Nokia Drive+ Now Free To Download to All Windows Phone 8 Users in US, Canada & UK

| January 23, 2013 | 72 Replies


Nokia’s go to mapping experience, the turn by turn mapping service for Windows Phone 8 “Nokia Drive Beta +” has just gone public to all WP8 users, and no longer a Lumia exclusive. You can download the app on your non-Lumia device provided you’re on the UK/US/Canadian marketplace.. or you could get a Lumia.

Starting today, Microsoft and Nokia are making the beta of Nokia Drive+, the company’s turn-by-turn navigation app, available for free to all Windows Phone 8 customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Download it from the Windows Phone Store.

This is a boost for WP8 users in genera;, but a bit less to offer as a Nokia exclusive.





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  1. Vineet says:

    Great news if Nokia is getting paid for this.
    Terrible news if this is just a free contribution to bolster the platform.

    (Will keep eye out on the quarterly results Navteq section)

    So now that all WPs have Nokia Maps AND Drive, can they be combined into a single app again….

  2. sina88 says:

    Bad, bad bad… Of course I wished that every app would be available on every platform. But this decision is a good one for Microsoft but a bad one for Nokia. Maybe Microsoft wanted NokiaDrive for their HTC 8x? Which is the unofficial-official Windows Phone device (at least it’s the HTC 8x which is always presented at Microsoft stands, stores & even advertisement (see Thanksgiving wishes from Windows Phone) – Lumia seems to be ignored by them.

    And how many people did I hear saying: “If I buy a Windows Phone I would go with the Nokia ones because of their Navigation apps” – that advantage is now gone.

    • KeiZka says:

      If there’s cash in the deal…

      • Keith too says:

        “But this decision is a good one for Microsoft but a bad one for Nokia.”

        Would you mine sharing the insider information you obvioulsy have in order to conclude that.

        “And how many people did I hear saying: “If I buy a Windows Phone I would go with the Nokia ones because of their Navigation apps”

        I never heard it once, though I have heard “because of their exclusive apps” hundreds of times.

        • Just Visiting says:

          ^^Agree. Most of the comments I’ve read on this site, and countless others, is that the exclusive apps AND support that Nokia provides, was one of the incentives for purchasing a Lumia device. Plus the style, technology, and price were other factors as well.

          I get the feeling that the other oems, did in fact, agree to license the use of this app (probably at Microsoft’s admonishment). While Nokia wants to be the ‘Where’ platform, I simply can’t see them giving up this crown jewel for free.

        • KeiZka says:

          Nah, I just won’t take the negative nancy attitude most of people here seem to have over everything that has MS written on it.

        • sina88 says:

          Thanks for your reply. This is my personal opinion – which I think can be expected in the comment section. Else I would have mentioned the source.

          I’ve barely ever heard anyone saying “because of their exclusive apps” – except maybe on online platforms & blogs. But Maps & Drive were part of the Nokia exclusive apps. I’m pretty sure what I hear, especially for someone working in the mobile technology sector ;-)

          Let’s hope Nokia gets it refunded through licenses, but we don’t officially know about that.

        • Don Draper says:

          Actually the wonderful nav app is the main reason I’d opt for the Lumia over the HTC 8x, even though I prefer the thinner and less wide form factor of the 8x. But now that its available on the 8x I have some thinking to do…

    • Mike says:

      They still have the advantage of selling the best hardware

      • xxx says:

        And there are no software (for example games) which are able to use powerfull device. Making dual core phone for skype or office applications is wastening of resources.

  3. v.s.i says:

    I reckon it’s naive to think Nokia are simply giving away GPS navigation licenses especially considering they have the lion’s share of WP. ;)

    • Just Visiting says:

      I think there are getting some financial compensation from the other oems, even with their 75% of the WP market. I highly doubt that HTC and Samsung devices are going to start flying off of the shelves just because they can now get access to Nokia Drive.

      Nokia will continue to dominate in WP.

  4. SLAYER says:

    so will it be available to download from the marketplace or it will come preloaded on samsungs?

  5. viktor von d. says:

    ok but why free. they should charge for it.

    • DesR85 says:

      If it is available for free, then the other WP partners must have agreed to pay Nokia a certain fee and have its cost passed down to the consumers via a slight increase in the device cost? Could be possible or it is already included before the announcement…

  6. shallow ocean shoal says:

    To all yous who don’t like this,

    I guess then google maps should just go on all those phones instead

  7. Noki says:

    Just hope Nokia is being paid well for this… well HTC’s, ZTE’s Samsung’s appreciate the offer. As well as all WP users not buying Nokias. I for one wish i could buy nokia mapps app on BB app world next month.

  8. Francis says:

    Wake UP !

    Remember, if WP failed, Nokia will failed too. If Nokia don’t help Microsoft by giving better feature in WP and help to increase the user acceptance, Nokia can not survive with small user group.

    Nokia MUST contribute every single resources they have to fight for WP success, else Nokia will be gone soon !

    Furthermore, many Nokia Users especially Lumia Owner still daydreaming saying how good about Nokia Maps ! You are frog living inside well !.

    Google maps is a widely established and proven accepted by majority public in map application, but NOT Nokia Maps. Currently Nokia Maps only been used by less than 5% of New Smartphone buyer. Do you think Nokia Maps can stand longer to survive in such low smartphone user group ??

    Nokia MUST contribute all their expertise to help Microsoft to improve WP, especially in low level hardware interfacing (such as Camera and hardware notifications), and the improved features MUST be available to all WP maker too (including HTC and Samsung).

    Then, WP will have better change to Win in this Smartphone war. Hence, Nokia can survive too in this majority strategy change !

  9. Ajit says:

    Elop is killing Nokia and making it crippled.

    Did anyone ever think of Nokia maps on its competitors platform offered for free?

    Elop will slowly give away all Nokia patents to Microsoft. Mark my words.

    • Bassman says:

      Do you ever spout anything other than this overly negatve crap?

      Can you not see the bigger picture? It’s doubtful that Nokia are ‘giving away’ this for free and will very likely be receiving licencing money. Any actions which further the mapping side of the business should be welcomed.

  10. JGrove303 says:

    This is a BIG kiss-off from Nokia to Google. With Here and Nokia Drive Beta+, Nokia is expanding their reach and increasing the information that Nokia Maps can offer. By pinging Maps users, Navteq gets more info on traffic conditions. POI are the one thing Goofle users care about most and that is also what will increase with Here users checking in and making location corrections.

    licensed by OEMs or not, Here will be expanded user wise as will its usefulness.

    Samsung, HTC and brands users will see NOKIA plastered to their nav. It’ll work great, then those users will want a device that works and is built as well. Their next Device will be a Nokia.

    Navteq is paid for, maintained and is profitable. Why the hell wouldn’t Nokia have even more people use it? Its like Volvo and their patent on safety belts in cars. They didn’t charge for others to use it, and now it has saved countless lives and it’s now mandatory for cars to have them. Apple Maps is a death trap and Google Maps is ad revenue funded. Nokia Maps could end both. All they gotta do is get more users on it.

    • spacemodel says:

      To get HERE on the other WP OEM’s can hardly be called as ‘expanding their reach and increasing the information’.
      Don’t forget, we’re talking about 5% marketshare, WP is an almost not excisting OS.

      Nokia had a very big chance to introduce HERE to a wide range of the mobile world during the ‘Apple Maps disaster’ when there was no Google Maps available for iOS.
      That was a once in a lifetime chance but they failed miserably by producing an app for iOS which was, to put it mildly, below par.

  11. DesR85 says:

    What I don’t get is why is Nokia Drive + still in Beta until now. Are there still lingering bugs in the software that needed to be resolved? Not that I am nitpicking or anything, but when Nokia Drive was embedded in their WP 7.5 devices, it was already complete (well, except that initially, searching and planning a route requires an internet/data connection).

    • Benz says:

      You know, I think this is a much bigger thing with Nokia. I believe Nokia simply is not very good at making software. It’s probably not the engineers/coders fault, but something with the management and planning etc. They have great ideas but the implemention never goes 100%, it’s more closer to 75%.

      After years of development Symbian never could compete with modern OS’ user experience. Now this has also much to do with the years of development, I’m sure it was also a baggage that slowed the development. This is why I personally think the move to go for WP was really good: they suck with software, so why not let someone else do it for them with better results. Sure there are still features missing but they are easily compensated with the general “it just works” -feeling.

      Nokia Pulse, when was it first released, 1-2 years ago? Still beta. And I’m sure there are other examples as well.

      But hardware, both the actual devices and the logistics how to make them, that’s where they still are good. I believe Nokia still makes most profit per phone of any manufacturer with the low cost feature phones. Just proves you need to know how to optimize the hardware and the manufacturing process.

      • DesR85 says:

        “Nokia Pulse, when was it first released, 1-2 years ago? Still beta. And I’m sure there are other examples as well.”

        On the Lumia phones, I recall seeing it sometime last year and is still in Beta until today. It’s long, but not that big of a deal to me, but Drive on the other hand, is an essential app and I was surprised to see that it is still in Beta during its launch.

        But I am confident that it will get out of that stage, given its importance. Hopefully, it will be soon. ;)

  12. Sefriol says:

    This is to boost WP North America sales which aren’t that great. I wonder if we are going to see the same all around the world. Tbf Nokia needs more differentiation agaist other WP phones.

  13. Doug says:

    But is it integrated with the Maps app loaded on all WP8 devices? That’s the question.

    Because if I can’t go into Maps and search for an address and when I want to navigate it takes me right into Drive, then that makes switching from my 920 to an ATIV S seem kinda stupid even if they have the better display.

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