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Happy New Year everyone! We’ve safely survived the end of the world that was to occur in 2012 and have arrived into 2013 (with a few stragglers over the pond of course).

Thank you, wonderful readers for sticking around with Nokia, with the Nokia community here at MyNokiaBlog! We really could not be here without you guys. Thanks for your huge support in keeping the blog alive, so much so that with your help, you even got us to Nokia’s home in Finland – Kiitos! Thanks so much for coming to read the blog, thanks to those who take part in the discussion at comments, thanks to you guys who share tips and ideas of things we can write about, thanks to those who share our stories and thanks to those that help us connect with products to try and review, and last but not least, thanks to the writers who keep the blog ticking.

What a year it has been for Nokia. Whilst there were a couple of disheartening moments (such as the dethroning of Nokia as the global sales leader in mobile phones, 14 years previously as number 1) we’ve had plenty more great moments.

In terms of mobile phones, Nokia’s surprised the world with PureView imaging. First and foremost, with the beast of a 41MP camera, the biggest sensor ever on a mobile phone (bigger than several compacts, even high ends) and a powerful xenon flash. The oversampling was a total dream to use, resulting in so many fantastic shots people disbelieve came from a phone. Stereo Rich Recording was a very unsung hero too.

It was nice to see some of the essences of the 808 translate over to the WP8 flagship, the Nokia Lumia 920. The first phone to have inbuilt PureView v2 optical image stabilisation (which stabilises the whole camera module) along with Rich Recording (though mono) resulting in some spectacular low light photography (sans flash). There were some other sweet innovations too, including super sensitive touch that allowed the use of gloves/keys/banana peels on the screen, PureMotion HD+ with Clear Black display for a stunning visual experience, as well as rekindling the convenience behind wireless charging. Altogether, the 920’s combined features presented itself as a more than worthy contender against the best the competition had to offer, inside and outside of the WP space. What’s even more awesome is that it wasn’t just Nokia fans feeling delighted with the 920 – according to various sources, there’s high demand of the 920 in quite a few places (though we have to wait for Nokia’s numbers to see if these reports can be trusted).

Over at NokConv, they call 2012 a BOLD year.

What we saw with the 920 was great. What we’ll see with it’s successor is rumoured to be something people would apparently climb over each other to get. (PureView 3? 1+2? :P)

2013 is going to be a great year

Without giving away what Nokia might have in store for 2013, it’s safe to say that Nokia Conversations will continue to excite you with more great product news.

What’s been your Nokia highlights this year? Biggest stories, ups/downs? Expectations of Nokia for the coming year?

13, Unlucky for some. But hopefully the year Nokia’s fortunes turn for the (convincingly) better.

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