Google reportedly extending Exchange ActiveSync support to July 31

| January 31, 2013 | 9 Replies


The biggest hit to Microsoft and Windows Phone lately has been Google dropping support for Exchange ActiveSync, the whole base of Microsoft’s awesome social integration with your Google account. We knew existing users wouldn’t have any issues, but it would cause havoc for new users, and most likely existing users who set up a new device. The date this would all happen was to be January 31 2013.


Recently, we heard Microsoft were working to support CardDAV and CalDAV so you can sync your Google Calendar and Contacts with your WP device after, well, today! News has come out today, saying Google will extend support until July 31 2013, to help give Microsoft some more time t0 get WP up to scratch with support for Google Calendar and Contacts.

Although its not the best news (that would be that MS has implemented DAV support already), it does offer some comfort, especially with MWC next month in which we should see a few new WP8 devices.

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  • Does this mean extend working registrations of the service solely on the WP platform? How is that known to google if the MFE service is initiated on a WP device? Could we probably exploit this for Harmattan and Symbian?

    • My question exactly. Setting up a new 808PureView this weekend, and would love to have Exchange still work.

    • Vineet

      Considering Google never specifically aimed at “cutting off WP users”, they don’t honestly care.

      If anyone bothers to read the actual Google blogposts (regarding either this issues) or the one regarding Apps support for WP, you’ll realise there is no anti-WP campaign.

      They were cutting of Google Sync (based on MS EAS) period. They were never cutting off Sync support for WP specifically. It just so happens, that of the various platforms, WP would be specifically affected. iPhone and BB would also lose ActiveSync but iOS has support for calDAV and cardDAV and it ALSO has a dedicated Gmail app.

      BB should end up in the same boat as WP eventually. Both of them will then not be able to “push” mail instantly (minimum period is 15 mins I think) if the account in question is a free Gmail account. Without a dedicated Gmail app, you’d then need support for Google’s specific implementation of the IMAP protocol or IMAP-IDLE or something like that.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  • Gerardino

    But, is CardDav and CalDav only for WP8 or do you think WP7.8 is still being considered?

    • Marc Aurel

      Who knows. There are rumors of additional updates coming for WP 7.x after 7.8, but at the moment they are just that — rumors. I suppose it will also depend on how well Nokia’s new 500 series WP 7.8 phones sell. Companies don’t update phones out of the goodness of their hearts…

      • Gerardino

        Well, the did support Symbian until 2014 out of the goodness of their heart xD
        And since most operators sell 2-year contracts I’d hope Nokia to support their Lumias 800 and 900 for at least that time, which would be somewhere around the end of 2013… so… update maybe?

  • Vineet

    So past July 31st, if we don’t get a Gmail app by then, there is no way to get push gmail on WP. Right?

    Even if MS implements IMAP (its curious they only ever mention, calDAV and cardDAV, never IMAP), I doubt they will support Google’s custom IMAP mods (IMAP-IDLE or whatever they use for push).

    I think that is the far bigger issue everyone is missing here. MS still hasn’t come out and said it will support custom IMAP

    • Gerardino

      At least Google updated Maps in order to be seen from IE on WP. Maybe they do have goodness in their hearts and we can expect a solution from them or them and Microsoft

      • Vineet

        Yea, there never really was any anti-WP campaign by Google. At best they din’t care enough due to low number of users. The maps thing was a carryover from WP7.X when IE”7.5″ and then 9 on 7 and 7.5 respectively din’t have the ability to zoom/pan. Google just took its time enabling the maps when IE10 finally did get the ability.

        But then suggesting Google might not be totally evil might get you trolled here 🙂

        It was always about moving from Exchange ActiveSync to their own protocols, never about killing WP. Even the apps support thing has been liberally misquoted.

        Having said that, I’m not optimistic that WP will gather sufficient traction and a guaranteed 3rd place for Google to release a Gmail client by July. Remember, even iOS din’t get a Gmail client till end of 2011 (so 2012 really).

        It really is upto MS to implement support and even then I’m fairly certain that the best we can do is 15 min fetch intervals and no “push”.

        Perhaps a Boxcar like app might be the solution