Nokia Sales “Exceeded Expectations” With 86.3 Million Total Units; 4.4 Million Lumias, 9.3 Million Ashas

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Nokia seem to be quite happy with their latest sales figures, seeing how they released some figures before their quarterly earning report. Nokia claims to have delivered “underlying profitability and that sales unit delivered better-than-expected results,

We are pleased that Q4 2012 was a solid quarter where we exceeded expectations and delivered underlying profitability in Devices & Services and record underlying profitability in Nokia Siemens Networks,” Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said today in a statement. “We focused on our priorities and as a result we sold a total of 14 million Asha smartphones and Lumia smartphones while managing our costs efficiently, and Nokia Siemens Networks delivered yet another very good quarter.

Nokia estimates the net sales in Devices & Services business to be 3.9 billion euros ($5.1 billion). I had my finger on 7 Million lumias for the quarter, so this is a bit of a letdown to me, but if this means that the next quarter won’t be in the red then I’m happy.

taking a look into the numbers the total sales of Asha devices were 9.3 Million which is quite impressive, while smartphone sales were 6.6 Million 4.4 of which were Lumias, leaving 2.2 Million for the what Symbian slaes occured besides the super popular Asha smartphones the 308 & 309 (I think the 311 as well?)

– Mobile Phones net sales of approximately EUR 2.5 billion, with total volumes of 79.6 million units of which 9.3 million units were Asha full touch smartphones.
– Smart Devices net sales of approximately EUR 1.2 billion, with total volumes of 6.6 million units of which 4.4 million units were Nokia Lumia smartphones.

However Nokia have forecast that their profits for next quarter (Q1 2013) will be negative 2% stating the cause as:

“seasonality and competitive environment are expected to have a negative impact on the first quarter 2013 underlying profitability for Devices & Services, compared to the fourth quarter 2012.”

The full quarterly earning is set to be released on January 24th; but this pretty much answers any questions we had.


Nokia’s Stocks seem to have jumped after this announcement gaining 17% in pre-market trades:





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