Weekend Watch: Windows Phone 8 vs BlackBerry 10

| February 2, 2013 | 125 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 13.46.35Quick heads up on PocketNow’s comparison between BB’s flagship Z10 running BlackBerry 10 and a sort of mid-range Sammy on WP8.





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  • bwah6996

    Short story:WP8 wins, BB10 sucks
    /s off

    • kuzmichov

      You suck because you do not see an obvious blind loss Windows Phone! Tiles for morons!

      • zxz

        let’s kill wp fanboys

        • fack them wp lovers!

          go suck balls wp lovers!

          sincerly a FORMER nokia fan, who comes here all the time because im bitter and sad.

          • shallow ocean shoal

            Bitter and sad and


      • bwah6996

        Buy yourself a new sarcasm detector.

    • rustyknight17

      Did we see the same vid ? I`d say BB10 won , assuming u like to get stuff done , that is …

    • Noki

      😉 yeap its so obvious right 🙂

      • rustyknight17

        It is if u paid attention and again , assuming u r all about getting done what u need to…

  • tomwhat

    It’s just crazy that no one WANTS to acknowledge how superior WP is 😉

    Seems to be Nokias epic failure of not continuiung Maemo/Meego as 2nd strategy as they would have a polished and gleaming alternative by now and everyone would just yawn at BB10 …

    As a German I must admit that Thorsten Heins has not too much of charism but still I find him 1000 times more sympathic and connected with the BB community then this other “mole”.

    • rustyknight17

      Define superior …

  • viktor von d.

    can someone please delete the comments from kuzmichov and zxz. there are some limits ffs

    • kuzmichov

      What are the limitations? Each gives his opinion! Or true, eyes cuts? Windows Phone lost the battle with BlackBerry 10! This can be seen on the app store! Developers do not want to deal with WP! This is a fact!

      • v.s.i

        Read reviews from sites as Engadget, The Verge or to see what the app quality is like. Also, please share arguments as to why BB 10 is so superior to WP8.

        • kuzmichov

          Marty Mallick, VP Global Alliance and Business Development, BlackBerry, took the stage at the BlackBerry 10 global launch event to address the crowd.

          “Thank you for your passion your partnership and your commitment,” he said to our developers. “Their belief in BlackBerry 10 is amazing and has helped us make this launch a huge success – right out of the gate! We already have 70,000 applications available for BlackBerry 10 and with the momentum we have built…we will continue to see thousands of apps added to BlackBerry World each and every week.”

          • v.s.i

            Have you actually read what I wrote instead of pressing replay? o_O

            • kuzmichov

              In Windows Phone to 500 decent application! The rest is just bullshit! Beggar on the application Marketplace, but expensive in price! According to the number of useful applications, BlackBerry World wins!

              • arts

                this is why wpcentral is a better place to be that mnb.

                Its sad to see what happened to mobile review forum happen here too;

                a person looking for a supporting community with similar minded people aint going to find it in mynokiablog.

                • migo

                  Are there really many similar minded Nokia fans left?

                  A question would be if there’s a My Samsung Blog or something similar out there. For the most part, people are fans of platforms (which is why Apple doesn’t want to license).

                  • James

                    Yep there’s def. at least one or two very popular Sammy/HTC etc. blogs out there, bumped into a few in my time, CBF’d digging em up ATM, many end-users still become attached to their handset OEM more-so than the platform.

          • correct

            You’re an idiot.

            • kuzmichov

              As long as you suck at Elop, **** you in the ass Ballmer

            • kuzmichov

              Look in the mirror and see a stupid moron!

              • Peter

                CANCER, have you considered suicide?

            • correct

              Troll, troll, troll.

          • viktor von d.

            you don’t seem to understand what v.s.i. is telling you. more than half of those 70.000 apps are ports from the playbook. and most of them aren’t optimized for the phone. engadget has a nice video showing this. apps that simply don’t work full with buggs, other with overlaying ui elements that makes them unusable.
            the only thing bb has right now is the promise from developers they will make apps for them. they are in the same situation as wp. both promise to have big name apps in their appstores but have nothing to show for it right now. quality apps don’t show up overnight for ecosystems that don’t have large numbers of users. it takes years for that, no matter how your os is called, android,wp,bb10,sailfish,ubuntu.

            right now all there exists is a lot of enthusiasm and potential. we’ll see in the coming months and year how things advance

            • kuzmichov

              Interface in Windows Phone applications this rare shit!

              • v.s.i

                Oh, I get it! You are right, BB 10 wins and WP8 loses. BB 10 is like, the most awesomest, meanest, bestest phone OS evarrr! How could I have been so blind? Thanks kuzmichov!

                P.S. Don’t bother to reply, ’cause now I’ve seen the light that is BB 10 and I’m too busy running off to my local BB store to stock up on Z10s for me, my family, my best friends and the next 3 years!

            • Noki

              Since I have a device I can say with a bit more certainty that engadget video was biased (surprise surprise)…sure sure there are a ton of crappy apps, but also there are tons of really/really/really good ones, specially games. and the vast majority is made for the z10 or ruining fine.

              About big name apps.. well apart from instagram (coming) what else is missing?…(Nokia(here) maps?) and not much more and if you really need a app you can side load it from android apps.

              I know they already have over 100000 apps submitted to the app world.(I have 4 apps waiting for approval for almost a month now) and it keeps on growing.

              • correct

                Android apps can also run through a semi-hacked method on Meego too, and that hasn’t saved Meego now has it?

                It’s not going to save BB10 either.

                • correct

                  If people want Android, then gee, how about actually … getting an Android phone, what an idea!

                  Blackberry doesn’t have a full ecosystem that Apple, Microsoft or Google have. That’s why Blackberry won’t survive.

                • Noki

                  can they? Enlighten us how to do that will you 🙂 I would certainly like to install a few apps I don’t have in my beloved N9’S

                  • correct

                    I’m talking about the experimental Android builds that exist out there for the N9. Obviously a lot of things won’t work properly, thus I called it a semi-hack method.

                    • James

                      That’s not the same thing as you said;
                      “Android apps can also run through a semi-hacked method on Meego too”
                      There’s no compatibility layer for Android apps to run natively within Harmattan.
                      “Some” games run, but that’s a entirely different thing…
                      There’s IcedRobot which may eventually provide that ability, but it’s a loooong way off being ready for prime-time.

        • rustyknight17

          U sure u want to know lol ? Ok , u asked for it , I`ll give u 10 reasons !Not necessarily in order of importance …
          1) Hub . Unified inbox on steroids ! This is ur one stop notification center ; email , twitter , fb, linked in , text messages , etc , even 3rd party apps can post notifications !U can pull down to see ur calendar , swipe right for more options , specify what the All view shows , access one account ! plus the Hub is readily accessible from anywhere in the OS , no need to jump in and out of apps just to see if notification needs to be dealt with immediately , just swipe up and right and hold; if u don`t need to respond right away , just release and go back to what u were doing ! What could be easier ?
          2)Keyboard . I realise that keyboards r intensely personal , what works for me may not work for u and vice versa . That said , the BB10 kb is awesome , better than the WP kb , and the WP keyboard is good ! Predicted words appear above the next key u would have to type , just flick up to insert the word , the keys adapt to ur typing style and u can delete words simply by swiping left !
          3) Browser . The browser blows away all its rivals in terms of both speed and HTML 5 support . Plus it supports Flash , which can be disabled , if u like !
          4) Red Notification LED . Long been one of my favourite Blackberry features ! It`s discreet , yet captures ur attention !
          5)Peek . From anywhere in the OS , if u receive a notification , just swipe up and hold to see a list of said notifications , e.g. , how many and what kind . then swipe right and hold to access the Hub and see if u need to deal with it ; if not just release and go back to what u were doing ! Great , no ?
          6) Active Frames . These r not just mini versions of the apps , nor r they active widgets ! Just swipe up to activate the Active Frame and it will update in real time , keeping u informed ! If u want to go back into the app , tap!
          7) Balance . If u do the BYOD thing at work , u can swipe down to switch between work and personal , everything is kept separate and protected ! If u leave , IT can delete work data and ur personal remains sepate and unaffected …
          8) Pull Down Menu . Just swipe down from the status bar at the top to access wifi , rotation lock , Bluetooth , alarm , notifications and settings !
          9) Protect . The legendary Blackberry security SW is now baked into the OS …
          10 ) One Thumb . The BB10 phones ( currently Z10 only ) can be controlled by one thumb ! This is invaluable if u r on the move , dealing with kids etc !
          obviously , there r way more than 10 features that make BB10 superior to Windows Phone ! Note that the list might be a bit different for the Q10 when it gets here . Cheers !

        • rustyknight17

          No tthoughts or comments on my reply ? Hmmmmm

        • rustyknight17

          Especially u v.s.i , as u requested this ? Double hmmmmmm …

      • viktor von d.

        i wasn’t talking about software limits. i was talking about decency limits. calling people morons and instigating murder

        • Bassman

          Exactly, although it seems to be par for the course these dayd that threads are hi-jacked by these childish individuals before any reasoned discussion can take place.

    • migo

      yes, there are limits. child pornography is one of them, but I haven’t seen any posted.

  • Titanium

    Nokia must learn from BlackBerry and quickly do something to come back from that tragic WP8 failure.

  • dss

    The apps on BB10 are not “recently open” .. those are actually running, just like on Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo.

    And I guess with BB10 we have the second best way to unlock a phone.. harmattan is still better I think. Microsoft should copy one of the two.. its better than having to press any physical buttons.

    Notification center .. Microsoft will most likely fix that one soon.

    • Vedhas Patkar

      What’s it in Harmattan? Double tap to awake?

      • dss

        Double tap -> slide

        • dss

          … I just like it better, but in terms of functionality.. the BB10 way might actually be better. Its only one movement, instead of two.

          I wonder how it works.. does it detect movement at the first row of pixels on the bottom of the screen …

          • Noki

            Its a bit like the n9 the captive screen stretches outside of the screen area so its able to detect outside interaction.

            Works better than in the n9.

            but overal I prefer the N9 UI/UX

  • D Harries

    Was Symbian 3 UI just a copy of Android? I think it’s good there are different ways of doing things with the interface

    • dss

      Both android and Symbian borrowed from maemo. If you want to go further back… most copied Symbian and Windows Mobile.

      • migo

        And Palm OS.

  • Dr.Smart

    BBOS10 looks really nice and functional. The phone is uniquely specialized in the messaging front, where no one can come even close. A true communication device. I will grab it as soon as it is available where I am based now a days.

    • dss

      Its the only “Symbian alternative” I see at the moment.. shame the hardware they used is really boring..

      • Weirdfisher

        And Maemo/harmattan alternative

      • correct

        Windows Phone will soon enough be a true Symbian alternative, yet also superior in a number of ways. The potential of building on the NT kernel is huge.

        • Noki

          “The potential of building on the NT kernel is huge”

          Men you have no idea how silly that is, what is the fundamental difference that NT kernel can make that any other kernel’s can’t?

          For most developers the kernel is indifferent, as they don’t deal with the kernel directly…. Would have a much bigger impact wp having openGl than the NT kernel, the fact that windows CE kernel had such huge limitations for development in wp7 was more of a technical decision on Microsoft than anything else.

          • correct

            You make such an effort to troll and why? Why?

            Are you seriously asking that question? How about the MILLIONS of Windows developers out there that can now easily develop for Windows Phone. How about the interoperability and strong compatibility with the billions of Windows machines out there?

            Android nor any other OS is nowhere close to that potential.

            WP8 supports many new graphics engines that WP7 did not support.

            Technical decision or not with regards to WP7, now all the focus is on WP8 with the NT kernel.

            The potential is simply now that anything they do for the main Windows code, they can easily do for Windows Phone.

            We’re talking about the latest graphic engines support, state of the art hardware support, massive amount of app development potential, and on and on.

            • incognito

              Change of Windows Phone kernel didn’t do a diddly squat to bring ‘millions of Windows developers’ closer to the mobile development. The kernel has absolutely nothing to do with it, it’s the ABI layer which defines that, and the ABI layer is still completely incompatible between Windows 7/8, Windows Phone and Windows RT. Ironically, with .NET emphasis of the WP7, with its old WinCE kernel it was closer to Windows developers than the native emphasis of the WP8.

              Stop calling people trolls when you have absolutely no idea what are you talking about.

              • correct

                Oh look, another Meego/Symbian enthusiast. Stop pretending you’re a Nokia fan when you clearly are not a Nokia fan, simply a “fan of Nokia past”.

                Are you so shortsighted to believe the ABI layer will remain incompatible? The strong word is that Windows Phone, Windows RT, and Windows 8 will all soon merge in a future Windows release, making the ABI layer compatible and ensuring full code compatibility between the three of them. That rumour has credibility because Microsoft has re-organized much of their divisions, and merged many formally independent divisions plus booted Sinofsky out of the company.

                The old Microsoft mentality of each division competing against each other is changing. Microsoft is merging many divisions, and working now as one big team.

                • Noki

                  Let me guess you don’t code? right?
                  You should learn a few basic things if you want to comment.

                  The kernel is for most developers something they don’t care about, specially in the mobile world were most developers are really low quality and want to make some money out of some random apps.
                  To them what meter is, How long will it take to code it, is it easy to implement this ans that feature and, in the case of porting apps (the most important segment for new comers such as wp) “how much code will I have to rewrite” and guess what by far the worse platform is wp, its just to different from the other guys.

                  • correct

                    My coding abilities have nothing to do with this.

                    You can continue to be ignorant trolls for all you like.

                    My comments are based party from REAL DEVELOPERS that have ALL SAID porting their apps from other platforms to WP8 is MUCH EASIER than porting them to WP7.

                    A lot of TOP DEVELOPERS have said this. So clearly, it MUST be true then. Even many Windows developers have said that it doesn’t take much effort to port from Windows to Windows Phone.

  • Viipottaja

    Good quick review. Kudos in particular for recognizing the difference in design philosophy – show some level of (unusual) maturity in a tech reviewer. 🙂 BB10 is a MASSIVE MASSIVE improvement over previous BB offerings. Clearly, universal search and notification centers would be great additions to WP8.

    • viktor von d.

      michael fisher/tony stark knows his shit. and he only reviews the underdogs it seems. he is the one that mostly reviewd wp and gave fair reviews and honest criticism

    • migo

      Yeah, universal search is awesome, the thing I miss most from my BB going to WP, and frustrates me to no end that it’s a Bing button and not a search button.

      The N9 Swipe UI could have been kept very simple, with only a few Swipe gestures by adding universal search with a swipe up from the bottom (and forget about the ‘dock’). Any power features could be done from the universal search. I rather wish that Jolla had gone that direction with Sailfish instead of trying to make the swipe gestures so involved.

  • twig

    BB is nice if you want a company that Wall Street is determined to put out of business, but I don’t think they can take Microsoft out. Beside Windows really is so much better.

    • viktor von d.

      i wouldn’t say they are better. they each have their strengths. sucks cause he only went through bb features. the same way wp doesn’t have a messaging and notification hub and all those cool things,bb doesn’t have lenses for the camera, can’t pin content from the apps on the homescreen, apps like skype,tango,viber can’t be integrated in the os, it doesn’t agregate social content like the people hub..

      bassically they both seem to have what the other one is missing. it all depends on the preference of the individual which one is better for his needs. and of course on the hardware. if i would compare the z10 with the one x i would say the z10 is 10 times more better. if i would compare it to the 920 and all the features like the camera,sensitive screen with fast refresh rates,clearblack,rich recording and wireless charging then i would say that the 920 is 10 times better.

      i just hope nokia gets off their ass and bring all they had with symbian to wp. they had an excuse now with the kernel change that they didn’t have time to put additional features.but now that the nt kernel is ported succesfully to wp, start adding multitasking,double tap to unlock,open notifications directly from the lock screen, multiple profiles, more call and messaging more delays and excuses

      • tomwhat


        Skype has a deep integration as on N9 (thats what some screenshots indicate) and I believe the other services to as well!

        Who needs another pin-to desktop function if you can see your updates with “peaking”?

        I would say – and nothing has changed in the WP 7to8 story so far – that WP caters for the basic and simple user! It’s a toy with some neat features but I would never consider it up to parity with my N9.

        What I really hope for BB10 is that additional services/apps are programmed to integrate in the hub/etc. and providers aren’t confident with just adding their app icon to the grid (but i’m quite positive about that).

        Another COOL thing is that DLNA Server & Controller are integrated finally (See video: and am waiting for this to come on my Playbooks.

      • migo

        Yeah, BB10 offers APIs to integrate any service into the hub, meaning you can extend the capability of the base OS without ever having to go into the app.

        I find pinning stuff to the home screen on WP gets unwieldy after a while. If I want to have info from a bunch of cities for weather, it gets crowded, and I end up unable to find things. The new 7.8/8 grid might help that, but I don’t think the small tiles show any content.

    • Deep Space Bar

      and how is it if is sucks and not selling well XD

    • dss

      Microsoft is not going anywhere… they are a big part of the game.. wall street makes enough money off of them. They might need to change their business model in the next 3-6 years, but they will be around for a long, long time.

      I think they are hoping to grow their advertising business to the point where they can lower the price of their software (or even offer it for free) ala google style.. we will se how it goes.

      Another thing.. you know how people say “eco systems” or platforms have a 5-7 year cycle.. well, Microsoft is the only one that has been dominating the market with their Windows NT platform for 20 years.. crazy.

      • Noki

        Think Balmers tenure is coming to an end and alot of things will change in Microsoft after that, they need to reinvent themselves soon. There are clearly losing error margin in every single area.

        • migo

          Ballmer doesn’t have tenure. And as long as MS as a whole keeps making money, he’ll stay, because the stock markets think in the short term, rather than the long (except with Amazon, probably because they see it becoming the next Walmart)

  • KeiZka

    I find all this hate hilarious when there’s none in the article handling N9 and BB10.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Thank you, seriously! It’s like haters weekend around here!!

  • hary

    It was clear that Pocketnow was biased against WP.
    They tried to avoid some details in comparison and didn’t mentioned some comparable features.

  • Weirdfisher

    As an N9 and 808 user, my next phone will definitely run BB10

    • dss

      It makes perfect sense.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Funny, as an N9 and 808 user, mine will be Lumia

      • correct

        As an N8 user, my next phone will definitely be a Lumia. Windows Phone on the NT kernel has huge potential, and combined with Nokia’s efforts and innovations, Lumias with Windows Phone will soon turn into all-around excellent phones. The few flaws left in the software will soon be fixed, and the app situation will soon be fixed as well.

        • rustyknight17

          As an N8 user , my nect phone will definitely NOT be a Lumia , unless of course MS and Nokia manage to improvve it to Belle level in about the next month … Not soon , I fear correct , unless MS shifts into high gear , as they need to !

      • Noki

        what you don’t have a Lumia already?

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Actually, drumroll, here is my first post from an old 900. Options are slim on tmobile.

          Anyway, I own and have been using blackberries since before they were phones and were only email devices with week long battery life, so you guys can suck it.

          I do wish this thing had swype…

          • Noki

            Soo let me get this straight, Options are slim on tmobile, but you still managed to get an N9 (not the easiest phone to get there) and an 808?, wow interesting. You are not lying right? you do have an N9 and a 808? right?

            Also you cant say you will move from those to an lumia since you already did right, “old 900”? were you wrong or were you just lying?

            • KeiZka

              No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

              Or, in other words, what is it to you?

              • Noki

                Was just point out some inconsistencies in the argumentation, “Funny, as an N9 and 808 user, mine will be Lumia”.

            • shallow ocean shoal

              Calling me a liar? You are a piece of human garbage, really now.

              Unlocked AT&T devices are a more recent development since they are starting to go off contract. Refarmed tmobile networks are also a recent development. Although #2 doesn’t seem to help the 900.

              Buying an unlocked N9 that works on a zillion frequencies from expansys was easy in comparison.

              808 you could buy unlocked on Amazon, not imported.

              Is there an unlocked, direct Nokia version of the 900 even available for me? I don’t think so.

              Same goes for the 920.

              Nice try.

              I also didn’t pay for this one, unlike the N9 and the 808.

              • Noki

                Great to know, hope you enjoy’d your N9 and 808, I did not called you a liar just pointed out that if you went through all the effort it is to get an N9 in the US it surprised me you would not do the same for a Lumia beeing such a firm believer in Lumia and all. And it not like you are not new here you have been prompting the great WP for since I remember, just surprises me your buying options are soo diametrically different from what you say.
                But if you say you do I will trust you, its weird you have to admit no?

                • shallow ocean shoal

                  Admit what? When I said next phone would be a Lumia, it just so happened I had one next to me, ready to go.

                  It’s funny nobody has commented that the voice quality and reception sucks compared to the N9.

                  I’ve said here for a while now that my phones are N9, 808, and a 700. Before that a N8 and C5-00. And a blackberry.

                  I’m a believer in Lumia because I’m a realist and understand that living in the past is not sustainable.

                  • Noki

                    OK ok. Sorry hope you like your N9 hope you will like your next Lumia.

                    Forgive-me if your story sounded to hard to believe, because honestly listening to you going on and on and on about how superior Lumia is I would have expected you would have spent your US$ in in drummmroll Lumias..

                    But now I know you only have a L900 the you did not bought, you cant find an L920 internationally (should not be that hard I recon) and bought an N9 and an 808 that’s great.

                    Now really if I misjudged this story as far fetched and a lie and it was not, all I can say is sorry hope you enjoy your future L920, its a nice device as well, with way better camera and mapps than my z10 wana be.

                    • shallow ocean shoal

                      It’s ok, no problem.

                      I don’t feel like a huge promoter of lumia. I just call it like I see it.

                      Actually, I can’t get a 920 reasonably. The only units that would work on my network properly are the Rogers unit or a Dev unit.

                      A Rogers unit only comes in black from the usual importers (I want basically any other color), and the dev units are $1,000 bucks on ebay and I don’t want one that badly, if they are even available besides black.

                  • rustyknight17

                    If u r a realist , then BB10 would be a more logical upgrade for u , as BB10 contains distinct elements of both Belle and Meego .
                    Yes ?

        • Oreg

          I’m always amazed how everybody who defending “all WP strategy” has a N9, but when comes to sales numbers of course didn’t sold well 🙂

          • incognito

            It’s the same behavior you can see expressed by many chauvinists and homophobes – I don’t have anything against gay people, in fact some of my friends are gay, but…

            • migo

              It’s not at all the same thing. They’re just establishing that they’re Nokia fans regardless of the direction they’re taking. Which is fine on a blog like this.

          • correct

            I have nothing against WP strategy, and I am an N8 owner. I considered getting an N9, but overall there were too many drawbacks to me for getting an N9.

            My next phone will be a Lumia because that’s where most of Nokia’s innovation is going, and it will have strong support from Microsoft and Nokia for a long while.

            • Noki

              OMG you guys should really put your money were your mouth is… So you did not bought a Lumia as well?

              I do wonder how you guys are such firm supporters of Lumia/wp without ever having bought one…

              I was/am huge suporter of meego so bought 2 N9’s and still have an n950 as a dev phone…and would by 64 white one if i could only get one cheep enough (purely emotional bought not going to use it)

              • correct

                Listen moron, I’m not in ANY rush to get a new phone, my N8 still works fine for me!

                Do you understand English, or is Meego code the only thing your thick skull understands?

                I said my NEXT phone will be a Lumia. Get it, key word being my NEXT phone. NOT my current phone now, but my NEXT phone.

                If I was in a rush or my N8 was problematic, I would have had a 920 already. Since neither is true, I’m waiting to see what Nokia shows at MWC and will be getting a new phone later this year.

                • rustyknight17

                  Since u r a N8 user , hence Symbian , wouldn`t BB10 , in terms of features and capabilities , be a more logical upgrade as it contains elements of Stmbian and Meego ? Just saying ..

          • rustyknight17

            Can`t speak for the succeeding quarters but in Q4 2011 , the N9 did indeed outsell both Lumias ( 800 and 710 ) by approximately 2-1 . I refer u to the Dominies Communicate article about the N9 outselling the Lumias . in particular , I refer u to the dicussion between the EXNokian and myself !

      • Weirdfisher

        Sorry, but I would not want my phone to have old school front buttons anymore

        • I’ve been mulling over that topic again. Remember the first glimpses of what we thought was the first Nokia Windows Phone? It was the N9, and the longer display suggested it might have touch screen buttons. I’d like that. Minimise the bezel space.

          • Noki

            Buttons are just silly, in any platform, if an app needs it it can implement them herself, and use buttons that actually are meaningful to the app.

            But Microsoft UI guidelines are so attached to them that it’s not trivial to remove them and to do that without again creating an Osborn effect to all existing devices. I would suggest asking device OEM’s to replace the buttons with larger screen that still displays them, and then gradually start to remove them so it does not create inventory problems like the wp7-wp8 migration did.

            • Yup. The three buttons as part of the screen (like in the very early leaks). They could either be always present or eventually be swipable like W8.

              The home button paradigm is still very easy and useful. The thing that has the least use for me is the search button (especially when it lost the feature of being the contextual search button (e.g. in contacts). Silly MS doesn’t realise no one likes BING. jk

              • incognito

                I’d bet there are more people who like Bing than those who like the what-shall-not-be-called-Metro UI, but that didn’t stop Microsoft to show it down our throats in their latest software offerings (even on Windows Server!) whether we like it or not. Just sayin’…

            • CR

              Like Jay, I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I have a WP7 phone now and I’ve owned several android and BB devices over the years. Never any iCrap though. (not allowed on our house. Refuse to pay Apple Tax)
              I originally thought it was silly that MS mandated physical buttons for certain features.
              Then I was taking a quick photo with my phone and my wife was taking the same pic with her android which had a soft button for camera. There’s a difference. Knowing that, no matter which WP phone I pick up, all I have to do is tap the capera button to open the app and take a picture is reassuring. having to find the app, then tap the screen or a softbutton is a pain.
              Also, I like the button for the lock screen. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that my phone is locked in my pocket. I’d be nervous that every time I reached in my pocket to get something I could unlock my phone and open an app. I’d worry about battery drain. At least iCrap and most Android use a specific motion that is hard to duplicate by accident.

              Bottom line is, I feel that having a set of buttons mandated on the phone is a good thing. It creates a sense of consistency across the platform. I also feel that the back, home, and search buttons could eventually be moved to soft buttons part of the OS.

              On another note, as a developer, it is Extremely easy to move code betweek Win 8, and WP 8. All my apps so far have been enterprise apps and it has taken about a day to tweak the UI to move the app. We’re workingon a Store app now which will run on desktops to phones without any code changes.

              • migo

                Yeah, although the old BB way of doing it was better. 2 convenience keys that you can set to whatever you want. I hardly take any pictures, so the dedicated camera button rarely gets use by me.

          • Weirdfisher

            Old school doesn’t mean bad
            But I don’t like it

    • Noki

      It’s an OK move you will lose some features and some polish, but will win others, think overall I’m happy with the change, at least now I get tons of apps on decent fast hardware.

  • D Harries

    I think the Windows tile has an element of growing into maturity. The focus is going to be on how easy is it to do something, how many steps to complete a task etc

    • migo

      Having a notification centre that you can access by swiping down from the top would really improve that.

      • John

        Are you going to respond to EVERY post in this thread or what…
        The fact that you always do it in such a delayed fashion & then on bulk, makes it extremely poor nettiquette.

  • aleci15

    I love you guys so muuuuuuch!!!!

  • Allawi

    All of this information but still Nokia N9 is the best of these phones. Btw the n9 is thinner than stupid blackberry. Blackberry is the worst company. Nokia should make Windows, Meego, and Android to kick all the big companies outside the game.

  • Robert Hyde

    It seems from the comments (and loss of smartphone market share) that Elop has lost significant number of ex Nokia fans when he switched completely over to the WP eco-system.

    It looks like BlackBerry may be onto a winner with its new devices.

    If BB manage to gain third place, in the smartphone market, it will put a lot of strain on the Nokia/Microsoft relationship. I cannot see how Elop and the rest of the Nokia board could survive.

    But then, a few months back I did not imagine them lasting this long.

    • Grendell

      It certainly is getting hard to be both a Nokia and WP fan. Seems like all the migration routes lead away from Nokia. If this keeps up Nokia might only be left with WP fans, having lost Symbian fans to Android and Meego fans to BB10 and maybe even Jolla/Ubuntu when they do get around to coming out.

      • rustyknight17

        Just so

    • migo

      Microsoft still has some things they can do to make Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT more appealing. They’re just seeing how long they can hold out.

      Particularly I’m thinking about a buy once, play anywhere system. For ilomilo for instance, if you have the 360 version, the Windows 8 and Windows Phone versions should be free – this should be the case with all MS published games. And they should set it up so devs can opt into that as well – if you buy the most expensive version of an app, you get all the cheaper ones. If you have a cheaper one, you can upgrade to include the most expensive one for the difference in cost.

      If that’s a feature MS can offer, they would instantly leverage the Xbox 360 install base, as millions of people would have instant access to a number of paid apps on Windows Phone.

      They would have to take Apple’s position on cannibalisation, and be willing to cannibalise their own sales in one area to improve them in another, and look at a MS first stance, instead of releasing better Bing apps for iOS than Windows Phone, and releasing PhotoSynth on the iPhone first. It might seem petty, but right now MS isn’t leveraging their ecosystem, and they’ll have to in order to stay in the game.

      Nokia’s doing a decent job, but they have so many Lumia models but not a single one with a keyboard. All of them have asymmetrical screen alignment. It seems they’ve got someone directing design saying there’s one true way to design a phone and they’re abandoning everything else, which doesn’t play to their strength. The cool thing about Nokia back in the day is they would try every crazy design someone came up with, and there would be someone who wants it and ends up a Nokia fan. They should at the very least make some small variations like that that don’t matter to most people either way, and include some obvious variations like the physical keyboard. Otherwise they’ll leave the physical keyboard market to BlackBerry, which is a stupid strategy if you’re fighting for 3rd place.

  • Blader

    Z10 is perfect in every way except –

    1) App Count
    2) Good Map app
    3) And camera
    4) Bonus would bad been a FM Radio

    I mean if BB really wants to beat the competition it has to go more radical but for now I suppose its okay. Hopefully in months to come it’ll unleash the dragon.

    As for Nokia, it should have just gone in the direction of Android instead of Windows. It would had been a real contender then.

    As for Windows, stick to PC. Or make a Windows phone running on Android!

    • noki

      Some report on my experiments with Google maps sidelong on my bb10 alpha device…. its ok its no Nokia maps but completely usable and as some features that are nice.

      Think bb10 angle is to retain its user base, by giving them something that is good enough to not look bad in comparison to the other guys, but still has the kick ass features that got them its user base…It might work.
      You see much of the bb user base had other phones for the things missing in bb like apps and stuff but keep their bb’s for mail and overall work business phone.

      One thing they did really well was position bb10 in the market creating something that fits what they need and what they can do with their limited resources.

      • Viipottaja

        +1. How do you like the virtual keyboard? It does look impressive in promovideos. I would imagine it does not work as well in Finnish, correct (or is it even supported yet)?

        • migo

          It supports multiple languages in the same text box, so if Finnish isn’t supported yet, I would imagine it’s only a matter of time, as they have taken international languages seriously.

      • rustyknight17

        Must agree !

    • rustyknight17

      2 and 4 , agree ! Better camera , would be a smart improvement ! As for 1 , while tthey do need to add more , 70k is more than any of their rivals had at their launches !

  • Simo

    This person clearly doesn’t know (or like) WP8 well enough to do a comparison. In the app launch comparison for instance, he showed two ways of opening an app on BB10, but failed to mention how you can easily just say “launch (app name)” on WP8. That’s just one example… very clear favoritism going on in this video.

    • migo

      No, as has already been mentioned, he’s one of WP’s greatest supporters on pocketnow.

    • rustyknight17

      That would make it 3-2 in favour of BB10 as u can do the same in BB10