Windows Phone MarketPlace Now Supporting Uploading Multiple Versions of Apps to Marketplace (OS Version Dependent)

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A recent change to the Windows Phone App hub now allows developers to upload multiple different versions of a single app to the marketplace; where only a single version will be available to the user depending on his device (ie: WP7 version, WP8 version). These changes will help the developer change the app description/metadata for one version of the app without confusing users of the WP7 version (Example: enabling lock screen updates for users, screenshots about that update and changelog will only be visible to users with a compatible WP8 device and not to users on WP7).


One of the key advantages of multiple XAPs per app GUID is that you can associate different metadata, such as long description, with each XAP. […] And you don’t have to worry about your app showing up twice or end users finding the wrong version for their device. Our catalog detection will show your 7.x app to those with Windows Phone 7 devices and the 8.0 app to those with Windows Phone 8 devices.

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  • hulkkii

    This has been possible since the launch of WP8.
    (I have published one app with different xaps for wp8 and wp7 last year after wp8 launch, and the system is still the same than it was then)

    Now they are just tipping that it is possible.

    • Viipottaja

      Hi, nice to see a real WP developer here! Would be great to hear more about your experience on it all. I am sure Jay would e.g. happy to publish an interview or a piece written by you!

      • arts


      • hulkkii

        In short:

        * Windows Phone (C#,C++, Visual Studio etc.)
        – I love them. I think wp sdk/visual studio offers the best ide, programming and debugging tools.
        – APIs are much better now with WP8 compared to WP7, but still some restrictions and missing things. On the other hand restrictions mean better security.
        – Apps are checked and tested manually by a person, before allowed to the marketplace.

        * Android (Java,C++, eclipse etc)
        – Tools are OK.
        – There is almost nothing you can not do with the APIs of Android.
        – Apps get published almost instantly to the play market. Nice, but bad for security.
        – Hate the fragmentation. I have worked mainly with the camera APIs and fragmentation between different Android versions is not that bad, but different devices/manufacturers may act totally different with the same code. You just can not be sure if your app works on a specific device if you have not tested it with it..

        * iOS:
        – Hate the language, so don’t have that much experience.
        – OK APIs
        – OK Security

  • Brian

    As hulkki says this has been there from the beginning.

    What’s also been there from the beginning of WP8 is WP 7.5 apps automatically available in both WP 7.5 and WP 8.

    I updated two of my apps during the holidays to add a trial version (3D Tic Tac Toe anybody? – ) and while I was doing that I considered producing specific WP 8 versions but decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

    If this sounds lazy (for most XAML + C# apps like mine producing the WP 8 binaries is a matter of just a mouse click or two) it is because with 3 times as many resolutions to support you have to produce 3 times as many graphics for tiles and icons, etc. and this is a real pain for non-artistic people like me.

    I suppose I will get round to it eventually but there are higher priority things in the meantime.

    Except where I specifically want to take advantage of some WP 8 feature I will continue to develop apps for WP 7.5 for the simple reason that they will automatically be available for download by both WP 7.5 and WP 8 users. That would not be true if I developed a WP 8 app.