Software Update Available For Asha 306; Bumps It Up to V.5.93

| January 23, 2013 | 14 Replies

A Nokia employee over at the official Nokia Discussion forums just posted a heads-up about a new update being rolled out to Asha 306 owners:

We have started rolling out a new software update for Asha 306 (RM-767 & RM-768):  v. 5.93. Based on current information this update will be available mostly to users in Middle East, Africa, South East Asia & Pacific regions (including India) and also some users from Latin Americas. The update should be already available via Nokia Suite for many countries on the mentioned regions. FOTA update packages should (hopefully) follow later. You can find the update instructions for your phone from here.

The latest update brings some stability fixes, performance fixes and some all around general tweaking:


Key changes compared to previous 3.63/3.81 SW versions:

  • Phone software stability improvements

  • Improved display brightness and touch screen performance

  • Improved phone memory handing

  • Correction for the Taipei time zone

  • General performance and usability improvements

I was actually surprised to see that the S40 devices support over the air updates, which is quite impressive; seeing how it only became available to iOS and Windows Phone users quite recently.



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    I remember updating an S40 over the air in 2008.

    • Dylan

      OTA updating has always been a feature in S40, since the beginning with Nokia 7110 in 1998.

  • Maybe

    WP7… backward step for Nokia…

    • Bassman

      So it only took 3 posts to turn a thread about an update for Asha’s into a whinge about WP. Well done…. Bellend.

    • MOOKing


  • Luisito

    FOTA as much as I know is available on everything


    YES! I’m loving all this focus on S40. S40 is better than Symbian, doesn’t have the problems Symbian did.

    All this hard work, innovation, and improvements for S40 are paying off for Nokia.

    • Pasanen oli hieno mies


      Nokia is going to have better publicity with Asha phones.

      • aw6789

        They should introduce some basic multitasking (2-3apps) in the next release of it. Will really fight low-end droids then!

  • PuppyMonster

    the update came with a new notification app. but it doesn’t seem to work for my devices yet.
    i got 3 asha devices at home (2 305 and 1 309) and i recently got the update OTA. It took 20 mins for the update to be fully downloaded. i wish they had 3g support for faster data connection. anyways, does anyone here knows how to make caller groups? i just can’t see any option for one.

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  • hi there i have a nokia asha 306 currently have 5.93 v is there a later version out yet?

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