Ubisoft Planning on Releasing More WP Games; Including Rayman Jungle Run and Others.

| February 8, 2013 | 10 Replies

In all honestly Windows Phone has some serious shortcomings when it comes to games, especially if one is perhaps converting from iOS which has some console quality graphics on their games (Arkham City, Infiniti Blade 1 &2 and others). Windows Phone on the other hand gets games that might have “cute” graphics (ragdoll run, Haunted) but nothing that WOWS you. Hopefully that’ll change as Ubisoft have announced/leaked some upcoming titles for WP which include Rayman Jungle Run, Rabbids go phone again and Monster Burner.


Hopefully this is the start of many more to come (chiefly some of the higher graphics/quality games) such as assassins creed and Tom Clancy.



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  • Souvik

    i like raymen jungle

    • twig

      What are the best graphics games on win8 phone? I use Rise of Glory and am looking. What the best game? I hope they move some of these to RT also and 8 tablets.

  • Ron

    There is also few more popular games from other developers are going to make their way to WP platform soon this year

  • JGrove303

    How about Cave getting off their ass and fix DoDonPachi Maximum and start porting their arcade games straight over from the native C++, since WP8 supports it

    • incognito

      It’s not only about C++, it’s also about OpenGL (ES) which is supported on pretty much any platform vs DirectX which is supported only on WP (and in a limited capacity, incompatible with the desktop Windows or Xbox ‘versions’). Unless Microsoft directly pays them, or WP miraculously gains a significant market share, there won’t be many takers willing to use two (gfx) code bases just to have their game available on the miniscule WP platform.

      • Viipottaja

        I guess all games don’t need to use it though, right?

        • incognito

          Not all, but most of them use it – even if for nothing else, then for composition/projecting or some discrete physics calculations. It’s a common mistake to assume that OpenGL is only used for 3D stuff – there are significant benefits to be gained with 2D acceleration using OpenGL as well.

    • incognito

      P.S. Nokia’s own N-Gage ‘platform’ suffered from a similar problem regarding mainstream compatibility. At least you could do a wrap-layer to have OpenGL-like base (and there were a few of those wrappers), N-Gage didn’t support OpenGL natively.

  • qromodynmc

    Far cry 3 on windows phone. It would be awasome.

  • yemko

    let keep hoping