BB10 Officially Launched- This is What Meego Should’ve Been; What Nokia can learn From BB

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*The following is a mix of a rant + my personal thoughts on the BB10 launch and what Nokia can learn from it.

Just now BlackBerry are finishing up their most important launch ever; that of BB10- Without going into too much detail many are comparing BB’s current position to Nokia’s; except rather than jumping ship they’ve tried to weather the storm and hold out with their own homegrown OS. Of course no-one knows how successful this will be, and just because it might work for BB doesn’t mean it would have worked for Nokia; but the point I’m trying to make is that BB pulled it together with the launch of BB10. An OS that takes a lot of hints from Nokia’s own Meego; where the flagship device the “Z10” follows the N9 in being one of the elite few devices that is absolutely button-less.


Relying totally on gestures BB10 seems like Meego re-incarnated; except it’s much more than that, what differentiates the two is the fact that BB10 is “complete” (or so it seems from afar). The launch of BB10 so far or perhaps the “delivery” has been flawless. Granted the CEO “Heins” looked a bit like a lanky goofy on stage besides their hardware engineer “Vivek Bhardwaj” who absolutely brilliant; he was well composed, knew his stuff and had just enough “funny” in him to keep you interested.

Looking past that at the actual “preparedness” for the launch; although BB10 was delayed countless times it certainly appears to have been worth it- rather than releasing a half baked software/device to satisfy customers RIM buckled down, but delay after delay seems to have payed off. Today alongside the launch they announced 70,000 apps in the new Blackberry marketplace; regardless of the quality that’s a high number; but even better they had some big names in the app business Available already. For example Skype, Angry Birds Starwars, Jetpack Joyride (which was promised for WP8 months ago and still hasn’t come), Whatsapp and more are ALREADY IN THE STORE! Something even Microsoft who owns Skype couldn’t get right for their own launch!


Not only did they have a great delivery of the products, (two phones only; the Z10 & Q10) but they were able to announce the new features they had in store, such as screen-sharing over video chat, efficiently and without repeating the feature a million times. And the icing on the cake was the fact that they provided a pricing, availability and next day release! Yes! you can literally walk into a store tomorrow and buy a Z10.

Looking at another aspect of BB10; the “Blackberry Hub” which is exactly like the People Hub in Windows Phone, except it’s so much prettier; BB Hub shows you all recent events from a specific contact (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Email Text etc.) but it does it without losing the “look” of each network. That way it keeps a distinction between the different forms of contact and it just looks a lot more polished than the people hub.

At the risk of going on for another 3 hours I’m going to end by saying that even though the BB10 launch was severely delayed, Nokia could do well to take a few pointers from it; especially when it comes to organizing the followups of the event; oh did I mention that BB had 5 events going on across the globe simultaneously; where they were able to video call another event live on stage? Or the fact that the video cast live stream never cut out a single time while playing (for anyone)… It’s the little things that count.

Oh and that Z10 in white… is ridiculously gorgeous:


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  • Keith too

    RIM is down 13% on nearly 4.5 x average volume and falling futher in after hours–ouch. I really do hope RIM, err Blackberry survives but I fear they will be a niche player at best and worse than that a distinct possiblity.

    But no one knows it will all turn out yet, though I’m pretty sure that Nokia chose the better path, but time will tell. I do not think Blackberry’s new phones are very exciting and that’s before we know how stable they are.

  • Sefriol

    BB10 has same problems that other new OS’ do. They are overhyped and they don’t actually bring anything remarkable to the market. Same goes with Sailfish and Ubuntu.
    RIM has a good reputation as phone maker, but I doubt it will carry them far enough. Too little too late. It all comes down to ecosystems after all. Windows, iOS and Android have devices which carry more hardware (phones, tablets, pc etc.) and software on them.
    Plus the BB10 phones aren’t anything special. Those who bought RIM phones might still do, but for others.. I’m skeptical to say the least.

    • Noki

      sorry to say but windows belongs way more in the Sailfish and Ubuntu. category than in IOS or android:)
      BB still today seals more bb’s than all of the wp combined.

      You do however present some of the problems correctly…we will see how they will do in the coming quarters…I’m getting the z10 as soon as I can. My N9 is getting a bit to old. (in fact i mostly use the dev alpha device this days for apps and smart-phone things)

  • Right decision? Time will tell. BB10 is only but one (1) out of many mobile RTOS (Real Time Operating System) based mobile computers released. Wait until Firefox, Ubuntu, Sailfish release. Finally put the last nail into that burning platform a.k.a., Windows Phone. It’s’ sad to see Nokia go down with Windows Phone, but if that’s what it takes to scare off the other Windows Phone OEMs, then let Nokia die with Windows Phone.

    • viktor von d.

      i remeber when people like you made fun of those who were using the expressions” wait for wp 7.5 and then you’ll see, wait for wp8 and then you’ll see, waith for next quarter, or next year to see what nokia is doing”. and now the tables have turned from what it seems :)))

      newsflash for you
      -firefox is only intended for the low end, it will have little support and will mostly be destined for china,india and the free contract operator branded phones in europe.
      -sailfish, again destined for china with little backing in the world from carriers, no customer awareness, no ecosystem around it, services to complete it. also they haven’t even shown a phone yetm that means that when they will have a commercially available phone it will only be available in china and a few carriers at best in europe. from there if the response is positive it will take a few years to become a established platform
      -ubuntu-imo is the best of them right now, has the most potential, but they will only show a phone in q1 first they won’t have an app store. that means that the whole 2014 will be reserved for the diehards of the platform. after that year it will take another couple of years to become an established platform and a viable choice for oems to use it and consumers to buy.

      all of the above will take at least 2 years to materialize. if you really think they will obliterate whatever wp becomes by then than i suggest you prepare yourself for the waiting period

      • Who’s waiting? Microsoft – Nokia / Ballmer – Elop is just doing fine obliterating WP as it is.

        Newsflash for you : Windows Mobile / WP / Microsoft mobile OS, from its inception and through various reboots and relaunches, is destined to fail, just as Win8 is failing with the slowest adoption rate, even slower than Windows Vista.

        Elop’s Nokia with 29 Million phones for every quarter (1:1 ratio WP for every Symbian unit sold) was never delivered during the last two (2) years as promised.

        Nokia / Symbian / Maemo / MeeGo users have already dumped Nokia for other platforms.

        What’s left of Nokia are WinPhans as they would like to call themselves.

        As for me, I’m just here to witness this slow motion train wreck spectacle. 🙂

        • Bassman

          You really are a sad and bitter little bunny aren’t you…

          • None sadder than the WP astroturfers, shills and turncoats. Oh wait, I just described YOU! 🙂

            • Bassman

              Ooooh, good comeback….

              Could you please explain to me how my comment translates into me being any of the things that you’ve accused me of being?

              I actually feel sorry for you. You seem to think that you’ve been personally wronged by Nokia and I assume this is why you want to watch the ‘slow train wreck’ (which fortunately appears less and less likely). Perhaps you need to get out more and gain a bit of perspective in your life. It’s certainly not healthy to be so obsessed and borders on being a mental health issue.

              • Wow we have an expert here! You are agonizingly drawing from your own pathetic life experience. You should not stare too long in the mirror, it really shows on how you write and think. Fortunately I don’t have your malady of madness following a madman that is driving one of the best companies the world has ever seen into bankruptcy and oblivion.


                • Bassman

                  Oooh, another good comeback, this time with homophobic overtones…. I do appreciate the effort you went to to find a ‘suitable’ video, it shows that you care and that I must have touched a nerve. It’s ok, you can be bitter towards me to if it helps you…

                  You still haven’t answered the question as to why you think I am a Microsoft shill/turncoat/astroturfer etc.

                  I’m assuming it’s because

                  1) I’m not a proactive Elop basher
                  2) I passed comment on your usual bitter rants
                  3) I have tried and actually like using WP
                  4) Having used a number of Symbian devices I’m realistic about it where is falls down (and also where it does well).
                  5) I passed comment on your usual bitter rants

                  The list is not exhaustive.

                  Tbh, I’m not interested in Elop or OPK or the board of directors, as a long time Nokia user all I demand, as a consumer, is a good product. When it comes time for my N8 to be put out to pasture, I’m pleased that Nokia have released some, IMO, great products.
                  What I am tired of is reading the message boards and finding that they have been taken over by people who clearly have a childish obsession with re-hashing the same tired arguaments all the time. I get it. You don’t like the way Nokia have gone. Boo hoo, move on, there are plenty of other websites where you and like minded people can swim in your cesspit of negativity.

                  Also, what I find hypocritical is that you have made accusations against me, when it is quite clear from the last lines of your comment smacks of gooey eyed fanboism.

                  “Fortunately I don’t have your malady of madness following a madman that is driving one of the best companies the world has ever seen into bankruptcy and oblivion”,

        • Gordon Ramsay lopettaa juttujaan hauskasti

          Elop never promised to deliver 29 million phones every quarter.

          You never wondered how would it have been possible to sell that many phones with a considerably higher ASP? Symbian’s ASP was coming down really fast. At this time it could be 80€ and that’s just too low. Something had to be done.

          Symbian was losing on all fronts because it was no longer a very good product. It was rather a relic designed for ultra low quality hardware and for those very poor people not able to afford anything else. Unfortunately Android started to hit the same price point and it was good product.

          MeeGo? Not possible to make people buying 130€ Symbian phones to buy vast amounts of MeeGo phones costing 400€. It was just not going to happen.

          Some people like Tomi Ahonen may claim it was destined to happen, but in reality, no. He claims that because he makes his living from fabricating stories. That’s how he gets more work. It’s probable that he would be running out of money if there was no Elop to bash.

          So, Tomi Ahonen is probably doing this just because he is greedy.

      • rustyknight17

        The others u r proably riight but Sailfish IMO has real potential …
        steelicon included BB10 in his list , ur take ?

  • Keizka

    Methinks we have here a ton of people who’d be happier at Crackberry than here…

    • viktor von d.

      true. i still don’t understand what people are doing on this blog anymore. you don’t buy nokia devices anymore, you hate their new direction and their chosen platform. and you already have picked alternatives like sailfish and blackberry. why come back here everyday to troll articles. do yu guys really have no life?

      here some useful links

      • Bassman


      • rustyknight17

        Can`t speak for others but it sits nowe , my backup device will in all likelihood be a Nokia …

  • Weirdfisher

    Amazing software with gorgeous hardware

  • pathetic

    what nokia has to learn is, of his mistakes, one very serious of course kill meego. nokia, you left your weapons to the enemy and you have killed with your own gun? thats very smart. thanks Elop, you are an as*shole, well, everybody knows that

    • migo

      No, the mistake was not killing meego, the mistake was killing maemo. And not buying webOS. Nokia was too arrogant to buy Palm, yet partnered with Intel.

      By the time Elop took the reigns, there was nothing to work with.

      • Saul

        Except they didn’t, nice red-herring, Maemo (Harmattan) was very much the focus, they’d barely moved into MeeGo-proper before resources will killed, WebOS is also a furfy.
        And they didn’t only partner with Intel, there was at least two other (mostly ARM-based) handset OEM’s ready to get heavily involved with MeeGo-proper at the time.
        They of course lost interest the moment Nokia pulled out…

  • richard

    Never expect that I will like the blackberry. Want to buy both white and black Z10.

    • +1, me too… never thought I would have to leave Nokia… But now, the N9 is my last Nokia…

  • GordonH

    Biggest thing going on for RIMM is the respect gained from their fanbase.
    Biggest thing going on for Nokia is the respect gained from MS shareholders.


      rimm down 12%

      • GordonH

        Respect from fanbase is a bit different from respect from Ms stakeholders.

      • Noki

        it was up 150% the last 3 months how is nokia doing, for the last weeks?


          so how much money did you make on rimm ?


          last 3 months rimm has gone from $7.88 to $12.82
          that’s 63%
          where did you get “up 150%” from ??????

      • noki

        BBRY is up 12% today

  • alsocan

    rim is clever to respect their fans. They understood why people choose blackberry (messaging, typing, corporate use) and innovated upon it.

    Nokia on the other hand insulted their customers by switching exclusively their attention to iphone audience. They basically said “we don’t know why you’re buying our terrible products and we frankly don’t care. You’re worthless and hopeless, we’d rather try to win over another audience that is richer and classier than you”

    • twinklestar1792


    • Carbontubby

      RIM or BlackBerry or whatever new name the company has focused entirely on the enterprise and showed a middle finger to the consumer market. Guess which market the iPhone and Android cater to…

      Hell, the Playbook tablet was aimed at the Blackberry-toting enterprise market, but ended up a total failure in that segment. The only reason people buy them is because of the hugely slashed price.

      The latest offerings from Apple, Samsung and Nokia are more complete feature-wise than BB10 and they’ve been on the market for a lot longer. Big companies dumped Blackberries and their stupid BES nonsense, preferring to go BYOD and use enterprise sync solutions like ActiveSync. Nokia didn’t insult its customers, it did the smart thing to focus on what the majority of consumers really want – the smartphone as Internet terminal. It focused on people who wanted new devices and were willing to pay lots of money for them.

      Instead of a bunch of Symbian and Meego geeks whingeing on Internet forums 😉

      • Noki

        if Nokia did not insult the customers how com so few bought Lumias?

        • Bassman

          Probably because Nokia tarnished their reputation releasing phones like the N97 and the S3 phones pre belle (which was too little too late), certainly the case in the UK where Nokia have been generally known for making cheap albeit sturdy dumbphones.

          Fortunately the tide does seem to be turning and I’ve seen quite a few Lumia’s in the wild recently, certainly more than the S3 phones (still using my N8 as daily driver). I have also spoken to quite few people who are considering Lumia’s as their next phones, which is a step in the right direction.

          • Gordon Ramsay lopettaa juttujaan hauskasti


            Nokia was hardly selling any reasonable amounts of high end Symbian phones in 2010 before Symbian development was ended.

            Focusing on low end was devastating for the company.

          • noki

            sure, but then if its all symbians foult how come WP does not sell in any OEM????

      • Deep Space Bar

        doesn’t matter look at Nokia from 30+% to now 2 -3% lpl remember wp is totally new and shitty…just like symbian belle,bb10 is still the original os just a new version

        • What? BB10 is still the old OS like Symbian Belle? Really? Not even remotely close DSB. First of all the entire underpinnings of BB10 are different, the UI looks different (not so much though) to operate it is completely different. No more buttons like most old BB users are used to, no buttons at all infact.

          Symbian Belle on the other hand; looks the same. Operates largely the same, biggest change there is some added functionality that isn’t as hard to learn.

          BB10 on the other hand is nothing like BB OS7. Someone coming from the older non-touch BB’s will have a nightmare getting used to BB10. This doesn’t mean however that BB10 is bad, sucks, is ugly, or nobody wants it as you tend to put so eloquently towards WP. BB10 has potential, but claiming it is just like the original BB OS is insane.

      • migo

        BB didn’t give the finger to the consumer market. The Z10 is very appealing for consumers.

      • rustyknight17

        Except not quite . Have u actually used BB10 ? Evidently not …
        Blackberry is targeting people who r all about getting stuff done. And no , that`s not just enterprise . Speaking of which …
        Afew companies dumped blackberry but the majority hung on and waited to see what BB10 world . And mmost of them r glad they did !
        Nokia didn`t insult its customers ? Really ? Au contraire , Nokia has succeeded in alienating its core user base ; e.g. Symbian and Meego users . Not smart …
        Playbook total failure ?? Sure , the first ones had some missing features , but after the 2.0 software , ewveryone I know who has one is quite satisfied with it !

    • Noki

      bravo +++++100

    • Deep Space Bar

      the way of the americans 1000%

  • kari

    mobile is very good but i dont like the os.its somewhat ugly.on the otherhand nokia made a mindblowing device 920 i like hardware.

  • Carbontubby

    Just like Meego, BB10 could be another case of too little, too late. The hardware is rather humdrum and the software looks like a more complete version of Meego’s UI, but apparently there are still lots of annoying interface bugs.

    If it had come out in early 2011, it could have made a big splash. Now in 2013 it looks like one more device in a sea of similar devices. There is nothing new in BB10 which isn’t already in Android and Windows Phone, so it’s yet another locked down proprietary operating system running on just one device.

    If RIM/Blackberry market the Z10 as a midrange phone, it could do well. If it’s priced as a flagship to go up against the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 and Lumia 920, then we have another soon-to-be-dead platform.

    Next: Sailfish 🙂

    • Noki

      fair points, In bb10 defence i would say its does a few things great…browser best i have ever used in a mobile by far, and I do mean by far, mail app great fast and efficient. smooth butter interaction. the UX as quirky elements to it but its super smooth.

    • What?

      mmmmmm nothing new ah ?
      What new things brought to market windows phone ?
      blackberry is the most innovative of this days , let me tell you some . keyboard , blackberry hub ( notifications ) , blackberry balance , fast browser ( supports flash) , camera , integration , blackberry remmember , UI and many more . 920 is just hardware , anyone can have a 30- Megapixel camera , anyone can have a big screen . now tellme WP innovations

      • Carbontubby

        Learn English? 🙂

        • rustyknight17

          Learning English is A WP innovation ? Wow !
          What? , with u !

          • Saul

            Just so you know, all the necro-ing you’re doing doesn’t make you look smart, far from it. People respect a posters content, not how well he/she can snipe from the sidelines.
            Constantly posting long after a thread’s died just makes you look like you’ve no respect for etiquette, esp. when you’re not posting stuff that’s terribly enlightening.

    • chernov

      Difference is nokia culled meego before the n9 launched. BB will be backed by RIM and the fact it has many top apps and utilised Qt, its the new home for Meego/Maemo developers too.

      Would love to see a build of BBX for the N9 by BB. Damn near impossible but if they did that, it would be a kick in the nuts for Nokia and may help those of the fence jump to BB as opposed to WP/droid. I think Jolla might take that approach because the said they would not release sailfish for the n9 but would provide the tools to do so – in effect trying to pull meego/maemo users towards sailfish.

  • Deep Space Bar

    nokia died when they gave an ex microsoft employee the position of ceo….nothing went into their own OS….and symbian and meego should have fused and bring out a hybrid os like maemo5…but much better…if RIM is about to revive their own OS then Nokia has no damn excuse why they didn’t do it symbian+meego/maemo 5 are all there less work if you have things already preset on the table …this Nokia+microsoft crap maked no sense what so ever for nokia …it’s mostly name sake for Microsoft cause they suck at almost everything

    • Gordon Ramsay lopettaa juttujaan hauskasti

      Nokia started to collapse in 2009. That happened because they had no longer competitive products in the high end.

      The last straw was the killing of Maemo. They should have never started to work on MeeGo because it was just too late to do anything with that.

      MeeGo would have been too little too late.


      • chernov

        Meego was “too late” because of stupid exec decisions to try and keep symbian and ditch AVKON in favour of a Qt based UI in S^4. In they end they realised by culling meego and the downward spiralling of symbian left them with no other option but to adopt droid/wp.

        Yes, lumias are selling but at the end of the day, they are just oem’s now with very little to differentiate them – samsung and apple keep moving at a faster pace.

        • Gordon Ramsay lopettaa juttujaan hauskasti

          That’s pretty much what happened. Some people like Tomi Ahonen are claiming that it was Elop’s fault, but that is not the case.

          In a way this is what was going to happen anyway. Nokia lost unit sales pretty much it would have lost with a Linux core OS released in late 2011. There was really no high end sales to be converted to MeeGo sales. This is something people seem to forget. High end sales were lost in 2009 or early 2010.

          • migo

            This is also where phones like the 620 are Nokia’s best chance (along with the 808 and 920 wowing the tech press) – most people who bought cheap 5230s and the like weren’t terribly disappointed with them, as they were cheap, unlike anyone who bought the N96 or N97.

      • migo

        Absolutely right. Nokia had a lot of the same problems as Microsoft, internal competition and worrying about cannibalising sales. That’s why Maemo never took off, and why the Courier got cancelled.

        Nokia knew where things were going years ago, that’s how they started on the Communicator and on Maemo, just like Microsoft knew Tablets were going to be key, yet neither committed to it. Nokia knew ecosystem would be important, but was afraid to offend their carrier partners.

        If they hadn’t screwed up like that, we would have seen more development on Maemo, a stronger push for the Ovi strategy, and before the iPhone was released, Nokia would have had a strong, touch screen smartphone platform, largely propped up with WiFi, but with a number of important features, like maps, cloud storage, music and email baked in.

        Then with buying Palm they could have quickly done a UI refresh to keep pace with Apple, maintained compatibility with their Maemo software, and maintained a significant portion of their marketshare, at least making it harder for Android to grow at the rate it did.