Windows Phone 7.8 Not Coming to T-Mobile Branded Lumia 710s?

| February 2, 2013 | 13 Replies

According to an email over at WPC Nokia’s customer service have replied to queries about WP7.8 on T-Mobiles 710 with the response that some carriers have decided not to push it out to their users:

“In response to your concern, we understand that you want to confirm if the Windows Phone 7.8 will be available for Nokia Lumia 710 from T-Mobile. We are sorry to inform you that there are a small number of operators that have chosen not to offer the update to their users.


It is important to recognize that this decision was made solely by the operator and these include the T-Mobile network in the United States.”

Of course as they pointed out this isn’t Nokia’s fault, but Tmobile’s who probably decided that the carrier testing wasn’t worth the trouble. Still pretty disappointing  however all is not lost seeing how there are ways to manually force the 7.8 update; which you can find by a simple google search.



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  • Abhishek

    Will unlocked Lumia 710 from T-Mobile be able to download the update via Zune? The device is in India.

    • migo

      Not sure about that, but you should be able to install a WP7.8 based custom ROM via Nokia Care Suite.

  • patata

    I remember reading comments from wp fanboys on various sites saying that wp will get no fragmentations and that MS will push updates even if an oem / carrier decides not to provide the update… that much about fanboys and their dreams…

    • incognito

      Geee, really, fanboys have been overstating the ‘awesomeness’ of their object of adoration? What’s next, you’ll tell us that the Pope is a catholic? 😀

    • Viipottaja

      Really? Those would have been silly comments indeed as how would a fanboy (or a hateboy or even a neutralboy for that matter) know what MS’s plans are?

    • dansus

      Originally they said updates would go out direct to users, side stepping carriers, that obviously wasnt ever going to happen. Then they said carries can decide to push an update but when the did, previous updates would be rolled up.

      Given that 7.8 is probably the last major update, theres nothing to roll with. Tmobile have obviously decided that the manpower needed to support such an update isnt worth the cost.

    • migo

      That’s something that MS had initially said, and the backtracked on when they realised they couldn’t do it. Even Google failed with the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

      That of course leaves some further suspicion about whether the carrier-independent updating of WP8 will actually happen.

      • incognito

        Microsoft cannot afford stepping on carrier’s toes atm. so I guess the same story will go for WP8 devices as well. It’s a sad fact of the mobile industry that carriers are still having way too much power over the devices instead of being reduced to mere ISPs… I guess they won’t go down without the fight this time.

  • atom

    They wouldn’t allow belle for the Nokia Astound (aka 700?) either.

    Elop is a joke.

    • incognito

      Nokia Astound == C7

    • migo

      That’s more on T-Mobile than on Elop.

      • atom

        Yeah it’s more on T-mobile, but it’s also indicative of the colossal failure of WP7+Nokia. WP7 was sold as the savior of the company, yet Nokia can’t even get a carrier to update a 1 year old phone. Couldn’t that have been required in the initial agreement?

        Not getting Belle was annoying, but perhaps more expected given Elop’s tunnel vision.

  • My gf is pretty miffed by this news… she was very excited to get the WP8 start screen on her Lumia 710 (T-Mobile USA). Now it looks like she won’t get it. Bloody T-Mobile, they refused to update the C7 Astound with Belle, and now this. “Astounding”. Well I guess they’re oh so busy getting things ready for the iPhone 5S this summer, right? Knobs. And Nokia should’ve insisted more on this sort of thing, especially after the Belle block 🙁