“Extras + info” Update for WP8; Loses the Charger Disconnected Notification

| January 17, 2013 | 19 Replies

DSC01444A new update for the Lumia 920 (and probably the 820) has just popped up, the update is to the “Extras +info” which is Windows Phone for “under the hood changes that save you from a minor software update”. This latest update (version brings a couple minor changes, most noticeable of which is that the phone no longer emits a “no longer charging” notification hen fully charged or disconnected from the charger. The other changes noticed by the folks over at WPC are:

  • Removes the “No longer charging” beep
  • Adds SmsVCardReceive
  • Adds SIM Unlock

Interestingly the “no longer charging beep” was actually a Nokia added feature to the OS (I always assumed it was a WP feature); and it’s possible it was removed due to the 3-5 second delay between disconnecting the charger and the actual notification. I kinda liked it :/

*anyone else notice that one of these random updates fixed some of the stability issues on WP8 (even without getting portico)? My 920 has been rock solid for the past two weeks; with no crashes at all; whatever fixed it I’m happy.





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  • Glass

    “Loses” and “Notification”.

  • Anders

    We need to clarify what is wrong or not wrong with the vibrator. Is it supposed to sound like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuDEmc1iAoQ ?


    • Hmm so it wasn’t only me; I find that rattle so annoying that I completely deactivated vibration on my phone- at first I jut assumed that the vibration was “over aggressive” since it would wake me from my sleep when I put it on my wooden nightstand. Some people are suggesting that’s the sound of the floating lens moving around?

      regardless I think just toning down the amount of vibration would help a bit.

  • efekt

    The update just popped on my wife’s Lumia 820, so yeah – I can confirm it’s for the 820 as well 😉

  • Benz

    Does one have to manually find these updates or should they be offered automically? I used to get updates maybe 2-3 weeks ago, but nothing since then. The Marketplace livetile showed the number of updates and it was easy to update like that. But nothing now.

    Also I noticed that Facebook chat isn’t working anymore. I received some chats there but WP8 native message center hasn’t reacted at all. It used to work just fine. Anybody know how to get this working again?

    And while on the subject (well, not on the subject of this post anymore.. 🙂 ), I noticed that Nokia Pulse stopped updating the live tile for new messages. I get the notification of a new message, that comes on the top part of screen. But when it dissapears, only way to see a new Pulse message is open the app. How can I refresh this operation?

    • shane

      I have the same issue with Facebook msg showing in chat threads, its really annoying. Some ppl come through, others never.

      I like the powerful vibration, first Nokia phone I’ve owned that I actually notice its alert.

      I will miss the notification of full charge.

    • The update should show up as any normal app update automatically, but it occasionally takes a while to show up so you can “force” it to show by following a link/QR code occasionally.

      Pulse stopped working since they changed the way it works, it no longer has a single post that you can reply to; instead it’s a single post stream (like twitter) making each comment a new post- which effectively makes it harder to display them all on the tile I guess.. (stupid update if you ask me)

  • Abdulrahman Bin Hafith

    I noticed that the Wifi nows stays connected even when phone is locked, but sometimes randomly disconnects

  • Viipottaja

    Excellent, the charger disconnect notification was slightly annoying, especially with the wireless charge pad with frequent landings and take offs. 🙂

    • JGrove303

      I concur with the wireless charging. It was a nice tone. Hmm.

    • StefanP

      Exactly, I just got a wireless charging pad yesterday and noticed the “no longer charging beep”. The bad was (or is, as I don’t have the update yet) that this beep came also when the phone was set to “vibrate only”. Having the pad on the bed side table, I expect the phone to be absolutely silent.
      I have quite a list with such small bugs and inconveniences, but I am amazed how fast corrections are coming in.
      I hope a separate setting of the volume for the ringer, system events and media replay is also in the queue. What about profiles? Come on Nokia!

  • Abba

    After this update, my phone is having charging issue. It is getting at very slow speed. Like it was on my wireless charging pad overnight and it is showing only half battery. This has happened first time, I believe because of the update! I have tried switching off n then turning back on, did not work.
    How to fix? I do not want to reset it, big hassle.
    Can anybody please help?

  • StefanP

    Just installed the “extras + info” and it works as expected. Also the vCard over SMS support is great! Something which was not well supported on Androids (tried one year ago), and, I believe, missing on the iPhones. Not sure what the “SIM unlock” is.
    In addition to the “extras + info” I got “Picture Info” as an update. This addresses my issue that I could not find out when a photo was taken or the file name. Its kind of fast fix, as you have to open it as an application:
    1) …
    2) swipe up options menu (apps… is the last item)
    3) tap apps…
    4) tap “Picture Info”
    5) Swipe to the right to see the details
    For the following photos it gets a bit easier, but this can’t be the final solution. Basic photo infos must be available with one or max. two taps and build into the gallery/camera roll app.
    But OK, at least something!

  • Sam
  • Patata

    “Adds SmsVCardReceive”

    So at least WP8 users will finally be able to receive vCards via sms?
    Was and is a bad joke that my Lumia 800 can’t handle a vcard sms that was sent from an S40 budget device. Too bad that this is another feature that Nokia / MS will never add to wp7.x.

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  • Georgie

    Anyone else have this issue since the update:
    while using a Bluetooth headset, by default windows phone will read out your text messages, and normally to temporarily stop this you could set the phone to vibrate. Well after this update it now always reads text messages, even on vibrate. Quite annoying because i love the text reading feature but don’t want to go to settings to switch this off every time, especially if i just want it off while listening to a podcast.