Video: BB10’s BBHub Vs. WP8’s Me Hub Comparison

| February 13, 2013 | 58 Replies

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As I mentioned a couple days ago, I’ve gotten my hands on the new Blackberry Z10; and I’m taking it out for a spin (feel free to check out my unboxing and inital thoughts over here); anyways I must say some parts of BB10 are very impressive. The BBHub in particular which blends in your general notifications alongside your email accounts, BBM and social networks. I think I covered the differences between the Windows Phone Me hub and the BBHub pretty well in the video down below (if I dare say so myself):

As a Windows Phone fan it is kind of painful to see BBHub beating WP8 in almost every aspect of social integration in the hub (besides the Email; but that’s not integrated in WP hub anyways). Especially since for me (and as far as I gather many other WP users out there) that was one of the greatest “features” in the phone; hell it’s what the smoked by Windows Phone campaign was all about. Instead Microsoft took a step back and removed the “favorite sharing network” in WP8, meaning every-time you want to share something you have to scroll through the whole lost of apps/options, rather than having your preferred network/option as default (any one know why they did that? My best guess would be a patent infringement).




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