Lumia 620 Bests Both The SGS 3 and The HTC 8S in Browser Benchmarks

| December 26, 2012 | 18 Replies

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The Lumia 620 is certainly an interesting device, in fact some people are calling it more important to Nokia than the Lumia 920 (claiming that it will outsell the 920 with ease). That remains to be seen once the 620 launches early next year (not that far off now). However the folks at GSMArena have a 620 lying around which they’ve been playing with; and so far it’s quite impressive. The simplest example being that this under powered (relatively) Windows Phone bests both the monstrous Galaxy S3 (arguably the best Android device currently available) as well as the similarly specced HTC 8 S; which has the same ram, processor, screen resolution and almost everything else.

In the benchmark seen above the 620 easily bests the 8S in both tests, while narrowly beating out the S3 in the first and absolutely destroying it in the second; what’s interesting to me is the difference between the 620 and the 8S even though they both have the same internals, yet it’s not an even matchup; since I’m not the most technical person on the planet, does anyone care to explain how similar internals don’t result in similar performance?


Check out more of the Lumia 620 preview over here 



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