Video: UI-Concept – Harmattan meets Sailfish

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Stephen emailed me his UI concept, which blends elements of Harmattan and Sailfish. It looks nice, and makes me want to see more. The more I see Sailfish related things, the more I want to test it out. Hopefully with the SDK launching this quarter, we will see Sailfish ported to N9/50.

What do you guys think of the concept?



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  • Adio_17

    hey man , i think you’ve messed up something with the link =P could you please change it with the right video? would love to see this concept^^

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Fixed, thanks

  • William H.

    Justin Timberlake ? :p

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Friend sent it to me, and I clearly copied the wrong link :/

      • Tetlee

        lol, that ‘ol chestnut.

  • Muerte


  • Craig

    Sorry Michael but the link to the YouTube clip is the wrong one.

  • torpedu

    As much as I would like to see Harmattan get more refined, I would ultimately settle for something like that…

  • zxz

    it is only nokia that can use thua concept because it looks 99% like the n9 ui

  • Martin

    This Would Be fantastic To See On The N9. But I’m Not Sure Why mine has Started To Auto Capitalise Every Word!

    Even Better seeing The N9 getting Some Love!
    Looks Nice.

  • zxz

    it is only nokia that can use this concept because it looks 99% like the n9 ui

  • Gilles

    To be honest, I still like the N9’s UI more than this one …

    • Laiquendi

      “To be honest, I still like the N9â€ēs UI more than this one â€Ķ”

      • dss

        Its the best one out there…

    • Thomas F

      Yes the harmattan ui is better, but sailfish runs android Apps….. Nokia should have done the same, when they Realised that they had lost the ecosystem. Harmattan had it all, just not all the Apps, and Nokia supporting it.

      • Gilles

        Indeed, I really like my N9, but its just the lack of apps …

  • Grazy

    getting closer! as i like some of the features from jolla’s os but prefer the black theme and iu of the N9. I could live with that though

    • Shaun

      I wonder what would happen if you picked an entirely black image in the gallery and then used the ‘ambiance’ feature to set the base UI colour.

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  • Maybe

    Swipe UI is an unpolished UI in the first place. Everything Jolla been doing to Sailfish OS is somehow the rough of idea of how Swipe UI should evolves. The minimalistic is the main idea behind swipe UI. The pulley menu and interactive multi-task homescreen are welcomed addition. But swiping to go back kinda mess up with some apps as some apps using swipe left right to go for other menu.

    • Noki


    • Thomas F

      I do not see the problem, remember that there is a 2 swipe 1 swipe from side to side and 2 swipe from the eage of the screen.

  • rustyknight17

    Looks like Sailfish pretty much to me lol !

  • Allawi

    Hi guys, just a question, this OS will exchange with Meego or we will have two OS like Android. Have a good day

    • Noki

      Meego is dead, you will probably be able to side-load sailfish into your N9 at your own risk but that’s it.

      In nokia there is only space for one smartphone OS and that is WP.

      • torcida

        My N9 is still working!!

        • Anthony

          mine too
          strange 😉

  • Tesselaar

    Jallo Sailfish is more a android look a like than a Meego Harmattan.

    Meego harmattan had style, Sailfish not.

    • James

      It’s hardly finished, they’ve only been working on the thing full-bore since Oct 2011, other major OS’s have been round way longer than 15mth+ & they’re from vastly larger organisations.
      It was never going to be a exact copy of Harmattan, that would be silly, it’s an amalgam of several UX concepts, although the UX it borrows heaviest from (aside from it’s “current” iconography) is clearly Harmattan.

    • rustyknight17

      Must disagree …

  • JGrove303

    Lol, Sailfish looks NOTHING, works NOTHING like Android. And yes it looks unfinished. Because the user is supposed to finish it, or rather, the OEM preloading it on the device will add skins or change to a different.

    Sailfish is also unlike Android as its sole purpose of being isn’t based on making more advertising revenue.

    The way it is now, it would be fun to play around with, but it wouldn’t replace WP8 for me.

    • Shaun

      I do hope we don’t see ‘skins’. The UI looks fine to me and the ‘Ambiance’ feature where you pick an image to set the UI colouring is enough for me.

      They do need some better icons though.

  • GordonH

    Time for some taste of success at Jolla. Sailfish doesn’t need to sell super well in 2013, it will take it’s “time” no doubt. Jolla being an cost effective organization, means “time” is something that Jolla has a plenty.

    • Leo oli aliarvostettu

      Nice faith.

      • GordonH

        Nice “times” 😉

        • Leo oli aliarvostettu

          Small is not necessarily cost effective.

          • rustyknight17

            GordonH , with u ! Ere ,true , but I think in Jolla`s case , Gordon H is proably right , we`ll see !

            • Leo oli aliarvostettu

              I’m not saying that Jolla can’t make a good product and sell plenty of great phones.

              What I’m saying is that I would like to hear why all this might happen. Yes, I understand that some people may just want to hear about how great Jolla will be. That’s perfectly fine. I hope that Jolla will succeed and the best thing we can do to help them is to talks about them. Keep talking about the good and the bad.

              One reason for Nokia’s problems is in communications. Only a few years ago in Finland it was almost forbidden to say that Nokia had problems. Almost everyone was just praising Nokia and claiming that they were going to win Apple, Google, Motorola, everyone. They never had to read about the flaws their phones had. That’s one reason why they didn’t win iOS and Android.

              By talking about all this we are helping them. By remaining silent we hurt them.


              I also know that some people don’t want to see how people are talking about the subject because it apparently distracts people from the original story.

              • rustyknight17

                Where do I start ? First , JOLLA MOBILE IS CHIEFLY COMPOSED OF EX Nokia Meego experts , the same people who brought us the N9 . That speaks for itself !
                Second , when Meego was cancelled , according to an MNB article by Michael Faro-Tusino , Nokia had 5 N9 successors ready for late 22011 / early 2012 release .
                Third , tae a look at the Sailfish vids and reviews , they tend to be quite enthusiastic ! And keep in mind that this prototype software !! My point here is that Jolla haas earned the praise , so I , for one , am willing to go on a bit of faith for the time being !

  • Jack Phil

    Salfish is not good *IMO

    • rustyknight17

      Have to disagree . Sailfish looks to be awesome … and this is the unfiished version ! IMHO

  • Video: UI-Concept – Harmattan meets Sailfish – My Nokia Blog