Caption Contest: Win a Nokia Lumia 820 #LumiaCaption

| January 30, 2013 | 8 Replies


BB3AocqCMAAHQjk (1)@Nokia on twitter are running a fun contest; where the best caption for the image above wins a Lumia 820. All you have  to do is tweet you caption with the hashtag #LumiaCaption, and hope you’re creative enough to win.



Good luck guys 🙂


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  • twig

    “Has anyone see my red Nokia tablet?”

    That’s for those of us who wait.

  • Miko

    Red. That’s the color of the liquid that will gush from you if you ain’t gonna send an update for my 808 PureView.

  • twig

    Ralph walks into a bar called Redneck Roundup in the town of Redwood. He sits down at the table and puts down his red Nokia 820. A beautiful waitress named Rita the redhead walks up. “Would you like a drink” she asks. “What’s on tap?” Ralph says. “Redeye” she says. “I’ll take that in my favorite mug”. Up she comes with a red mug full of Redeye. Ralph then asks “what’s the dinner special?”. “Red squirrel roadkill stew” ,she says. “IS it Red-dy now?” asks Ralph. “5 minutes” says Rita. “Could I have a pen for my friend, he likes to draw as I eat”, says Ralph. “Friend?” inquires Rita the Redhead. Just then Ralph pulls out this red toy and puts it on the table across from him. “Randy the Rabbit”, really.

  • twig

    Hey, this is a Nokia clue speak. Look at the cord that says connect me first and it connects to something else besides the 820. Maybe able to use the pen on it. What’s the toy? Games? That a coffee cup as in coffee tab?

    • twig

      Half the 820 screen is games and what is that thing …a rabbit? Its key to something.


      coffee tab?
      interesting ……..

  • twig

    Navifirm has a Nokia listed called RM 860…Occasional Gamer. It has to tie in with this.

  • seeing red? 😉