Chat With Juha Alakarhu; Nokia’s PureView Magician

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Juha’s Custom 808 With an external lens- Would love to see the pics coming from that!!

Although a lot of people seemed to have linked Pureview and Nokia imaging to Damien Dinning (who joined Jaguar late last year) there’s a whole lot more to Nokia’s imaging team. WPC had a sitdown with Juha Alakarhu at CES and chatted about PureView and the 920 and others; below are some of the interesting points that were mentioned, but be sure to check out the full talk over at WPC.

– WHy are there so few camera setting options on the 920?

to keep it simple for the user. This is in contrast to the 808 Pureview, which has three different modes for taking photos and each with a corresponding group of settings

-Thoughts about variable aperture in mobile photography?

Nokia does not see physical variable apertures happening anytime soon due issues with sharpness and other complications.

-Optical zoom anytime soon?

Nokia doesn’t seen physical zoom lenses coming anytime soon to our mobile phones. Instead, they’d rather concentrate on things like the 808 Pureview and its 41MP sensor. With that many megapixels, cropping a small portion of the image still results in an astounding image and cropping is technically a form of “zoom”.  Because it has no moving parts and it can be manipulated in post-processing, Nokia is betting on that technology over a physical moving lens for the immediate future.

*that last question has got me thinking about the future of pureview, everything points to more oversampling in the next Pureview!

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