powered (relatively) Windows Phone bests both the monstrous Galaxy S3 (arguably the best Android device currently available) as well as the similarly specced HTC 8 S; which has the same ram, processor, screen resolution and almost everything else.


In the benchmark seen above the 620 easily bests the 8S in both tests, while narrowly beating out the S3 in the first and absolutely destroying it in the second; what’s interesting to me is the difference between the 620 and the 8S even though they both have the same internals, yet it’s not an even matchup; since I’m not the most technical person on the planet, does anyone care to explain how similar internals don’t result in similar performance?


Check out more of the Lumia 620 preview over here 



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    probably the 620 they got has a newer software version.

    and yeah the 620 is more important than the 920.

    • Hosh333

      Yeah because of the late release (Jan-Feb) it’s going to be released with newer version of windows. So this victory is quite shallow


    if the 620 is that good a phone, makes me wonder about the 520 and 720.
    nokia is building a great line up of lumia models, better than i could have hoped for.

  • nabkawe

    It gets higher scores by software differences, high quality connectors, better internal design which gives CPU more space thus less heat thus more power, another thing to note is the smaller screen which again less energy more power.

    • Rat Kutti

      what do you mean by “software differences” both 8S and 620 are running the same thing isn’t and i accept with the rest of the things you said though 🙂

      • skit

        That “same thing” WP8 can have different builds with different small optimizations made by the manufacturer 😉 Also different engineering design gives slightly different results at the end- as we can see.

  • Not to burst the joy for the 620, but both benchmarks aren’t as good as they used to be. There are reports that manufacturers can optimize performance for Sunspider and Browsermark is highly erratic. Sometimes it produces half the score the 620 puts in and in others it performs as reported above.

    There are no real good browser benchmarks out there today. They are either erratic in reports or they are owned by one of the OS manufactures (Google V8, Octane, etc)

  • Rat Kutti

    perhaps looking into might help, i myself don’t know much though

    and yeah, its more important than 920! In markets like mine (India) this phone will sell more that the rest of the new Windows Phone 8 devices from Nokia.

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  • JGrove303

    That Green is Super Badass!! Actually, it’s Badass’s colors!

  • rustyknight17

    good news , the 620 is better than it seems and I can see where it might sell more than the 820 and 920 . Question is , how well will the Lumias do in emerging markets , especially once BB10 and Sailfish bring out phones …

  • Janne

    That is such a pretty phone.

  • Irishmarius

    so where is the 720 then ? (phone to replace the 710) cause i am really impressed by the specs on the 620 , its not that far off the 820 so kinda wondering what the 820 will bring to the table.

    • Janne

      That is a really good question. I’m not sure we can use the previous generation as a guide too much, as the Windows Phone platform is evolving to a little more diverse setup, but if we do look at the past generation Lumia 620 is, like Lumia 610 before it, establishing the low-end spec-level for WP8 (512 MB RAM, 1 GHz dual-core CPU). It is possible these specs would spread to a Lumia 520 one day.

      In the previous generation Lumia 710 was a part of the high-end spec-level (RAM, CPU). If that were to hold true again, a hypothetical Lumia 720 would sport the same RAM and CPU as 820/920 do (1 GB RAM, 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU). Considering Lumia 820 already has only 8 GB capacity and 800×480 screen, as does 620, there isn’t any wiggling room there for a Lumia 720, I’d expect those to be the same.

      Camera obviously is an area where Lumia 720 would be lesser than Lumia 820, so probably the same 5 MPix AF as in Lumia 620.

      I would also expect it to have a larger screen (inches-wise) than Lumia 620, but a smaller screen than Lumia 820. Maybe 4 inches, then.

      I guess that leaves the question of LTE. One way to differentiate 720 from 820 and lessen price would be to leave out LTE.

      So, the Lumia 720 could be a bit like Lumia 620 in most specs, except a bit larger screen and sporting the CPU and RAM of Lumia 820/920. Or… if they want to juggle things from the past generation, Lumia 720 might sport the lesser RAM/CPU specs as Lumia 620 and instead adopt a better camera and LTE.

      In addition to these, design is obviously a potential and interesting area of differentiation.

  • dss

    1300 mah battery.. I am guessing they had a lot of left over 1300s from the Symbian days (most 1st and 2nd gen S^3 devices run on 1300) and they had to do something with them.

    Its not a good idea in a Win NT device.. the 8s has a 1700 mah batt and almost identical specs.

    And look at the reported stand by times on a 1300 between NT and EKA2

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