Lumia 920 Front Facing Camera Test

| January 25, 2013 | 11 Replies

Besides the pretty amazing rear camera on the Lumia 920 it also packs a pretty decent front facing camera; in fact it’s the first Nokia phone to ever have a HD capable front facing camera. The FFC is a 1.2 Mp F/2.4 lens that takes some impressive (relatively speaking of course) videos in proper light; which should come in handy seeing how Skype is deeply integrated into Windows Phone 8. However in my testing I found that the video has s light “yellowish” tint to it when viewing on my PC later, although it looked superb on the phone’s screen while filming.


Here’s a sample of the camera on the Lumia 900 for comparison, the 900’s camera was only capable of 480p but still did a pretty good job of it.



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  • Rat Kutti

    wow, the difference is huge. Offcourse i know that via resolution numbers, seeing it live for the first time. And by the way, wondering whether the 920 has eliminated the background noise or the place is actually really quite. 900 was noisy but its unavoidable on roads.

  • JGrove303

    I am so spoiled by 920 OIS I almost couldn’t stand watching your vid. No offence to you, Ali.

    best for stationary recording, the front cam.

  • incognito

    Doesn’t the Lumia 920 use two mics to do noise-cancellation? The wind gushes are more terrible than on the N8.

    • JGrove303

      Not positive, but position of the mics might make the difference there.

      one on top, one on bottom and (where’s the third exactly?). Versus the N8-00. Where one is at the bottom of the camera hump and the other on the front, base of the bottom cap. N8-00’s mics are shielded a bit.

      • incognito

        But the whole point of having mics with 90° orientation to each other is to cancel such things by picking the anomalies. Using three mics (two at 90° angle, one with different sensitivity) is there to allow good recording of low, powerful sounds (bass and such), but two mics should be able to effectively cancel out wind gushes.

        The 808PV does amazing job when it comes to this, and judging by their PR the Lumia 920 also utilizes some form of the so-called Rich Recording (albeit mono) – maybe they just don’t turn it on when using the front-facing camera?

  • tulip

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    • Trexus

      So you’re just expressing how ignorant & closed-minded you are, is that your point?

    • ABout fancy cars you’re thinking more about the gulf area (Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia) since they have oil. But Jordan does have some of that; and nonetheless this is supposed to be a good neighborhood; and you’re right people here don’t care about public cleanliness at all. And that’s what strikes me most when I go back to the US or anywhere else; just how clean it is.

      • incognito

        If it’s of any consolation, based on your videos as I haven’t been to Jordan (been to Israel, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, but somehow missed you :D), in that area Lebanon and especially Egypt are far, far dirtier. The most polluted and dirty city I’ve been in is Cairo, Beijing being a distant second (tho I went to China before the Olympics, don’t know if they cleaned it up a bit since then), and if we forgo the pollution, the dirtiest city I’ve been in is definitely Aswan (a shame really, it’s quite a charming small city) – compared to those, Jordan (from your videos) looks like a medical lab.

        • Never been to Egypt, but I hear Alexandria is amazing, while Cairo is filthy, mainly because of the sheer amount of people there.

          Pollution is a problem here because that’s the first chunk of budget corrupt politicians bite out of.

          • incognito

            Yup, Alexandria is really something, it appears as not even being a part of Egypt, even motorists are turning on their lights at night and respect the speed limits 😀 Still dirty for European standards, but compared to Cairo it’s a different Universe 🙂

            Given the political turmoils in the area I can completely understand why the governments don’t give a rat’s ass for the environment or cleanliness in general, but it still is a shame as very little investment could go a long way.