GoPro to launch app for WP8

| January 11, 2013 | 11 Replies

GPNIf you follow the whole app story around Windows Phone the most heard argument is the lack of premium apps from large companies, like Instagram. This isn’t news about them finally releasing an app for WP but it is about GoPro getting ready to launch an app for Windows Phone 8.

It’s hard to not know GoPro, but for those of you who never heard of it. They are basically the most well known company that makes small rugged camera’s for outdoor purposes, adrenaline junkies or any other use where a regular camera just won’t fit or can get destroyed. Once you’ve seen them you’ll notice them everywhere.

Much like Nokia, they have some pretty good image quality going on, albeit only for outdoor use, indoors nearly every GoPro sucks. To get an idea of what those cameras are capable of take a look below at the awesome Hero 3 promo vid.


Anyway, this isn’t about GoPro but about them making an app for Windows Phone. The app is already available on Android and iOS and it lets you connect with your GoPro and see what it is filming (no LCD for that on the device itself) or change settings. The app will only work with the new Hero 3 camera’s and should also work with the Hero 2, but only if you have a WiFi bacpac on it.

No release dates were given out, but WP central were told that GoPro expect to release it somewhere towards the end of February.



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