“Extras + info” Update for WP8; Loses the Charger Disconnected Notification

| January 17, 2013 | 19 Replies

DSC01444A new update for the Lumia 920 (and probably the 820) has just popped up, the update is to the “Extras +info” which is Windows Phone for “under the hood changes that save you from a minor software update”. This latest update (version brings a couple minor changes, most noticeable of which is that the phone no longer emits a “no longer charging” notification hen fully charged or disconnected from the charger. The other changes noticed by the folks over at WPC are:

  • Removes the “No longer charging” beep
  • Adds SmsVCardReceive
  • Adds SIM Unlock

Interestingly the “no longer charging beep” was actually a Nokia added feature to the OS (I always assumed it was a WP feature); and it’s possible it was removed due to the 3-5 second delay between disconnecting the charger and the actual notification. I kinda liked it :/

*anyone else notice that one of these random updates fixed some of the stability issues on WP8 (even without getting portico)? My 920 has been rock solid for the past two weeks; with no crashes at all; whatever fixed it I’m happy.





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