Nokia “Accessories” Update Available for WP8 Devices

| December 27, 2012 | 13 Replies

I just got an update on my 920 for something called “Nokia Accessories”. Apparently the new update brings the ability to monitor battery status and other settings when the device connects to a compatible charger (Fatboy pillow, PowerUp speakers etc.)..



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  • Janne

    FWIW, I updated this earlier today and got no settings for Fatboy chargers. Just dropped the phone on the charger and still nothing in those settings, so it must be related to NFC or wireless headphones etc.?

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  • Pj

    Just connected to my play 360 speaker and nothing their either. Also i had an update for metrotube at the same time. Not tried it yet but presuming its fixed the problems it was having

  • JGrove303

    Same 2 updates here.

    I had wondered what Accrssories was for. I paired with my Play 360 earlier, too, and didn’t see squat.

    wait, I got it. Wired devices only I bet. I’ll try pluging into the Play 360 and what it says. Probably nothing there, but will work with DC-19 and other Nokia micro USB accessories?

  • nabkawe

    Must like the display + touch update perhaps these changes are restricted to portico

  • M

    I’m hoping they worked on how the wireless charging stand’s nfc start up time because it takes at least a minute if not longer for it to launch the app that you set it to open.

  • Janne

    Apparently it does bring a cool lockscreen feature for those with the NFC Nokia wireless charging stand.

    • Aliqudsi

      Sweet!! I’ve missed sleeping screen so dearly :) too bad it doens’t work with the fatboy, since that’s what I really want…

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  • jojordan82

    Hello NOKIA,

    I have received my DT-910 stand yesterday fo m Lumia 920. I saw on this article from that the weather and calendar should normally be displayed on the sleepscreen :

    However, mine only displays the clock but not the weather or calendar events.

    I’ve set “Weather & calendar” in the settings but nothing more happens when I touch the NFC tag (it only shows the clock, nothing more happens).

    Thanks for your help!

    • Aliqudsi

      Did you get the “Accessories update”?