N950 receives Twitter update; N9 app update coming soon? (Changelog incl.)

| February 23, 2013 | 24 Replies

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So earlier in the week, to my absolute surprise, my N950 beeped and gave me an app update for Twitter! I suspected this would be due to Twitter changing their API to version 1.1  last year and making 1.0 support end in the coming weeks. N9 is still not showing anything, but I imagine this is all just until the bugs in the update are fully ironed out. (Of course if you are desperate, you can add the N950 repo manually. Although I would suggest checking out Rocket, which completely replaces the stock app in every way!)

The official changelog can be seen below, although it wasn’t displayed in the app update page. (We have our ways in the community ;P )

Changes since 1.3.50:
* Cache clean up code updated, deletes tweets/users/images older than 5 days
* Twitter API 1.1
* Fixes: Cannot delete sent direct messages
* Fixes: Follower info is not correct
* Fixes: Unable to retrieve tweets info shown often
* Fixes: The followers cache is updated now when “follow” event comes from the streaming API and when the new list of followers is returned from the server
* Fixes: When logging in to Twitter “Unable to load Trending topic” is shown.

Let me know when your N9s start getting the update notification.



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