Nokia Jordan Offering Free Fatboy Wireless Charging Pillow With Lumia 920 Booking

| January 22, 2013 | 8 Replies

Nokia Jordan are prepping for the Lumia 920 launch in Jordan; the first flagship Nokia in the area since possibly the N8 (N9 was launched but it was never a flagship device, and the 808 wasn’t a hit or properly pushed). The phone should launch sometime soon (within the next week or two); but if you pre-book one by paying a 100 JOD deposit you guarantee a phone as well as a free Fatboy wireless charging pillow ($74value); the 100 JOD deposit is deducted from the 480 JOD ($670) USD price-tag.


According to Nokia Jordans Facebook page it should be available in ‘white, black, red and yellow (sorry Cyan lovers).



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  • WhiteAdy

    HOLY SH***TT GREAT NEWS!!! I love you man!! 😀 I called the nearest store just now, and tomorrow I’m booking right away!!! 😀

    • Didn’t realize you were in Jordan; there are no official Nokia stores anymore as far as I can tell (they seem to all have closed) but you can get it from smartbuy and a couple other places

    • WhiteAdy

      No homo hahah I’m just so friggin’ happy cause I really really hoped to have a wireless charging accessory together with my precious 920 and guess what? the fatboy pillow is my favorite one 😀

  • Ali abdulla

    Nope, yellow won’t be launched soon, maybe after a month … So I took ur word, and booked a red one :} …. Although they were 4 months late, the fatboy was a pleasent surprise

  • Vineet

    This is crap. Jordanians always get the good stuff. Here in Dubai I can’t even find a decent 24 carat diamond case for my 920!

  • DesR85

    That is a pretty good deal. Pity no such deal is available in Malaysia. You just buy the device and that’s it. 🙁

    Then again, no wireless charger is available yet here, so I’ll wait and see if any such offers will pop up once it does.

    Either way, I’ll still buy it even without the charger bundled together. After all, Samsung, HTC, Apple and other OEMs don’t do this for their phones, and yet they still sell, so I don’t see it as a big deal.

  • Paid the 100JD still no real price for the phone and the sales man said i need to wait at least another 10 days. 🙁 just a bad way to treat a loyal customer by NokiaJordan.