First iPhone 5S/6 Mock-Up Concept Looks Like a Blatant Lumia Rip-Off

| January 6, 2013 | 25 Replies

iPhone-6-642x481At first when I saw this picture I thought “who on earth tried photoshopping MacOS onto one of our DreamNokia designs , turns out this is one designers concept of what the iPhone 6 should look like (stress on the fact that it’s a fan made design and probably not official). Still this design above looks WAY too much like some of our very own fan made concepts; and it sorta hurts looking at it like this; especially since if this was a real iPhone product all would hail it as the greatest design of all time.



Does this look familiar?

That would be My Dream Nokia #70: Titanium Nokia Lumia FX800 the titanium bodied beauty that I would kill for… (plus I would kill for a large whatsapp tile too)

So I think it’s safe to assume that if by some miracle the next iPhone ended up looking anything close to this, then Nokia has a VERY good case to say the least.

And if that wasn’t bad enough according to BGR the iPhone 5s/6 will come in a bunch of flashy colors; seeing how popular they’ve become now (first Nokia, then HTC, then Samsung with its poor taste in colors and now Apple?)

*note: I’m not crazy enough to say that Nokia owns the right to all colorful phones and curved designs, but it would be nice to see some more appreciation for the beauty in the Lumia/Fabula design, that is all.

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