Nostalgia Lane: 13 Of the Top 20 most Selling Mobiles in History Are Nokias

| January 22, 2013 | 15 Replies

The Telegraph have posted a really cool article/slideshow that showcases the top 20 most selling mobiles on the planet; since the beginning of time. Of course Nokia have quite the presence on the list taking up 13 of the top 20 spots (including spots 1-6). Topping the list is the 1110 which over the past 7 years of its existence has sold 250 MILLION devices!! Which is about 35 Million a Year/2.5 Million a month/83 Thousand a day/3500 per hour or 60 per minute! Which brings us to a nice and clean one phone per SECOND!


Nokia 1110

Also featuring on the list are the Nokia 3210 and the 1200 which sold a 160 Million and a 150 Million units respectively.

Note however that the only smartphones on the list are the Galaxy S2/S3 and the iPhone 3Gs & 4S; whose profits alone probably match the 250 million 1110 sold by Nokia; still it’s great to see a reminder of how dominant Nokia was (and is); and hopefully we can see some Lumias up there soon.





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  • I don’t find the 1100 that amazing. Cheap device, within reach of a lot of people and provides in basic needs that they have.

    What is far more amazing is the 5230 from 2010 a time when Nokia wasn’t the most popular choice and it wasn’t the cheapest device either. It sold a 150 million, and isn’t that considered a smartphone? I ran S60v5 so it was as capable as all the other ARM11 434Mhz running devices at the time, like the N97. The only thing missing was WiFi if I recall correctly.

    • KeiZka

      Channel stuffing, anyone? Sure, it sold. But at what cost to Nokia?

      • Viipottaja

        Well, I would (at least certainly hope) think they did not keep churning out 150 units at a loss altogether. 🙂

        Btw, 5230 was apparently at least mildly successful on T-Mo even here in the US (and probably also in Canada), probably __in part__explaining the enduring 2% or so user base still found in some user base estimates.

        • incognito

          Despite what we might think of the lowly 5230, it still is probably the cheapest useful GPS (proper, with offline mode etc.) device out there, so no wonder it sold in quantities. The smartphone addition to it, no matter how we rate the s60v5 experience, is a pure bonus.

          Taking its features into account, it actually stands quite well on the features/price ratio, and it definitely is a smartphone so Ali missed that one from the list. Also, taking into account the price during its heyday, it probably was the only smartphone at the given price range that can actually be used. Ask anyone who had experience with cheapo Androids back then if you think Symbian sucked…

          • Viipottaja

            Yup, 5230 was great for the price. And of course ridiculed by many a geek at it’s time.

  • Ferrunz

    Topping the list is the 1110, not the 1100. It’s embarrassing that a blog dedicated to Nokia would make such a stupid error..
    Also, your maths is shocking. You excessively round down each division you make when you shouldn’t. One phone sold per second over 7 years is approx 217 million. Way off from 250 million. Good stuff.

    • Viipottaja

      Accountant? 😉 😛

    • Ferrunz

      Nice to see they corrected themselves without acknowledging the error. No comment reply, no crossing out to show the piece was edited. I suppose it’s understandable to attempt to mask such a careless mistake, and that’s what we’ve come to expect from these guys. Every piece seems careless, rushed, and the opinions presented are often not well thought out. Shit blog.

  • Daviss

    how dominant Nokia was (and is); and hopefully we can see some Lumias up there soon.

    Nokia will never ever be dominant again with Lumia strategy, says me. So this reminder is makes me sad.


      nokia has a good reputation for making great phones but people stopped buying nokia because of its ui and inability to compete with android.

      but now that nokia has a good ui and ecosystem you can be sure that nokia will be a dominate player again

      many people who used nokia before will come back and nokia’s technology and service will bring in new people.

      • Idk about the good “ecosystem” part.. So far it isn’t a good ecosystem yet… Lets hope it gets there fast before Nokia loses more.. Although I am one of those people who strongly opposes the WP move, I really want Nokia to succeed no matter what..

        • Daviss

          With all the downsizing and all, there is no way Nokia can be dominant anymore, it can only be the box mover like Dell and HP alike, the window strategy is a huge mess, no doubt about it. Nokia can achieve the big pie within wp, but wp is just a fraction of pie in the smart phone market. Hate to say this but sigh..

  • Zizou

    , this is just the beginning of a new era for nokia.. The giant was asleep..and now it has woken up.. It may take time..but nokia will soon overtake all.. It is just one unique device that would change everything.. Hope they release very soon..:)

  • rustyknight17

    Hqahaha , no , I wouldn`t hold my breath . Nokia had a clear shot last quarter and a great smartphone ( lumia 920 ) , yet they only managed 4.4 million units with no credible challengers . How r they going to perform with dangerous rivals coming , 2 of which will be here tommorrow … ( BB10 )

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