Nokia Beta Labs Announces WebView Widgets For Nokia Belle Devices; Allows Updating Webpages on Your Homescreen

| February 13, 2013 | 25 Replies


Nokia Beta Labs have just announced a new trial app called “WebView Widgets” which allows you to add a website to your homesecreen and have it automatically update through the widget; kind of like a dynamic RSS feed I guess.

The Webview widget allows you to see up-to-date web page view directly on your homescreen. You can zoom and pan your favourite page so that a piece of it becomes part of the homescreen.

You can download the trial from the beta labs site over here:

(Still downloading it as we speak, will let you guys know how it goes)



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  1. MK says:

    That’s kinda awesome

  2. Blackidea says:

    Nokia should keep supporting symbian.
    But they need to made a better browser for belle first than release this widget.

  3. stylinred says:


  4. Mapantz says:

    I’ve added this, it doesn’t update webpages within the widget for me ..

    • Mapantz says:

      I’ve tried mobile twitter too, after you set it and sign in and then scroll homescreens back to the widget, it shows the sign in page again. The same with anything i have to log in to, it’s certainbly not working correctly at all.

      • Aliqudsi says:

        Tried my own twitter account (Mobile) images didn’t load and it didn’t seem very responsive.. but it’s still an experimental beta (be sure to leave feedback)

      • Banderpop says:

        Sounds like it’s working as its supposed to. It’s a low bandwidth, low power, low memory widget. It’s not supposed to be a full browser. It’s best for sites that someone would visit a few times a week, but usually aren’t updated as frequently as something like a Twitter stream.

        • Mapantz says:

          It’s none of those suggested things at all.
          It clearly states on the betalabs sit; ‘swiping to the homescreen loads & updates the view’

          I have however just found out that any sites that require login will not work.

  5. correct says:

    Impressive that they’re still supporting Symbian handsets. However, this is experimental and obviously has a lot of few issues still.

  6. JGrove303 says:

    Well, Nokia did say support until 2016, and they haven’t stated that that date has moved forward, yet. Dispute pulling the plug on harware development, Nokia Belle still has support. Awesome.

  7. rustyknight17 says:

    Great widget BUT I`m a confused here . Didn`t Nokia , and Elop Just say a few days ago that Symbian was EOL ? As in maintenance updates only ? I could be wrong , but this doesn`t look lkie a maintenance update to me …

    • Banderpop says:

      By all accounts, even people within Nokia and Accenture say Symbian has been abandoned and it’s all WP now.

      Can’t help but think that this has been ready for some time but for reasons unknown has only just been released. This could have been a ‘game changer’ if it was available for Symbian^3, Maemo or S60v5 back in their day.

  8. Paul Grenfell says:

    Excellent.. great for weather radars etc

    • Mapantz says:

      That’s exactly the thought i had seeing as i study Meteorology.
      The widget doesn’t stay logged in though. Anything that involves logging in doesn’t seem to work. I log in, set the page up and move the homescreen and i get the login screen appear.

  9. Banderpop says:

    Here is something genuinely very useful that you’d never find on Windows Phone, iOS, Blackberry or even Meego.

    Expect Google to copy it on Android in the next few months to much media praise, while it goes forgotten on Symbian…

  10. twinklestar1792 says:

    Symbian users expect to make these kind of updates next to beta level.

  11. Array says:

    Nokia buble, nokia dlna play, nokia big screen, cleanly file browser,etc is the unique point that symbian have
    still usable until the day of symbian die and after that i think

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