“Network +” Update for WP8 Available

| January 11, 2013 | 7 Replies


I just got an update on my 920 called “Network+” which  brings “additional settings to ensure you get the most from your mobile network and your phone” . I’m not sure exactly what’s new besides the name change from “Call + SMS settings” to “Network +”, possibly more text language support?


Anyways on a side note it is really nice to see all these little updates and fixes constantly coming (at least one or two a week), which means that now Nokia or MSFT can deliver minor changes and bug fixes individually without having to wait for a large rollout. wp_ss_20130111_0002


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  • JGrove303

    I would like to select data connection between LTE and HSPA+. I live in the cusp of LTE coverage and it usually isn’t that strong right. Would save power too to be able to drop to slower data speed when not needed. Regular 3G is usually fine except browsing.

    • Are you on At&t? (Or in the US) cause it seems that in the US the option for “Maximum Data Speed” isn’t there but it’s been on my 900 and the 920.

      You could try switching them from ##3282#

      • JGrove303

        I just did the Field Test you suggested (##3282). WOW, check out all those tests and searches! I see the 3 dot for settings and ya, you can change the network setting from automatic, 2G, 3G or 4G only, Change Limit SMS storage, Toggle ENS and Toggle CMAS RMT.

        Thanks Ali!

        But still, if there is a section in the settings, I’d still like to know about it.

        • It seems these settings aren’t available on At&t or possibly in the entire US; but this is available under “mobile network” or “cellular” on all the phones I’ve used-


          (since Jordan barely qualifies for 3G I don’t have an HSPA+ or LTE option, but when i sued the 900 in Spain there was “HSPA+, 3G, and 2G”

  • hui

    It had been on att 920 for almost a month.

  • JGrove303

    Under what submenu in settings. Cuz I don’t see a thing

  • JGrove303

    Ya, I’m on AT&T. Under cellular, I only have options for roaming, Data connection On or Off, Add internet apn and add mms apn.