Nostalgia Lane: 13 Of the Top 20 most Selling Mobiles in History Are Nokias

| January 22, 2013 | 15 Replies

The Telegraph have posted a really cool article/slideshow that showcases the top 20 most selling mobiles on the planet; since the beginning of time. Of course Nokia have quite the presence on the list taking up 13 of the top 20 spots (including spots 1-6). Topping the list is the 1110 which over the past 7 years of its existence has sold 250 MILLION devices!! Which is about 35 Million a Year/2.5 Million a month/83 Thousand a day/3500 per hour or 60 per minute! Which brings us to a nice and clean one phone per SECOND!

Nokia 1110

Also featuring on the list are the Nokia 3210 and the 1200 which sold a 160 Million and a 150 Million units respectively.

Note however that the only smartphones on the list are the Galaxy S2/S3 and the iPhone 3Gs & 4S; whose profits alone probably match the 250 million 1110 sold by Nokia; still it’s great to see a reminder of how dominant Nokia was (and is); and hopefully we can see some Lumias up there soon.





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