Press Release: HERE Platform from Nokia Powers Toyota Motor Europe’s Next Generation of Navigation and Infotainment Systems

| January 31, 2013 | 17 Replies

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I was wondering why I was getting repeat pingbacks on a very old Nokia location story – I thought the spam filter broke. It turns out to have come from TechCrunch who are writing about the Press Release below as Nokia scores another win over Google in mapping by getting Toyota Europe to use Here Maps in their infotainment system.

Toyota is the Latest Major Automotive Brand to Leverage Best-in-Class Nokia Mapping Technology using its Local Search for Automotive

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced that Toyota Motor Europe is the latest automotive brand to select the HERE platform’s Nokia Local Search for Automotive to power its next generation Touch & Go  navigation and infotainment systems. Nokia Local Search for Automotive is a specifically designed solution developed to fulfill the requirements of the automotive industry.


By leveraging Nokia Local Search for Automotive, Toyota drivers will have fast and easy online access to the latest high-quality industry mapping information and community-generated content – including millions of ratings, reviews and images fed directly into their cars.

The introduction of this service demonstrates how Nokia’s HERE business is continuing to extend its industry-leading portfolio of products to meet the needs of its automotive customers.

“The ability to deliver comprehensive and driver-relevant content tailored to automotive requirements makes the Nokia Location Platform an interesting proposition,” said Derek Williams, General Manager, Telematics & Multimedia, Toyota Motor Europe. “It is an excellent basis for creative location-centric concepts and we are delighted to bring this technology to our customers. Nokia Local Search for Automotive is expected to be commercially available in Toyota systems from early 2014 in Europe, Russia and the Middle East.”

Moving forward, Toyota Motor Europe will collaborate with Nokia to study more services that leverage the Nokia Location Platform, including best-in-class content. Nokia is currently the leading company providing end-to-end mapping, navigation and location solutions for the automotive industry.

“Nokia and Toyota share the same vision of what the in-vehicle location experience should be – immersive, always on. Today’s announcement underlines Nokia’s commitment to providing fresh content and services to the auto industry so it can deliver innovative consumer solutions,” said Eric Fumat, Vice President Sales & Business Development EMEA, Nokia Location & Commerce.



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  • capedonut

    That’s good news. but the stock is falling. Seemms to be some worries wrt the tax issue in India


      wow, now thats a long stretch.
      i think it has to do with the u.s. economy contracting last quarter.
      expect many stocks to be down today.

      • capedonut

        Given the sharp reaction to the stock, I thought that the issue could’ve been relevant again. There was an article about it in the finnish business paper

    • viktor von d.

      nah. it will go back to 4 dollars and oscillate between 4 and 4.10 untill mwc when they will show the new phones.
      it has nothing to do with india

    • stylinred

      has more to do with RIM yesterday than it does Indias taxation

      • Keith too

        If that was the case Nokia would be going up not down. It’s obviously not Blackberry related.

        • stylinred

          uh no… rimms got the public and news media excited even though some of the bloggers don’t feel the same way

          even on android and ios heavy user base forums im on have been going on and on about waiting for their pre-orders to arrive

          the bloggers might not think so but everyone else is excited and likely investors as well

  • arts

    They still need to fix their bloody POI. sigh.

  • Nokia increasing monetizing rate of HERE platform, very good!

  • Janne

    You know the drill: Location, … 😉


    YES! This was already a done deal a while ago, they’re only just now showing off the official press release.

    So where is incognito and all the other sad excuses for Nokia “fans”? Where are you trolls? FEEL THE PAIN TROLLS :D!

  • nokiaman

    Great news for NOKIA……. now to intergrate lumia 920

  • prashant


  • JGrove303

    First the Qi wireless charging in the US Market Toyota Avalon, now this. Nokia’s presence is known once again! Now to storm up the ranks and be in a significantly higher number of hands.

    Lumias are gaining traction. I helped a patient of mine with her Lumia 810 today. THAT was awesome

  • Henry Goontry

    I will not buy Toyota with Windows on-the-board, neither will not buy it for my children. I hope this does not mean Toyota want to install such a ….. inside.

    • viktor von d.

      a lot of cars use windows ce for their ssystems.they’ve been using it for years and years.welcome to the world.

      and what does nokia maps on toyota have to do with windows?

    • Bassman

      What a narrow minded point of view…