Nokia open to Tablet OS options? – Windows or Android? Elop talks cheaper, smaller Lumias and BlackBerry’s new phone

| February 4, 2013 | 75 Replies



In an interview with Australian Financial Review, Stephen Elop has apparently appeared open regarding the OS that would appear in Nokia’s tablet, saying:

“We would consider any option [Android or Windows] … It is important to note that the opportunity for companionship is something that any user is looking for. So, when you think about the Lumia 920, running on Windows phone, having a Windows tablet or PC or Xbox is something that will give us the opportunity to have a pretty integrated experience. Our first focus on what we look at is clearly in the Microsoft side.

But we have made no decision or announced nothing.” via ZDNet


But that still seems like same message we’ve heard for a while. Windows Phone, metro, Windows tablet. If anyone should have a tile filled tablet, it’s Nokia.

At the end of the interview he returns to the the question of Android handsets, and it appears there’s going to be no budging for now.

On the Android side, we were very worried that we would be entering Android late relative to everyone else in the industry, that perhaps one vendor was already well on the road to being the dominant Android vendor at the expense of everyone else

If we look back two years to when we made the decisions,then Samsung was big, HTC was pretty big and Motorola was pretty big. Of course what has happened in the two years isthat Samsung has captured the lion’s share of it and the others have been squeezed down to much smaller market share. We were worried about exactly that pattern forming

Regarding the Lumia line, we should apparently expect to see cheaper Lumias, in smaller form factors.

It is the case that in the months and years ahead, you will see us broaden out the portfolio, which means pushing to lower and lower price points, in some cases smaller form factors and so forth.

Elop also discussed the new BlackBerry device and mentioned that Nokia’s R&D were biased towards things that make Nokia stand out. It’s also funny later that app wars and app numbers are mentioned.

Cheers Acura for the tip!

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  1. jiipee says:

    How is the app catalogue with Win RT?

    • Pathetic says:

      this motherf*ucker Elop i’m tired of his bulls*hit!!
      I’m sure that it will not be an android tablet will be a windows 8 RT, he already said in previous interviews.
      This would be fine if ” Windows RT ” was a success , but no, do you have seen his pathetic results of RT surface ? This is another nokia suicide path. This moron does not see reality? while the c*ock head continue as CEO of Nokia, Android is a forbidden word , this piece of sh*it is a lunatic

      • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia says:

        Please explain us why you are not blaming OPK for not using Android?

        I guess you just loved when OPK killed Maemo? Maybe you are blaming him now but at the time MeeGo was announced, most Nokia fans were just ignorant and praised Nokia for killing Maemo and starting the work on MeeGo.

        At the late 2010 Nokia fans were yelling how buggy Android was. Now you are yelling that Nokia is not using Android.

        Why are you people two step behind all the time? Why not commenting about the current situation instead of telling what to do in the past?


        • Trexus says:

          You keep claiming untruths, it wasn’t killed, it carried on with harmattan (which experienced a delay before a heavy focus pivot towards meego), meego-proper was only in it’s nascent stages when the strategy change was announced, but, continue to lie/twist if you have that sort of integrity.

          • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia says:

            You can claim that if you want but in reality the development of Maemo was ended and a different path was taken. In practice Nokia killed Maemo so that they could make MeeGo.

            It was another matter that they didn’t manage to ship MeeGo proper but only a souped up Harmattan.

            Nokia never even had the Swipe UI at the time Maemo was ended and they started to work on MeeGo. They should have released a Linux core phone in 2010. After that it was too late.


            • Trexus says:

              No. What’s with the retarded rhetorical Qns at the end of every post?

              What you fail to comprehend, is that much of the delay happened due to the fact that they made a decision to retool everything for Qt, there was never a seamless switch-over from N900 to the next Maemo ph as you like to suggest, they had to start from scratch there.

              Heavy resources towards that also started a bit late, then they decided to pool efforts with Intel on MeeGo, but that was always for much longer-term, the focus was always on a new Qt base, one that would (somewhat) unify Symbian lines/Harmattan, & MeeGo longer-term.

              Not sub’d to this thread, just happened to refresh once more, so you can have your last word, repeating something over & over again doesn’t make it factually correct though.

              • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia says:


                Nokia failed to ship in 2010. You can try to twist the reality as much as you can. You can even call the reasons of this whatever you want to but in reality the announcement (and the consequences of that) of switching from Maemo to MeeGo killed Nokia’s chances to ship a Linux core OS in 2010.

                You seem to have a problem with not being able to talk about the subject. That’s why “having the last word” really disturbs you. Your arguments just can’t do it.

                Please learn to talk about the subject before you make a comment.


      • migo says:

        there is no such thing as windows 8 rt, there’s windows 8 and windows rt. inform yourself before going on a useless rant

  2. Zizou says:

    I think it would be great to make a tablet with two different OS , one for the windows fans and the other for android fans , but at the start they should not produce large amount , if the strategy works then of course they should produce more which ever gets the hit!! :)

  3. Acura says:

    Using more than one system seems to be working fine for Samsung & as for Android phones, the key would be to differentiate itself from the pack: unique designs & better cameras being the obvious choice for Nokia.

  4. Marc Aurel says:

    Elop seems to be conveniently forgetting that both LG and Sony have being doing better lately in the Android world, not to mention Lenovo and Huawei (if only in China for now, but you need to start somewhere). In any case, a small piece of a big pie is still bigger than a large piece of a tiny pie.

    As for tablets; I am not sure if it makes sense for Nokia to make tablets at all. The Booklet 3G produced to ride the netbook wave a few years ago got thoroughly obscured by traditional PC manufacturers and the same thing is likely to happen with any Nokia tablet, unless they can provide some really differentating hardware features.

    • Mark says:

      “Elop seems to be conveniently forgetting that both LG and Sony have being doing better lately in the Android world”

      Really? LG are bouncing from large losses to small profits, Sony’s mobile division were making substantial operating losses as of their last results.

      So… no. The grass isn’t any greener on the other side unless your name is Samsung.

      • BellGo says:

        This is at least the 3rd time, probably 5th or so, that I have to yet again point out for you that just because a platform is a lot more popular than another, that doesn’t magically make a manufacturer profitable.

        However they do as WELL AS THEY CAN with Android. Not one manufacturer does better with WP than Android.

        • Viipottaja says:

          “Not one manufacturer does better with WP than Android.”

          Perhaps but how do you know that so confidently? Not talking about volume but financial bottom line.

          • Mark says:

            “Not one manufacturer does better with WP than Android.”

            Nokia made more profit than LG last quarter.

            Begging for crumbs isn’t working.

            • noki says:

              “Nokia made more profit than LG last quarter.” And how did WP contribute to that? simple IT DID NOT!
              compare what is comparable!

              NO ONE! NO ONE! is making money with WP! how could they with such PATHETIC SALES NUMBERS.

              Nokia should say thank you to NSN and S40 for staying on float and WP for providing a good money disposal system….

              • BellGo says:


                He maybe misunderstood what I was saying… I of course meant that any manufacturer that offers BOTH OSs sells huge amounts of more Android phones compared to WP ones.

                It’s like saying if Asus wen’t full on Ubuntu and sold minimal numbers, that this would be justified because HP posts a loss. The logic is pretty bad…

                • arts says:

                  hmm. explain htc then?

                  seems like only vertically integrated companies can make a living with android.

                  • BellGo says:

                    …Did you read anything I said? You just repeated the logic that I claimed was bad.

                  • noki says:

                    on the other end in wp not even vertically integrated companies can make a living. Its this simple in WP there is less hardware ofer so prices go up in the supply chain, licensing is more expensive, and there is less people buying it so less scale economies.
                    So from any angle you might want to look at its far more difficult to make a profit on wp that it is to do one on android.

            • BellGo says:

              Again, I refer to my previous point that you continue to ignore.

              • Mark says:

                That’s because it’s a stupid point.

                All you can come up with is “how can it do this blah blah blah!” or “it’s obvious” because you’re either too lazy or too dumb to look stuff up.

                I on the other hand look at the earnings releases.

                It’s not difficult. Do some reading.

                • Jiipee says:

                  So which part did you read? You should continue further from the first page. Smartphones were highly unprofitable.

                • BellGo says:

                  …So ignoring me, eh?

                  Seriously, how do I reply to some one claiming that I said “blah blah blah”?

                  Way to miss the point by a light year.

                • BellGo says:

                  Also.. you know it is pretty damn stupid to pretend that I only said something else, like “It’s obvious (etc.)”, WHEN THE ORIGINAL POSTS ARE RIGHT ABOVE. So anyone can see that you are simply ignoring what I said and lying.. and I have no idea as to why.

                  Also Mark, I can’t believe you just said that I smell!! What a stupid point to make! (see what I did there?)

                  • BellGo says:

                    (note, that there is a huge difference between, “It’s obvious, because of reasons ABCD..”, which I said to another poster to clarify what I meant, and “It’s obvious! -followed by nothing-” [no argument what so ever])

                    • noki says:

                      I believe the wp crowd is ruining out of arguments seeing that after all this time they have no results to show. WP is still as small as it as always been, no one is making anything remotely similar to a profit in it, developers seam to like it like the pledge, basic features still not to be implemented, and they keep on rebooting it every 2 years.

                    • Mark says:

                      Care to point out the bit where it says the smartphone operation wasn’t profitable. Given, you know, that the ASP increased and the operating margin was positive.

                      For the love of God don’t quote the iSuppli cost of the 920 in this comparison because you’ll just look a bit silly.

                      LGs profits include both smart and dumphones so you can’t say what’s doing well for them either.

                      LG made a K-IRFS adjusted profit of 55 million dollars, Nokia’s IRFS adjusted report showed a profit of 52 million. Pretty much the same.

                      You have presented no facts or figures, merely a few incoherent and emotive posts. More reading, less ranting. It’s for your own good.

                    • BellGo says:

                      Seriously, when I say, and I quote: “He maybe misunderstood what I was saying… I of course meant that any manufacturer that offers BOTH OSs sells huge amounts of more Android phones compared to WP ones.

                      It’s like saying if Asus wen’t full on Ubuntu and sold minimal numbers, that this would be justified because HP posts a loss. The logic is pretty bad…”

                      … and you keep stating the same thing, that some Android manufacturers don’t profit, when I specifically said why it doesn’t matter.. Seriously, what do you think that I am trying to say, because you seem to have read some one else’s posts.

                    • BellGo says:

                      … So in short, I am not saying that it is impossible to succeed with WP, nor am I saying that Android guarantees success, and I think that I have made that pretty darn clear, but I am saying that it is a LOT HARDER to succeed with WP and a LOT HARDER to fail with Android. You keep pointing HTC for example. They survive only thanks to Android, their WP sales are nonexistent. Samsung succeeds, but that has nothing to do with WP. Huawei is doing really well, but thanks to Android. Same with every single manufacturer that bothers to also offer WP. (meaning that Android sells a lot more, not that they are automatically profitable, because they offer Android)

                      I can’t make this any clearer. So I will just give up, if you’ll say the same thing.

          • BellGo says:

            It’s pretty obvious… Android = Free. WP = Not free nor cheap.

            Any manufacturer that sells Android phones sells more of them than WP phones.

            So looking at the facts there is only one outcome..

            It’s like if Windows for the PCs was free and Ubuntu cost money…

        • Ron says:

          “just because a platform is a lot more popular than another, that doesn’t magically make a manufacturer profitable.”
          Isn’t that the reason he is trying to point at why Nokia shouldn’t choose android?

    • Viipottaja says:

      Well, the Booklet 3G was a badly positioned device (overpriced and under speced), so if they do release a table hopefully they have learned some lessons.

    • chandan says:

      This is correct point…I mentioning adopting nokia air concept………….

    • migo says:

      Nokia has been doing well in Finland for now. You have to start somewhere. Your bias is showing.

  5. Weirdfisher says:

    Just put JB into the coffee tab and expect overtaking Samsung in one year

  6. stylinred says:

    what’s interesting is Elop is talking about the 920s camera and then says

    “Our R&D investment is now heavily biased towards the things that make us stand out.”

    So… better cameras in the future hmmm?

  7. Patrick Mallory says:

    Elop should take under consideration to use Sailfish OS for tablet and I think also mobiles. Don’t you think so?

    • chandan says:

      Very Good..I think nokia now think of its own made….

    • Shaun says:

      That seems unlikely when they’ve ditched all their Linux and Qt assets, staff and skills and are rapidly backing out of support commitments made for the N9 and Symbian.

      • Jiipee says:


        I dont believe that would happen. All the actions point to opposite direction.

        Evenif they decided to do that, they would have severe problems with recruiting at least in Finland. Intel, huawei and the latest latest, Samsung, been hiring mobile linux experts in Finland.

  8. Grendell says:

    I don’t see why the same differentiators in WP7.5 and 8 can’t be used to carve a niche for Nokia android wise. It would certainly give former Nokia fans that have switched over something to go back to. Stuff like CBD, industrial design, product durability, Nokia suite apps, mapping, rich recording, and an awesome camera would certainly complete the android experience for a lot of users. And how can they start any lower then where they have with WP? If Samsung managed to figure out a way to get all those I mentioned, they would not only rule the android roost. They would knock a lot of companies out of the business and perhaps even kill relative upstarts like WP!

    • Grendell says:

      Elop should at least open Nokia to the possibility of using android while their differentiators are still relevant. once everybody catches up, its game over for them. Sony is another brand to watch in the android space. They can possibly give to android almost as much as Nokia can. Except mapping and the Nokia suite of apps.

    • migo says:

      Mapping would have to be Google Maps if Nokia wants access to Google Play. That’s why they wouldn’t do Android. You can be certain that Nokia Here being selected for WP8 helped them land other contracts for providing mapping solutions.

  9. MNhut says:

    I hope Nokia will add the “WOW” factor to its own tablet :

    - a 1080p 10,1″ PureMotion display with ClearBlack technology if possible (or at least a “retina” one)
    - PureView 41mp + OIS ?!!
    - a sleek design with different colors (at least black/white/blue/red !)
    - Windows 8 (even if I think they’re going to go with RT).
    - a decent price (less than the iPad would be a pretty spot).

    That’s all I want haha x)

    • noki says:

      The tablet market exysts in 2 areas, there is the Ipad that takes the high price area, and then the low price divided by the kindle, the nexus and a few others, and that is 90% of the overall market.. there is no space for the winRT or win8 pro high price tablets…

    • Pathetic says:

      with all that you’ve named, do you think would be cheaper than the ipad?.
      you want another product with great losses? Like lumia line ? .

  10. GordonH says:

    I get it…
    Nokia can differentiate in WP land but Nokia cannot differentiate in Android land.
    Hmmm. Ok…I still don’t get it.

    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia says:

      It’s easy.

      Nokia was in a dead end because they used Symbian for too long.

      It’s just that simple. They lost because of Symbian.


        • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia says:

          Unfortunately Symbian was failing already in 2009 and it started to collapse in 2010. After that point it was just too late for Nokia.


          • GordonH says:

            Ok Ok now I get it…

            Nokia “cannot” improve and it’s always too late to improve when Nokia pushes products with Symbian, Meego or Android.
            But Nokia “can” improve and it’s always never too late to when Nokia pushes with WP.

            Hmmm Hmmm Ok I still don’t get it.

            • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia says:


              There is nothing new in you not getting it.

              Symbian was just too crappy product to succeed against the popular high end modern smartphones.


              • noki says:


                but one as to conclude that WP is too crappy product to succeed against the popular high end modern smartphones, given that sells ten times less than symbian did. in fact if symbian was crappy there is no adjective to qualify WP then…

              • noki says:

                The thing is you can rant all you want about symbian, I was not a symbian fan so… But if symbian was so lame and still sold so much, what is wp excuse??? No one wants to buy it after all this time its still turd in the market.
                No on wants wp not even the highly discounted WP 7.5 devices sell.
                Juts give up on your ongoing narrative an return wen WP sells lets say 3 times less than symbian so 10 million per quarter. Till then go practice saying “yes” to the mirror maybe he will listen.

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