Windows Phone 8 Lumias Launching Soon in Jordan (Rest of Middle East Too?)

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Nokia Jordan just posted this picture on their Facebook page accompanied with the caption “they’ll be here soon”….are you ready?”. Assuming the shoelaces represent the amazing everyday Lumias (at least the color scheme does); then they should be talking about the 920, 820 (and hopefully the 620). This is a big step for Nokia seeing how the first generation of Windows Phone devices never landed in the Middle east (except for a year late launch in Lebanon); the reason being the lack of Arabic support on WP7 devices.

The rumored launch date is January 22nd, but there’s nothing solid to back that up.

There is no price set currently, but some of the shops here who have grey market 920s are selling them for 550 JOD or about $770; so hopefully the price should be somewhere between 450-500 (about $630) which doesn’t sound too bad.





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  • Vinz

    Waiting for 620 to land in Singapore!

    • Silthice

      you can buy it from Malaysia?

      • fkslf


  • Gilles

    I’m liking those shoelaces 😉

  • twig

    They should put those in the phone boxes.

  • Ali Abdulla

    ya. will be at their doors, 8am 22nd like an apple fanboy .. because u cant trust their supply stock :S..especially with colors.. if we have any 🙂

  • Jonathan Lahdo

    The Lumia 820 and 920 are available in Dubai, and Nokia have made a huge marketing push. All major electronic stores (e.g Sharaf DG, Virgin Megastore, Axiom Telecom etc.) has a dedicated Lumia stand and Lumia representative, featuring the Lumia 820 and 920 and discussing all its features. The Lumia 820 and 920 are available for AED2000 ($545 US) and AED2500 ($680 US) unlocked respectively. They have even partnered with du (Dubai’s major telco) and have billboards around the city with a picture of the Lumia 920 and the caption “The World’s Most Innovative Smartphone”

    • Robert Willson


      Launch. Launch. Launch. What launch? I don’t know how dumb this blogger is, what he’s smoking or how much he’s been paid, ehm sponsored, by MS to ad, hype & bubble up but these stupid Tiles been laying waste here for months with full warranty & all that.

      In KSA alone, these been available at kingdom-wide well-known Jarir & Extra Superstores:
      L920 = 2499 SAR (666 US$)
      L820 = 1899 SAR (506 US$)

      and even previous flagships:
      808PV = 1869 SAR (498 US$)
      N8-00 = 1199 SAR (319 US$)


      Just choose “English” on top right.

      TBH, public here clearly aren’t after toilet tiles simply coz they don’t have time to take their eyeballs off Galaxies (S, SII, SIII), Notes (I, II), Phones (4, 4S, 5) and BB’s. Frankly all these models cover total points & levels on price spectrum leaving no room for anything else.

      Nokia was on public pedestal here as long as it didn’t go WP. Nobody’s interested in WP and Nokia is too stupid to offer any right of choice to public of these regions. N8 & 808 may be the only solid decent offers left here by Nokia, rest of all their shit is FUBAR!

      • Sorry instead of Middle east I meant to say “Levant” since in arabic we usually refer to the Gulf countries as “khaleej” and the rest as “sham” (rest = lebanon, syria, palestine, Jordan etc.) so I got the two confused.

        Also Dubai was the only real country in the region to get a proper launch, in KSA the WP7 deices were launched a week before the WP8 launch event, after a years delay; i know the WP8 devices are already available there; which is once again why I meant “levant” region.

  • reedha

    i wait for lumia 620 in tunisia